Scientists lament closing of key advisory office

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Scientists lament closing of key advisory office




Members of Canada's scientific community praised the contributions of the national science adviser and expressed regret over the government's decision to phase out the position at the end of March.

On Wednesday, Industry Canada confirmed that national science adviser Arthur Carty would be retiring on March 31, and that the position and office would be phased out.

John Smol, a leading ecology professor and researcher with Queen's University, said he found the news "troubling and worrisome."

"Having someone in a position to advise the prime minister or a cabinet minister gave me more confidence in the process," Smol said. "There's so little of this contact between the scientific community and politicians. If you remove one of those major contacts, I don't see it as a positive thing."

Andrew Miall, the president of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, said the society did not wish to comment on the government's decision. But the University of Toronto geologist, speaking as an individual fellow of the society, said in an e-mail he thought "it unfortunate that a line of communication between the scientific community and the government is to be closed off."

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Brian White

Is harper conducting a religous war against science? And trying to shut them up about global warming?
The council is clearly an attempt to water down science advice.
I read through the article and I am extra troubled that they replace the scientist with a council "The Science, Technology and Innovation Council is a mix of scientists, private sector executives, government administrators and university chancellors whose mandate is to provide policy advice on science and technology issues"
Where the hell are worker representatives on the list?
Over and over again in canada dickheads ignore worker representation when they make councils like this. I am sick of it.
Think about it! For every captain of thievery, you should have 40 thieves.
without worker representation on these councils,
how the hell is anything going to get done?

TemporalHominid TemporalHominid's picture


Harper's government can get it's science perspective from re-runs of the Flintstones and the Jetsons.

it also Appears the Harper government gets it's information on nuclear facilities from Homer Simpson.

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