10th anniversary of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

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10th anniversary of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

[url=Statement">http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/20954][u]Statement by the Global Balkans Network[/url] 



On March 24, 1999, NATO began an aerial bombing campaign against what was then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. For 78 days, bombs rained down on military targets and civilian infrastructure under the guise of ‘humanitarian intervention.' Operation Allied Force precipitated the displacement of over one million people and directly resulted in the deaths of over 2000 civilians of a range nationalities (a number that gets much larger if we include indirect deaths as a result of the intervention and post-intervention period, as well as those killed in the resulting escalation of the military conflict between the Yugoslav army and the KLA). Ten years later, Kosovo's ‘independence' has resulted in a quasi-colonial entity of ‘ethnic' enclaves and an all-pervasive security apparatus, a new client state for the Western powers that led the bombing campaign. Meanwhile, Serbia and Montenegro remain stalled on a ‘transition' to neo-liberal democracy marked by a brutal mass privatization, increasing poverty, and the rapid dispossession and continued marginalization of workers, students, refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs), Roma communities, and others casualties of economic restructuring.


[url=VIDEO:">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wweE4wLcmsM][b]VIDEO: Ten Years Ago, NATO's Attack on Yugoslavia[/url] (youtube)


War Without Borders: US, NATO Expand Military Role in SE Europe


"While still in the US Senate, Biden played a major role in fostering the break-up of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and in promoting its former republics' integration into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.."


Greater Albania: Threat of A New US-NATO Sponsored Conflict in Europe


"Europe may be perched above the precipice of its first armed conflict since NATO's 78-day bombing war against Yugoslavia in 1999 and the resultant armed invasion of Macedonia from NATO-occupied Kosovo two years later. With the formal accession of Albania into full NATO membership this April, the subsequent re-election victory (at least formally) of the nation's prime minister Sali Berisha, the stage is set for completing the project of further redrawing the borders of Southeastern Europe in pursuit of a Greater Albania..

NATO has employed several pretexts for military intervention in the Balkans over the last fifteen years...It's intention, however, has been unvarying and persistent: To absorb every nation and pseudo-nation in the region into the ranks and to recruit from its new members and partners troops for wars further afield.."


Depleted Uranium Radiation Resulting from NATO [Canadian] Bombings in Serbia


"A leading Serbian expert in the field says NATO's use of DU ammunition in its aggression against Serbia has caused an enormous increase in cancer rates and the number of newborns with genetic malformation..."



And it was the first time since Hitler that fascists bombed for humanitarian reasons.

"Now, on the cusp of the 21st century," Schröder writes, "the real challenge seemed to me not just to douse the most recent fire in the Balkans, but to bring peace to the region…. [url=http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,k-6712,00.html]The goal was exclusively humanitarian."[/url] - Gerhard Schroeder on the decision to bomb Kosovo

"I ordered the German Air Force to conduct humanitarian warfare. In this campaign I gave an order to spare human beings." - from Hitler's speech in Danzig/Gdansk,  September 19, 1939.

And the Nazis lied to Germans that they were targeting only military opponents in countries like Poland. Today our fascists tell us the same recycled lies - that they are not targeting civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are! We are being lied to constantly. When their lips move, they are lying.



Svend Robinson MP, March 27, 1999 Globe and Mail, for the bombing of Yugoslavia

http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg01676.html

From 'Peacekeeper' to War Hawk


"yet all five parties quickly endorsed NATO's bombing campaign..the NDP endorsed the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia from day one, and Svend Robinson, the NDP foreign affairs critic and the standard bearer of the party's left wing, was soon urging that the military campaign be extended.."

LIARS AND WAR CRIMINALS ALL OF THEM! They didn't oppose NATO then and they don't really oppose it now - certainly not effectively. And so once again we rain down DU death and destruction for all time upon the lands and peoples who resist our mass murdering scumbags


Svend Robinson visited the area and by May had publicly recanted his position. I'll post about this later.


that must be it surely..



Israel Bombs Gaza - [NDP Condemnation of Israel's Actions Expected Shortly]


"The Israeli Army carried out a series of air strikes targeting several areas in the Gaza Strip. Medical sources reported that three children aged 18 months, 4 and 11 were wounded.."


I saw (and highly recommend) Pancevo: The Dead City at the 2009 Planet in Focus film festival. 

 Pancevo: The Dead City

Run time: 27 min. | Italy
In Pançevo, Serbia, a biohazard alarm goes off every few days, announcing that the air has gone toxic again. Thanks to the astronomical levels of benzene pumped out by a nearby petrochemical plant, the local newspaper has declared the city 'the largest gas chamber in the world.' The citizens here feel betrayed, by the government, by the UN, by the owners of the industrial complexes that pollute its air, and by climate change crusader Al Gore, who gets singled out for his role in the Balkan war - a role that, some in Pançevo claim, directly contributed to the poisoning of their environment. A blistering j'accuse from a choked city tired of seeing their infants in oxygen masks.


