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The Party of Life Embraces Trump’s Death Cult

We’ve skipped over any nuanced discussion of economic considerations, straight to the part where Republicans rationalize letting a million or so people die to fix the economy.



Trump will not get another term and will go down as the worst president they every had because at least major parts of if not the entire country is about to be decimated. Trump followers are believers. They accept his simplistic argument that more people die from car accidents and the common flu every year. They think only the old and weak will die. They have also believed their entire lives that the US is the greatest nation on Earth. They have a "can-do" attitude that can't be beat. 

They are on a trajectory to be worse than Italy. Even the wealthy and upper middle-class will suffer. The economic hit will be worse because eventually it will be shutdown like Italy. Americans will be shocked beyond belief. This will be traumatizing. 

I am quite afraid for the US. It is a country full of guns and faith in American exceptionalism. 

Trump will bear the blame for this because he said everything would be fine and it was his job to make it so. As he has been worshipped he will be vilified. 


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The New Trump Show: ‘I’ve Gotten to Like This Room’

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NorthReport wrote:

6 reasons to be skeptical of Trump’s calls to reopen the economy

Trump wants to send Americans back to work in a matter of weeks, despite efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus.


Those are all reasons  not to be skeptical. His decisions will not be based on expert opinion. It is individual states that will act. 


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