Soldiers’ deaths bolster mission support: Studies

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Soldiers’ deaths bolster mission support: Studies

Soldiers' deaths bolster mission support: Studies

"War casualties in Afghanistan could actually boost support for the mission and the federal Conservative government, two new academic studies reveal."

"In fact, the image of flag-draped coffins - long seen as a potential political liability for any government - could make Canadians more hawkish about the Afghan war in general and less likely to embrace the old peacekeeping image of Canadian forces, according to one study."


It's all part of that "They did not die in vain" propaganda.

The minute that one realizes that yes, in fact, they did die in vain (ie., for an unjust, immoral and illegal war/cause) is the minute one becomes antiwar.

Once you know this and know the truth about Afghanistan, one will turn one's anger for the senseless murder and harm of our soldiers (and of Afghans) against the government(s) who sent them there, kept them there and is trying very hard to escalate and remain (militarily-?) engaged over there.


Webgear wrote:

I am going to disagree with you, as both studies indicated in that ridings were soldiers were killed no; voters did not punish candidates of the incumbent government in Canada for losses in Afghanistan. Voters in those ridings that experienced a casualty increased their support for the Conservative party.

The article even states the Governments attempts to influence the people have failed, therefore your propaganda statement is a poor argument at best.

What the politicians of all parties have failed to realize is the emotional connection of the events talking place between the soldiers and general population.

It would be interesting to see the study in greater detail.

The propaganda coming from the government and the mainstream media is that the war is a "just cause" and that our troops did not die in vain.

The majority of Canadians (including many of the parents and closest relatives of soldiers who have died there) is "We Support the Troops." As I don't hear much criticism from these quarters of the government that is prosecuting this war and much criticism of the war itself, these people haven't reached that point "where they learned that the troops have died in vain and that the war is an unjust, immoral and illegal cause.

The studies entirely underscore my point.

After the experiences of the First World War and the rise of militarism, fascism and nazism that led to the horror of World War II. After all that we have experienced and know about the horrendous nature of war, why do young people like myself join the military and why do young people like yourself go and fight in wars?

Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria More, Semper Fi and all the rest of that bullshit, Mac!