who is Tariq Ramadan?

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who is Tariq Ramadan?



... progressive or reactionary?
don't know what to make of Tariq Ramadan, but Paul Berman gives it a go:

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jeff house

It's been a while since Paul Berman was progressive.

For me, the Sandinista Revolution is a kind of litmus test. I was in Nicaragua six times, and know that there was a lot of possibility there.

Berman hated it from the first moment. He predicted Stalinism. While sometimes Stalinism does result from a revolutionary situation, it doesn't HAVE to.

Ken Burch

Berman started as an anarchist, but his often-justifiable suspicion of state power degenerated into a hatred of any alternative to conventional, corrupted bourgeois democracy.
The fact that he was not only critical of the Sandinistas but openly pro-Contra demonstrates this.

Have no illusions that Berman retains any progressive or humane instincts. He joined the other sidea and was well-compensated for doing so.

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