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Hmmmm...did not know the nodifferencepartyperson was an NDP supporter,  in fact from what I have read from said person,  said person is the furthest thing from being an NDP supporter.

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The special venom that was reserved for Svend Robinson - even among (some) zealous NDP supporters - appears in its true light, eh?


Svend Robinson did the right thing in deciding not to support the NATO bombings. I think the problem in Yugoslavia was much more complex than was apparent for politicians then. Yugoslavia lost important trade ties as did a number of countries with dissolution of the USSR. There were western economists and politicians going into those countries and promising great things if they integrated their economies with the west. And they were lied to. And it's obvious from the results that neoliberal capitalism is basically financial gangsterism with military backup from NATO. Milosevic and all the rest of the opportunists then were neoliberal patsies for the west and became rich by corruption. The west encourages corruption and bad financial deals as a way of getting their hooks into real estate and natural resource wealth in countries on the edge of Eastern Europe. They would all be better off in the long run if they opted out now.

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The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was also the first time, since the sacred (but false) promises that war would never be allowed to come from German soil again (after having done so twice in the 20th century with such horrific consequences),  that the Luftwaffe (i.e., the German Air Force) bombed European targets since Adolf Hitler's regime did so.

That's a special and odious disgrace.


Documentary: WHY? Stories of Bombed Yugoslavia (and vid)


"NATO killed over 2,000 people. Serbs ask why did NATO smash, their cities, kill their children, bomb hospitals and schools?"


A.: to stop the Serbian Govt. and army from crushing Kosovo, now semi-independent because of NATO


Kosovo and Washington's Strategic Agenda For Europe and Eurasia  -- by F William Engdahl


"The US strategic agenda for Kosovo is primarily military, and its prime focus is against Russia and for control of oil flows from the Caspian Sea to the Middle East into Western Europe.

By declaring its independence, Washington gains a weak state which it can fully control. Today Kosovo is controlled as a military satrapy of NATO..."

Washington's Bizarre Kosovo Strategy -- by F William Engdahl


"Not satisfied with having sponsored the artificial creation of Kosovo, the US has now decided to ram the mafia state through NATO and the EU.."


Unionist wrote:
Svend Robinson visited the area and by May had publicly recanted his position. I'll post about this later.

I guess I forgot to post about this in the same thread, but [url=http://rabble.ca/babble/national-news/mulcair-salutes-accomplishment-int...'s the story[/url].

Wish we had Svend back. He was no [url=http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/03/24/russia-slaps-entry-ban-on-13-can... Dewar[/url].



West Uses Humanitarian War to Justify Warmongering Efforts  -  by David Swanson


'The notion of a 'humanitarian war' would have rang in the ears of the drafters of the UN Charter as nothing short of Hitlerian, because it was precisely the justification used by Hitler himself for the invasion of Poland just six years earlier.' - Michael Mandel

"Fifteen years ago, NATO was bombing Yugoslavia. This may be difficult for people to grasp who believe the Noah movie is historical finction, but  What Your Government Told You About The Bombing Of Kosovo Was False. And it matters.

The killing hasn't stopped. NATO keeps expanding its membership and its mission..."




The Trial of Radovan Karadzic Entering Final Phase


ICTFY just another imperial kangaroo court


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Meanwhile, the EU, probably under pressure from the brutal Washington regime, is trying to blackmail the Serbians into joining the NATO inspired sanctions against Russia over the Ukrainian civil war. Talk about slimy.

Then again, the US has directly threatened Hungary over a similar issue as well. But that's the Empire for ya...

‘Blackmail’: EU trying to force Serbia into Russia sanctions club, says senior MP


good news on that...

Serbia Rejects Banning Russia Despite EU Pressure


"Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic says his country will not impose sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine despite intense pressure from the European Union (EU).


A 'Good Day' For NATO?


16th anniversary of the War Against Yugoslavia

and we're still doing America's bidding bombing people today...


A footnote:

[url=http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/24/radovan-karadzic-criminally... Karadžić sentenced to 40 years for Srebrenica genocide[/url]

No word as to when those who bombed Serbia will be apprehended and charged.



Kosovo: An Evil Little War [Almost] All US Candidates Liked


"But what of Kosovo...?"


The first invocation of R2P to destroy a Federation of diverse people. R2P as we now know for sure stands for the Right 2 Plunder, just ask the citizens of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya ans Syria. If the world had a Responsibility to Protect citizens from their governments then we would be bombing the cities of the country that is run by a corrupt oligarchy who incarcerate the highest percentage of its citizens.


Chemical, Radiological and Environmental Impacts of NATO's War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia


"Proceedings of the International Conference on Ecology in Novi Sad. We bring to the attention of our readers, excerpts from this important study which further documents the war crimes committed by NATO against the people of Yugoslavia..."


On This Day In 1999, NATO [AND CANADA] Began Bombing Yugoslavia...


Louise Arbour: Unindicted War Criminal


"Arbour and the Tribunal thus present us with the amazing spectacle of an institution supposedly organized to contain, prevent and prosecute for war crimes actually knowingly facilitating them..."