2020 USA Election

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2020 USA Election

Our Way-Too-Early 2020 Democratic Primary Draft

Bookmark this to see how idiotic we look in four years.




The 'Nate Silver Effect' is changing journalism. Is that good?



Is It Safe To Say Trump Is A Favorite To Win Re-Election?





I'll bite. This is my prediction:

If Oprah runs, she'll win. No contest. Reagan margins. Trump might as well not even run.

Barring that, Michelle Obama has a decent chance, I'd say about 60/40 in her favour.

Barring that, if Trump hasn't alienated his base (he probably won't), he'll win against anyone else who is likely to run and win the DNC primary.

There is a remote possibility that Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson could beat Trump in 2020. And he's definitely honing his political language so he will certainly run for something, and probably by 2022. I suspect though, at his age, that he will run for the senate or as a governor first, and run against Cruz or Pence in 2024 from the Senate or in 2028/2032 if he gets a governor position.


I think when Bruce Willis joins the race and runs as Trump's VP, all bets are off.


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This is why I ignore news from the US.