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Ya think!  Laughing

Half NH GOP voters feel betrayed by candidates



Although it hasn't been called yet, Sanders and Trump will win tonight. Kasich will probably come in second.



S - 53%

C - 45%


Trump - 34%

Kasich - 15%

Bush - 12%

Cruz 10%

Rubio - 10%

Christie - 9%


If true not good for Clinton as she won NH last time and she has Walll Street and Super-Pacs behind her.


CNN is showing 51% to 41% what about the other 8%  

CNN forecasts Trump and Sanders winning.  Too soon for Democratic race 


A terrible, horrible, no good night for the Democratic and Republican establishments!



S - 52%

C - 40%


Sanders up 60-39.


Why the Working Class Is Choosing Trump and Sanders



56% vs 42% (14% lead for Sanders)

34% vs 16% vs 12% (Trump more than double 2nd place)


600lb pig escapes from NH farm, tries to go vote.

A pig with a sense of civic duty!




How Sanders and Trump Pulled Off Two Very Different Revolutions

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton faces what may be the 10 longest days of her political life.

In New Hampshire, an angry populist who calls for a revolution and assails the Washington establishment, special-interest lobbyists, big-money politics, and rapacious corporations won an election in a historic move that could shake up and remake American politics.

And Bernie Sanders did, too.



josh wrote:



Those maps look like New Hampshire giving the finger


bekayne, you are correct!  Laughing


Riding a wave of voter anger at traditional politicians, billionaire Donald Trump won New Hampshire's Republican presidential nominating contest on Tuesday and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont won the Democratic primary.

The results, though decisive, did little to clear up confusion about who would emerge as the establishment contender to Trump on the Republican side, and there were signs that the campaign of Sanders' rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was defensive about her future prospects.

Trump's win solidifies his front-runner status in the race to be the party's White House nominee for the Nov. 8 election. The former reality television star has campaigned to deport illegal immigrants and temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Sanders, who describes himself as a democratic socialist, has called for eradicating income inequality, breaking up the big banks and providing free college tuition. He had 58 percent of the vote based on about 21 percent of the vote, ahead of former Secretary of State Clinton, the perceived front-runner nationally, who had 40 percent, CNN said.

"You can be certain that our victory tonight will prompt a desperate response from the nation's financial elite and the political establishment who want to stop our campaign to transform America," Sanders said in an e-mail to supporters.



Sam Wang

10:00pm: My analysis and computer simulation of the delegate process still appears to outline a plausible scenario: with all the loopholes in the Republican party’s “proportional” system, Trump only needs about 30% support in a divided field to have a path to get a majority of delegates. That’s why Kasich’s rise and Rubio’s crash tonight are such a big deal.



Nightmares Come True for Clinton, GOP Establishment



5% of NH Democrat voters think Hillary is honest according to CNN.

Final Dem results in NH: 60% to 38%, Sanders wins by a huge 22% margin




NorthReport wrote:

5% of NH Democrat voters think Hillary is honest according to CNN.

Final Dem results in NH: 60% to 38%, Sanders wins by a huge 22% margin

The 5% figure is incorrect. Of those who thought honesty, etc. was the most important issue, only 5% chose Clinton. Not the same thing.


Give me a break.

These right-wingers are so vile.

Why conservatives are so angry about an unfolded American flag at Hillary Clinton's event



You are correct josh.


Clinton's connections to big business have now become problematic for her. Is there one other person in America who agrees with her lame comment that she never once was influenced by the money she has received from Wall Street? It's comments like that of hers that helps to creates the dishonesty issue for her. Of course the Republicans constantly piling on her hasn't helped either.



Bernie Sanders Believes Bill Clinton Has Hit Below the Belt



Hillary Clinton has a major honesty problem after New Hampshire



That's what all the establishment keeps saying, but nobody but nobody in the establishment predicted the political trouncing she received last nite.

Hillary’s Time to Fight

As grim as her New Hampshire defeat was, Clinton’s upcoming road looks a lot better.



Sanders must be doing something right as he is smokin' hot right now.  Smile

Sander's campsays $5.2 million raised since nh

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign says it has raised $5.2 million in less than a day since the polls closed in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. Sanders told supporters after his resounding victory over Hillary Clinton in the primary that he was ...




