Green Candidate Appropriates Indigenous Culture

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Green Candidate Appropriates Indigenous Culture

Brown face is one thing but this is a whole step up on the ladder of overt racism.

Let that sink in for a moment, they have the audacity to say that they are the “real” indigenous people, not the Mi’kmaq, who have called this region home since time in memoriam. Oh and not just in that region, but they are the only ones in the entirety of Quebec. And then to try to justify that, they say that “only descendants mixed with Europeans” survived, something that is not only historically false, but also insinuates some kind of genetic superiority over the actual Indigenous peoples of the region.

Yeah, there are many ways to describe just how ugly, offensive and deeply wrong that this is. And now one of their leaders is Elizabeth May’s candidate (and they even post a link to his campaign website on their website). Yes, Elizabeth May’s candidate is someone who is trying to negate the rights of the actual Indigenous people in Quebec and Atlantic Canada and trying to appropriate the name and culture of the actual Métis nation, all for his own personal gain. It’s disgusting, wrong and a serious slap in the face to Indigenous Nations across this land.

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Something like this is extreme. I am not Green and I cannot speak for the Green Party, but I will be shocked if she doesn’t turf this candidate. She would lose all credibility if she didn’t. I would also be shocked if she didn’t apologize to the First Nations people.


I agree but then again the Canadian DIA Band Council system itself is an alien, artificial and imposed system of administrative units of a colonizing Canadian settler-state. And although this is a particularly outrageous example, there are others of groups being defined and 'recognized' or un-recognized even declared 'illegitimate' by Canada which bear no relationship at all to traditional historical realities. This mess you cite is only the tip of a very large and rotten iceberg. All the more reason for this choice:

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A Halifax academic is questioning the claims of Indigenous identity by several federal election candidates.

Darryl Leroux, an associate professor of social justice and communities studies at Saint Mary's University, says at least four federal candidates from the Liberal, Conservative and Green parties have made dubious claims of Indigenous identity. 

Leroux, who recently published a book called Distorted Descent: White Claims to Indigenous Identity, said all four claims seem to cling to the largely discredited idea that having one Indigenous ancestor somewhere in the past can bestow someone with an Indigenous identity.