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Whiteboard thread

First post. Whiteboards used in the sense here refers to the combined use of whiteboards (the new chalkboard) and time-lapsed computer animation (like a YouTube Video) for educational purposes.

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Slavoj Žižek: First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

1. Žižek covers cultural capitalism, as it is called, and challenges the whole harmful ideology of charity, and so on.


2. David Harvey: Econopocalypse - the Marxist animation whiteboard explanation.

Harvey goes over the current capitalist collapse, what has led to the present situation, in a very dazzling presentation. Comes recommended by babbler lagatta. Heh.




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Cognitive Media ... with an incipient library of such presentations ...

- Philip Zimbardo with The Secret Powers of Time

- Sustainability Live Conference

- Jeremy Rifkin with The Empathic Civilization

- Dan Pink on Drive - The Suprising Truth on What Motivates Us

- Barbara Eirenreich - Smile or Die

and so on.................



I hope to watch some of these this evening, when I am at a computer with sound.


I first came across this when someone showed me the Drive presentation.  Really, really well done.