Donna Brazile, the CNN Democratic political analyst, just stated that Sanders could surprise in the next 2 primaries, Nevada and South Carolina.


Looks like it may be a wrap for Trump, eh!

Maybe the GOP is more democratic than the Dems.

GOP rules update: An escape route closes for the Establishment



Last Night, Rachel Maddow Perfectly Captured What Bernie’s Win Means for the Left



Brilliant!  Smile

How Bernie built a fundraising juggernaut

Sanders' small-donor operation looks spontaneous, but it grew out of careful planning and innovation.

Indeed, Sanders’ campaign has melded its fundraising into its core mission in a way that is without precedent in American political history. It’s more than a means to an end. It is the purpose of his campaign ― the vehicle for regular people to buy into the idea that they can fight back against a moneyed elite that has tilted the scales against them.


But the numbers definitively prove that her small donor fundraising ― like that of the GOP candidates ― pales in comparison to that of Sanders.

The average donation to his campaign is $27, as Sanders often points out ― so often that the figure prompts knowing nods from his supporters and even became a joke on Saturday Night Live.

Through the end of 2015, the Sanders campaign had raised $54 million in donations of $200 or less, accounting for 72 percent of its total fundraising, according to FEC filings. That’s far more total cash ― and a far higher percentage of overall cash ― from small donors than Clinton (who raised 16 percent of her $116 million from small donors) or any of the GOP presidential candidates. In fact, the percentage of cash Sanders is raising from small donors is more than twice the percentage Obama raised from small donors during his groundbreaking 2008 general election campaign, which his supporters dubbed a “small donor revolution.” (To be sure, the percentage of money from small donors tends to decrease as campaigns wear on and many small donors continue giving, and ultimately cross the $200 threshold).

Plus, as Sanders routinely notes, he lacks a big-money super PAC like the ones devoted to Clinton, which raised $58 million in 2015.

“I do not have a Super PAC, and I do not want a Super PAC," Sanders said during his Tuesday night victory speech. "I am overwhelmed, and I am deeply moved far more than I can express in words by the fact that our campaigns financial support comes from more than one million Americans who have made more than 3.7 million individual contributions.”

That, he pointed out, “is more individual contributions than any candidate in the history of the United States up until this point in an election” ― even than Obama’s campaigns.

And, Sanders asked the raucous crowd, “You know what that average contribution was?”

“Twenty-seven dollars,” they answered back in unison.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/bernie-sanders-fundraising-219112#ixzz3zpEfHqXV



After watching last nite's results in NH compare the delegate count for the 2 parties.  Surprised




Isn't fighting this in politics one of the main reasons Sanders threw his hat into the ring?

How the Clintons embraced Wall Street and made $76,000 a DAY by cashing in with speech after speech - but now Hillary wants to fight to 'rein in' the money men

  • Hillary and Bill Clinton have taken in a total of $150 MILLION since 2001, when he left office
  • In 2015, at the height of their earning power,  she and Bill made $27,946,490 in total - $76,565.72 every day
  • They made speech after speech to Wall Street big names with 39 appearances for banks and other financial and legal institutions
  • She refuses to release transcripts which she ordered to be made of the speeches unless every candidate does the same for all private sector talks 
  • Hillary spoke to series of other bodies, never for less than six figures, and even got $100,000 for a satellite appearance
  • Now she says she wants to 'rein in Wall Street' and get 'secret unaccountable money out of politics'




After Her Defeat in New Hampshire, Will Clinton Fight Back on Israel?



Two Prominent Black Intellectuals Just Delivered More Bad News for Clinton



Democratic Congressional Black Caucus is supporting Clinton


How Bernie Sanders could win over black voters in South Carolina

Hillary Clinton has enjoyed strong support from black voters, but she may be feeling the heat as Sen. Bernie Sanders garners increasing support from African-Americans who support his message of reducing income inequality.





This was just an amazing moment on Fox News



Here’s What Bernie Sanders Actually Did in the Civil Rights Movement




PBS Democratic Debate tonite at 6 PM in 1.5 hours from now.


The Black Establishment Chooses Clinton

But that doesn’t tell us much about what black voters will do.



Is this another problem for Clinton?

Clinton Foundation was subpoenaed



Looks like Sanders final margin of victory over Clinton in NH is even higher at 23%



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