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Trump Moves to Exclude Counting Undocumented People in Drawing Congressional Districts

In immigration news, President Trump has signed a memorandum ordering the Commerce Department to exclude millions of undocumented people from a portion of the 2020 census, that will be used to determine the number of U.S. House seats each state receives when voting district lines are redrawn next year. The unprecedented move reverses a long-standing policy of counting everyone regardless of their immigration status, and is being denounced as an attempt to preserve white Republican political power. Civil and voting rights groups have already vowed to challenge the move. This is Ben Monterroso, an advocate with the voting rights group Poder Latinx.

Ben Monterosso: “It’s not only unconstitutional; it’s illegal, and it’s immoral. It’s one more time the president has shown his true color of the racism that he has in his blood. Our community needs to be counted and will be counted, for the good of our country and for the good of our community.”


Biden Just Made A Big Promise To His Wall Street Donors


"During a fundraiser this week, Joe Biden promised his Wall St donors that he will not propose any new legislation to change corporate behavior."


The Jimmy Dore Show


"Pelosi funding Trump's federal goon squad while virtue-signaling against them."


The Jimmy Dore Show


"Endless war! Democrats vote to keep troops in Afghanistan!"


Finian Cunningham: The Terminal Decline of USA


"The notion that America can be returned to some kind of presumed normality if Joe Biden is elected to the White House in November is a fantasy. For the US system is fundamentally broken. That is the legacy of the two-party system, both of which are dominated by, and servile to, the corporate power of Wall Street, big business and the military-industrial complex. Right and left are superficial meaningless American political adjectives. They are both centrally corporate vehicles. There are no answers for progress under the present corrupt duopoly. As it is, [North] America is in terminal decline."


I'm Not Voting For Joe (and vid)


"BLM means Black Liberation Movement not Black Lives Matter. Former political prisoner, member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, Dhoruba bin Wahad was back with us to discuss his latest essay..."

'We all know Biden's track-record. We all know Biden's a criminal racist...A lot of discussion occurring today is that white supremacy is a reformable paradigm. If we start there, we're lost."


La Riva / Peltier 2020


Remember Peltier? Canada handed him over to USA for a crime he never did but for which he remains imprisoned. Far better symbolic ethical choice than voting for Trump/Biden's duopoly deathmachine.

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98 more days of Trump!!!


Misfit wrote:

98 more days of Trump!!!


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Trump won't be going away until January 20, when Biden is inaugurated, assuming that happens.  That's 152 days, and those days could be perilous.  

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Yes, US Presidential Inauguration Day is a very special day for me. However the actual election which boots him out of office and he faces defeat happens in 98 DAYS!!!

The next three months is icing on the cake. It will be public torture for him because he knows that he was voted out of office. He can't just leave. He has to stick around and publicly face his humiliation daily for close to three long arduous months. 

I will enjoy every minute of it.


"Polls show more than 85% of Democrats support Medicare for All. The DNC panel rejected it in a 125-36 vote."



DNC Advances Israel Platform


"Remember in 2014 when we heard 'annexation' was among the worst crimes a nation could commit and must be punished? Yesterday, 131 members of the DNC Platform Committee voted *against* denying US aid to Israel if they annex the West Bank. Only 34 voted yes."


Corporate Press Promotes Susan Rice as Biden Running Mate


"...Ryan Lizza in The Hill wrote: 'The elusive hunt for Biden's Biden has recently pushed Susan Rice into the top tier of candidates. As Obama's national security adviser for his entire second term, Rice and Biden worked closely together on an almost daily basis, making her the only political running mate who Biden knows so intimately...very few of the other candidates come close to meeting that test.

Lizza went on to quote an unnamed Democratic strategist who described Biden as focused on foreign policy issues, particularly conflicts with rival great powers, for which he would need assistance. To the question who would fill the bill, the strategist answered, 'Susan Rice: ready on Day One for Russia and China..."


Joe Biden: Out of his Basement at Last to 'Build Back Better' (and vid)



Hurtin Albertan

I can't wait for Biden's VP pick.  Don't they usually have that kind of thing announced earlier, or is this typical for a VP announcement to take this long?

* editted to add:  just googled it, seems about 50/50 for July and August, so not that strange I guess if anyone else was wondering the same thing, and a link:



Settle For Biden


LOL. The problem choosing lesser lesser evils...

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I prefer gently senile to stark raving mad.


It's generally not a good pitch to admit that you are settling for a candidate, but it might actually work in this case. What it does is set the bar so low that it's almost impossible for Biden to disappoint his supporters. That way when Trump and the Republicans try and go after Biden's weakness, there's a good chance the response of the electorate will be, "we know, but we want you out of office so badly that we're overlooking that."


Nina Turner: Voting for Biden Like Eating 'Half a Bowl of Shit'



Democratic Party Has Anti-Palestinian Racism Problem


"AOC inexplicably abstained on a mild amendment to the DNC's pro-apartheid platform that would have recognized that Palestinians are under military occupation, opposed settlements and minimally conditioned US military aid to Israel."

Since when has supporting Apartheid Israel ever been a deal-breaker for liberal progressives?


Why not compromise, vote for Biden to end the Trump Presidency, and then start organizing with the Movement for a People's Party come November 4?


