Richard Dawkins: "The God Delusion" II

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Originally posted by quart o' homomilk:

Even if it did argue that, (it doesn't), we would still have to evaluate it on the merits, not on whether it contradicts our worldview. (But again, it doesn't)[/b]

Since this thread will probably be shut down shortly I have to first ask what world view you think this threatens? 1980s Postmodernism, 1960s pacifivism, 1940s Social gospelism?

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I happen to be atheist myself, but I know many people, even in the big traditional religions, who use that kind of thinking. Dawkins would like that sort of outlook to be the terrain of what you call "non-believers", but these people don't *want* to embrace atheism. Why should they?
I think that those people are a very positive force in their faiths as well.

You haven't read the book, have you? Those people were all atheists and what annoyed Dawkins is that religious evangelists and fundamentalists than used the quotations out of context to argue, for example, that Einstein believed in a personal God when he most certainly did not.

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This thread is getting long but maybe there's room for a third thread on this topic.

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