Nature takes a swipe at Canada

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Nature takes a swipe at Canada




Science in retreat: Canada has been scientifically healthy. Not so its government.

Comparisons of nations' scientific outputs over the years have shown that Canada's researchers have plenty to be proud of, consistently maintaining their country's position among the world's top ten (see, for example, Nature 430, 311–316; 2004). Alas, their government's track record is dismal by comparison.

When the Canadian government announced earlier this year that it was closing the office of the national science adviser, few in the country's science community were surprised. Science has long faced an uphill battle for recognition in Canada, but the slope became steeper when the Conservative government was elected in 2006.

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Canadian scientists could develop new military applications. I understand there's a lot more money available for that sort of thing. [/end sarcasm]

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[i]Nature[/i] magazine has delivered a shocking indictment of the Harper government which seems intent on dragging Canada back to scientific mediaevalism in the service of the oil and gas industry. I wish our opposition parties had the brains and the integrity to use such an exposй against him, but I doubt it. In their estimation, science doesn't earn votes - which is why Harper will escape political harm even on the environment, climate change and Kyoto, given the sorry state of the opposition at present.

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