1492 land back lane

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1492 land back lane
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Kinda surprised there was no thread about this. Today's breaking news of another crime of colonialism against indigenous peoples -- this time the Six Nations peoples in Ontario -- necessitates that we have one.


SIX NATIONS, Ont. — An argument between police and land defenders erupted in violence Thursday when officers tried to arrest someone outside a protest camp on Haudenosaunee territory.

Witnesses say police fired at least six rubber bullets and tasered a young man after someone threw a rock at their cruiser. In the ensuing chaos, Ontario Provincial Police fell back to a reinforced position about 500 metres from the camp’s back entrance.

“I was hit right in the fucking back,” said one young man, who did not want to be identified. “It doesn’t hurt right now. Just gives me another reason to be out here. It’s a good day to be Indigenous.”

As police withdrew, dozens of Haudenosaune barricaded Argyle Road with pickup trucks and stacks of burning tires. They stood a few hundred metres from a row of Ontario Provincial Police cars, blocking access to downtown Caledonia.

They also lit the base of a power line on fire and attempted to push a school bus onto the rural highway.

Earlier today there were roughly 20 land defenders at the camp, but by 8:30 p.m. ET, their numbers had swollen to between 100 and 150 as community members flocked to the scene. The camp has now expanded to cover an entire section of the reserve, stretching almost to Caledonia, and the Haudenosaunee are reinforcing their position with a steamroller and more trucks. The OPP have shut down access to a large part of the reserve, and Ricochet was only able to access the area by hiking in.

Police fire rubber bullets, use Taser during confrontation at Land Back Lane




"Haldimand County Mayor Ken Hewitt calling on Ottawa to step in, stop abdicating its responsibilities toward Indigenous peoples."

[email protected]


URGENT CALL For Eyes and Bodies At #1492LandBackLane


"The OPP have been trying to enforce the illegal injunction, firing rubber bullets, chasing and taunting Haudenosaunee folks and land protectors. Utterly disgusting colonial violence on display."

#ShutDownCanada  #LandBack


NDPP, your link above (#4) does not seem to be working.

Here is another link to an indigenous site. "Abuse of Process"  -   http://1dish1mic.com/419/



Thanks zazzo, fixed it. Here's another..

Important Piece With Updates


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"We want our land back": Land defenders and police square off at 1492 Landback Lane


Hunter (not his real name) crouched next to the burning tires on Argyle Street, allowing the plumes of smoke to wrap themselves around him.

He ran his fingers through charred pavement and began rubbing the soot on his face. Some of the other men whooped and hollered at the column of Ontario Provincial Police a few hundred feet in the distance, but Hunter just paced in silence.

The police had been chased off Six Nations of the Grand River territory while trying to arrest a land defender a few minutes earlier. They’d fired rubber bullets at a group of unarmed protesters and used a Taser on one of them after one of their squad cars was hit with a rock. You can read my story on the confrontation here.

Now the community was erecting a series of barricades to prevent them making incursions into their territory. When the sun set over Southern Ontario and the last of the tires burnt out, they threw wooden pallets on to keep the fire going. Someone drove a steamroller along Argyle Street and parked it across from the police line.

“It’s a good day to be Indigenous,” one man shouted to no one in particular.

A sign welcoming drivers to Caledonia had been spray-painted over. It now read LAND BACK.


Racist Remarks Caught on Camera in Caledonia


"It's a good day to go burn some fucking longhouses." David Crawford

A settler speaks.