Suicide crisis in Manitoba

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Suicide crisis in Manitoba

A state of emergency has been declared:


A First Nation in southwestern Manitoba is declaring a state of emergency, after four of its community members have died by suicide in recent weeks.

In a public letter written to Indigenous Services Canada, the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation is asking for immediate assistance and money for more mental health resources. 

Jennifer Bone, the nation's chief, said since last Saturday, three community members have taken their own lives. Prior to that, another person did the same — bringing the total number of deaths by suicide in the First Nation to four in the span of a month. 

The First Nation, 240 kilometres west of Winnipeg, has a population of approximately 2,600, with about 1,600 people living on-reserve, Bone said. 

"We're grieving as a community. We feel the loss and and the grief within the community because it impacts everybody." 

She said the deaths spread across a range of demographics. Two involved young mothers. The other two were a man in his 20s and a man in his 40s.


I have come to believe that there is  deliberate quality to the lack of support and resources for suicide prevention in our communities.  Governments that decide that this issue is not important enough to actually do something are simply following their own agenda.  That agenda includes the genocide of our people, that we be wiped out as a people, so that there is no issue about who owns the land and resources.  Our people have been denied our rights under treaty and have little supports in education, health, and child welfare services. The correctional system is a nightmare.  And the fact that we are killing ourselves only serves to make their agenda easier.  I am just so horrified, and so tired.


Indigenous Suicide in Canada - Dr Roland Chrisjohn

"Discussing his book 'Dying to Please You': Indigenous Suicide in Contemporary Canada' co-authored with Shaunessy McKay. This is a short segment from a longer talk 'The Psychiatrization of Indigenous People as a Continuation of Genocide."


Ongoing Genocide Caused by Judicial Suppression of the Existing Aboriginal Rights

"...Perhaps the most important [point] is the betrayal of the Constitution and laws growing from it by the Courts in Canada and the Legal Establishment in order to impose upon the indigenous peoples an arbitrary and illicit regime that has and does lead to their decracination, alienation, social isolation, unnecessary illnesses and very high levels of suicide.

Populations [especially Canadians] respond to serious injustices done to others with remarkable calm..."