The Jimmy Dore Show


"DNC corruption exposed by Bernie Sanders representative."


In a major upset a Black single mom environmental justice activist, Marquita Bradshaw, who had only $20,000 beat the Democratic establishment candidate in the Tennessee primary who was a military veteran attorney who had a $2,000,000 camaign warchest, sending another message about the changing nature of the Democratic base. By the way the establishment candidate finished third. 

The url below has a video interview of Bradshaw. 

Memphis environmentalist, Black activist and single mom Marquita Bradshaw has won the Democratic primary for an open U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee. 

In the November election, Bradshaw will face former U.S. Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty, who defeated Nashville trauma surgeon Manny Sethi in the Republican primary.

Bradshaw defeated Nashville attorney and former Army helicopter pilot James Mackler, who had snagged an endorsement from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and others.

“I am so appreciative of the movement we have built across Tennessee of hardworking families,” Bradshaw said outside her home Thursday night. “This is not just Marquita right now. You are looking at hardworking families across Tennessee who want healthy and safe communities.”



"The progressive movement is undeniable," Bradshaw tweeted to her followers. "Thank you all so much for your support and this victory. It’s time to put hardworking people first."

The Memphis Democrat faced four challengers: Robin Kimbrough, James Mackler, Gary Davis and Mark Pickrell. Bradshaw won the race with 35.5% of the vote. Kimbrough had 26.6% and Mackler had 23.8%. Davis and Pickrell trailed with each winning less than 10% of the vote. 

Bradshaw beat out a better-known and better-funded challenger. Previously, Mackler ran briefly in 2018 for former U.S. Sen. Bob Corker's seat until former Gov. Phil Bredesen joined the race. He bowed out and endorsed Bredesen. ...

This time around, Mackler received Bredesen's endorsement and had already been running a campaign aimed at the two leading Republican candidates. He had the backing of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. 

Bradshaw's mother, and a network of people in the environmental justice movement, prepared her for the run and inspired her to do it, she said.

"We have been campaigning since September," Bradshaw said. "We called everyone and they called everyone they knew. It's organizing and building a network of people working together." ...

Bradshaw is an organizer for and involved with local and statewide efforts of the environmental group Sierra Club. Through those efforts she has focused much of her attention on environmental justice, and how, she said, people of color are disproportionately impacted by environmental policy. It’s something she would focus on in the Senate....

Since she announced her campaign, Bradshaw raised $8,420, according to her most recent Federal Election Commission filing. Comparatively, Mackler raised $2.1 million to run in the race. In that time, he has spent $1.5 million. 

“Let me tell you what we did with less than $25,000 ... we beat out $1 million. So just imagine (what we can do) with a $3 million budget, utilizing organizing principles to bring people back into this process, so they can have faith that they will have true representation in Washington, D.C.,” Bradshaw said.

“This is a network that has reached across Tennessee. Now it's time to move forward to flip this U.S. Senate seat. And we can do it by working together, by staying true to the principles ... by listening to voters.”

Bradshaw, when asked about the prospect of running against Hagerty in deep-red Tennessee, said: “I don't have an opponent. We have issues to solve. And that's the reason why we're leading in the state right now. And that's how we're going to flip this U.S. Senate seat.



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I was checking in like I do every now and then these days I’m going to lay this egg here and leave.  The only people now supporting Trump after the last 3 months of madness are; 1 outright racist white folk, 2 ignorant white folk who listen to his race baiting fear mongering, 3 Imbeciles... all of the above which there are allot more than what I ever imagined here in the USA ( was wrong thinking it was a small minority) and last but not least, (cough cough, looks up thread;-D ) 4 Trolls, both the regular garden verity type  and the “Russian” Troll verity. Fuck them...

Have a nice weekend everybody...

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Nice to see you back, BDC.


Another brainwashed Yanqi delusional hallucinating his country's self-made and well deserved descent down the political shithole of history must be due to Russia, China or their 'trolls'.

US Intelligence: If Trump Wins Russia Did It. If Biden Wins It Was China and Iran


"Back in April I said 'China's gonna be so surprised when it finds out it interefered in the November election. Now, three months ahead of schedule, China is already getting its surprise alongside fellow unabsorbed governments Iran and Russia. 'US intelligence agencies say China and Iran are wanting to sway voters against Trump while Russia is working against Biden' - Bloomberg..."



Biden's Ukrainegate Problem


"...The leadership of the Democrats in hopes of flipping the White House to their party control have partnered with the CIA and the likes of its former director John Brennan (2013-2017), who introduced the Russia 'hacking' story to the MSM in 2016...Just two months after being booted out of the US Navy for cocaine use, Hunter [Biden] was deemed fit to operate in Ukraine's political culture, which for many Ukrainians must have been a grave insult. It is more to Joe Biden's discredit, however, that he encouraged his son to be part of a regime that was ranked in 2015 the most corrupt country in Europe, and, according to Ernst Young, has the highest level of fraud of 41 countries they surveyed (2017) and ranked second in the world in bribery and corruption..."


Biden's Blueprint For A Right-Wing Presidency: Part 1


"The Democratic draft platform is perhaps most remarkable for what it avoids rather than want it discusses..."