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CanToo Film Festival
CanToo Film Festival


Announcing its inception, the CanToo Film Festival is now accepting film entries!

The festival screens films on September 16th and 17th, 2011.
Admission is free!


Early Submission Deadline:
U.S. & International Short Films
Friday, April 15th, 2011 - $8 ENTRY FEE

U.S. & International Feature Films
Friday, April 15th, 2011 - $15 ENTRY FEE

Your entry will receive a film review!

Enter your film - you'll love it!

Submit directly at:

Issues Pages: 
Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

Methinks perhaps you've picked the wrong audience for your yanqui festival:

Observing many other film festivals we noticed that most of them follow the Indie Cliche; films that emphasize violence, profanity, drugs, blasphemy, vulgarity, and sex. Films with good messages fall by the wayside. Our time is precious. We want to fill it with essence, worth, high morals, integrity, kindness, and excellence. The CanToo Film Festival was created to celebrate films with strong morals. It is a place to gather for two days and watch films with traditional values, and honor the best two of them.

Not that we don't cherish "essence, worth, high morals, integrity, kindness, and excellence", I'm just thinking that we would define them rather differently than you probably do.


CanToo, your thread/post is considered advertising/spam, and as such is inappropriate for a discussion forum.  I'm closing this thread.

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