Will wonders never cease? New penis-straightening drug!

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Will wonders never cease? New penis-straightening drug!

Not only can you ensure that your penis is properly erect on the appropriate occasion through chemistry, now you can straighten it as well!

A new drug for claw hand, a condition that causes bent fingers, may serve double-duty as a penis-straightener. Pfizer's drug Xiaflex was not approved for this, but it may provide much needed relief for those suffering from Peyronie's Disease -- a hard-to-treat condition in which the penis becomes permanently and painfully bent.


Anyway, it is a good example of a drug meant for one thing being useful for another - it's interesting when that happens.


Who are the crooked pricks who are marketing this?


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Damn it Doug! I saw this on TAT and thought it was more spam. Jeez!

Unionist: LMAO

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I'm bent about this inerection of BIG PHARMA!