Songwriter’s Death Leads to Suits Against Preacher

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Songwriter’s Death Leads to Suits Against Preacher




Published: January 1, 2007

Darlene Bishop, the nationally renowned evangelical preacher, begins her book about how God cured the cancer afflicting one of her brothers with a Biblical verse: “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up.”

The book, “Your Life Follows Your Words,” is sold in the gift shop of Solid Rock Church, the 4,000-member congregation in Monroe, Ohio, where Ms. Bishop is a co-pastor. She has promoted it on her television show, “Sisters,” which is modeled after ABC’s “The View” and is broadcast on four cable networks nationwide.

On her Web site, Ms. Bishop promises that the book reveals “how God healed her of breast cancer” and a brother of throat cancer.

Nowhere, though, does she mention, that the brother, Darrell Perry, a successful country music songwriter whom everyone called Wayne, died from the cancer a year and a half ago.

In a sworn deposition responding to two lawsuits filed by Mr. Perry’s four children, Ms. Bishop stated that no doctor ever diagnosed the breast cancer she referred to prominently in her book. Instead, Ms. Bishop testified, she thought that she had cancer in 1986 and that it was cured.

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I am not familiar with her, in fact I have never heard of her at all, but then I don't follow the evangelicals closely.

Money and large paychecks frequently make people spout gibberish, especially marketing people, just watch commercials on TV for 5 minutes.