Naturopathy a prescription for quackery

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Naturopathy a prescription for quackery

The other day, I went to a magic show. The magician manipulated energy fields, pulled toxins out of my stomach, and then gave me a "remedy" ... but there was nothing inside. Then he pulled out a prescription pad, prescribed some Tamiflu, and sent me on my way.

Seem unlikely? Well, the Ontario government is poised to give another type of magician -- the naturopath -- prescribing rights, despite the reams of evidence discrediting their approach to patient health. It's a move that legitimizes a well-meaning but baseless profession, and puts patients at significant risk.

Surely, I much be exaggerating, right? After all, naturopaths practice "natural healing," and nature is good, isn't it?

Unfortunately for patients, no evidence exists to suggest that naturopaths are capable primary care providers. Naturopathy is a fundamentally flawed idea--and a government blessing only entrenches and magnifies the health risks to Canadians.


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