70th Session Of the UN General Assembly

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70th Session Of the UN General Assembly

70th Anniversary of the UN General Assembly LIVE UPDATES


"World leaders and policy makers are gathering at UN headquarters for the 70th anniversary session of the General Assembly being held in New York to discuss a full spectrum of international affairs and other goals for the next 15 years..."


As president Roosevelt reportedly explained to Anthony Eden, his vision of the United Nations organization included a four-power directorate that made all the more important decisions and a general assembly which was to meet once a year to let 'the smaller powers...blow off steam."




The UN live and on-demand


UN Meetings Coverage and Press Releases





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Canada will speak near the very last spot, and be represented by a senior civil servant. 


All Eyes on Putin: Putin Talks Assad, Ukraine and ISIS with US TV Host Charlie Rose (and vid)


"At a time of icy relations with the US, Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a rare and surprising interview to 60 Minutes."


War Clouds Loom Over UN General Assembly


"Dominating the proceedings at this year's annual General Assembly are a series of international geo-political flashpoints, any one of which could set off a military conflict between major powers leading rapidly to a new world war, likely involving the use of nuclear weapons..."


Chinese President Xi Jinping, FULL SPEECH - UNGA



Vladimir Putin, President RF, Addresses UNGA, FULL SPEECH



Putin, Obama Meet on UNGA Sidelines (and vid)


"The leaders of Russia and the US have held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, shortly after they both addressed the international community on urgent topics, varying from global terrorism to climate change.

The meeting between the two leaders lasted for approximately an hour and a half - surpassing the limit of 55 minutes. Putin admitted that relations between Moscow and Washington are at a rather low level at the moment, but stated that it was not on Russia's initiative..."


Do You Realize What You Have Done? Putin Gives the War Party a Bootin'  -  by Bryan Macdonald


"Western policy in Syria and Ukraine has failed. Monday's events at the UN suggest a change of tack. A new, more stable international order could take hold..."


His Excellency Raul Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba (and vid)



Orwell at the UN  -  by Michael Hudson


"In his Orwellian September 28, 2015 speech to the UN, President Obama said that if democracy had existed in Syria, there never would have been a revolt against Assad. By that, he meant ISIL. Where there is democracy, he said, there is no violence of revolution.

This was his threat to promote revolution, coups and violence against any country not deemed a 'democracy'. In making this hardly veiled threat, he redefined the word in the international political vocabulary..."


70th UNGA Day 2: Power Duels & Top Level Yawns



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The tide is turning, it's great to watch, and a conservative Russian President has the wherewithal to coldly, carefully poke the hegemon in the eye and say, in front of all the world, "You are yesterday. Humanity will move forward with or without you."

It's really quite inspiring. I'd rather it was a socialist doing these things, but so be it. The contrast between the fake liberal that is Barak Obama, and the small "c" conservative, that is V. V. Putin, is remarkable.

The USA is a joke. Their best and brightest are in exile (Snowden), in jail, hounded into silence, marginalized, travelling the land like an incipient John the Baptist (Chris Hedges) etc. Who would have thunk it? This Empire will not end with a bang, but with a whimper, held in contempt by the global community, perhaps expelled from the UN one day, along with its attack dog Israel, scraping the shit off its face. About time.

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[url=http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/30/world/united-nations-palestinian-flag/]Pal... flag raised at the UN[/url]

Lest we forget who is actually, in the long run, winning the battle for international public opinion in the Middle East. 


and somebody's not happy....


The Sound Of Silence (and vid)


"Satan is on CNN. Furious Bibi tries to stare down UN for refusing to go to war like he wants. 'Creepy', 'Petulant', 'Pathetic', 'laughable and wierd."

This is what certain gutless wonder Canadian political parties toss candidates for criticizing.


Syrian Arab Republic: Address By His Excellency Walid Al Mouallem, Deputy Prime Minister of Syrian Arab Republic (and vid)


"What have you done, I ask you, to help these states from executing criminal acts against the Syrian people? Why all this silence?"