8.8 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

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8.8 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Those poor people - it's on CNN and you can see some of the results of the Tsunami


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I'm watching this right now...


Tsunami warnings out for Russia,Japan,Taiwan,Indonesia,Australia,Hawaii,Guam,Chile,Peru,Mexico (I assume the rest of Central America)...


I'm watching a refinery on fire that is out of control and it looks like gas spheres are going up in flames...Does'nt look like the fire dept. can even attempt to control it...


Just got some updates from newsworld.

Tsunami reached over 7 meters in some areas. More waves to follow.

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Does anyone have any idea if a wave travelling the distance of the Pacific from West to East would be as devastating after travelling that entire distance???


I remember the Tsunami that hit Thailand travelled across the Indian Ocean and hit the East coast of Africa and did do some serious damage...


NDPP wrote:

Mods, looks like we've got two threads - can close this one.

close the other one. this one is rolling.


No idea on what effect distance has.

Just got a prediction it will hit Hawaii after 4am Pacific time

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4 AM Pacific will be 7 AM here...


I suspect there will be warnings out for the Aleutian Islands,as well...


Doesn't seem to be any warning from california north

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Sirens just went off in Hawaii....


Predictions of aftershocks over 6 magnitude. Thats a big quake on its own.

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I suppose it's a good thing it's offshore...The bad thing is that it will cause more tsunami's...


warnings now for oregon and alaska. What about BC?? I,m less than a mile from the coast and only 7m over sea level.

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Uh...You might want to head for higher ground...


One would have to think that the distance of travel from Japan in the Northern Pacific is shorter than the Southern Pacific....


tsunami supposed to hit Taiwan in 1/2 hour or so.

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West coast of North America just got the warning....


Thanks for the link...I might be outta here soon.




The BC Emergency Notification System has issued a Tsunami Watch for some zones of coastal British Columbia.
 Those involved include:
 Zone A - the north coast and Haida Gwaii islands.
 Zone B - the central coast including Bella Bella, Bella Coola and Shearwater.
 Zone C - the outer west coast of Vancouver Island from Cape Scott to Port Renfrew.
 Local Governments in these zones are advised to activate their emergency plans and standby for further information.
 The Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre will issue updated information, as soon as it is available.  
 No other areas of Coastal British Columbia are at risk. 
 Further bulletins will follow.



CBC reports waves of around 1 meter on BC coast.


Hawaii just got 4.5 mag quake. Still waiting for tsunami.

Japan - all trains stopped, all tunnels closed, cell service unreliable.

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Absolutely devastating images on CNN and  BBC right now. CNN is reporting a fire at a nuclear facility in Japan, but that no radiactive material has leaked. Millions are stranded in Tokyo due to the trans being down (some commute 100 km each way).

Tsunami supposed to hit Hawaii in 20 minutes.

This is the largest quake in recorded history to hit Japan.

I think it's safe to say there will not be much reporting on Libya today.

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Boy. No rising tide in BC, but a huge wake-up call to the West Coast of Canada. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that Japan is one of the best-prepared countries to deal with earthquakes and tsunamis--and still there are some serious repercussions. Courage to all our Japanese friends and family members.

How long is BC and Vancouver going to pretend all these Pacific Rim stories are just fiction?

Brian White

Terrible videos.  I refused to watch the previous tsunami because it would be like watching a murder. But saw this before I knew what it was.

I cannot believe they still  say less than 400 dead.  Lets get real, if it is only 100,000 people gone, they will be lucky.

Another shocking thing is the comments on the CBC news threads.  Are people so involved with themselves that they only think what the stock prices will do?

And more are talking about Mayan calander and rapture.

And still more taking the japan death figures as real and expressing their disgust at haiti for suffering so much death from a smaller event.


Possible reactor [url=http://english.aljazeera.net/news/asia-pacific/2011/03/20113124353222667....

I want to hear from all the "progressive" nuclear activists about how safe are the nuke plants, and how they are a green solution to global warming.


Could any power plant be safe given the fires etc?



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Thanks N Beltov - everyone should read this


The main problem at the nuclear plants is that there is no electricity for the big water pumps for emergency cooling. Duh - when the plant is not producing electricity they cannot run the pumps. They were depending on diesel generators to do that job, but they were damaged.

   It seems like a ridiculously shortsighted problem. There should be more than one source of electricity for running those pumps.

   One idea, where there are hills next to nuclear plants like there are in Japan, is to have regular water stored on top of the hills, and in emergencies that water could be run through turbines at the bottom of the hill to produce electricity. That water could be pumped back up the hill with electricity from wind turbines [when the plant is not producing electricity], and those wind turbines could be a third [fourth] source of emergency power.

   Or, at least have some coolant in storage tanks up on the hills that could be run through the cooling system in emergencies [but that would not last very long].

   Elaborate backup electricity systems are an added cost that they just don't seem to want to spend. "It can't happen here" mentality might be in play.

   Would something like that cost too much? What does a nuclear melt down cost?

   Maybe the need for backup systems highlights the fact that nuclear power is not financially viable, and they just don't want us to know that. Without government grants and loans, nuclear plants would not be built. Even just the basic costs of construction [including loans] and normal plant operations are greater than the returns from selling electricity. Add in the accident cleanup costs, nuclear waste costs, and nuclear plants are a money losing gig.

  Did you know? - there is significant CO2 emissions from the vast amount of CONCRETE used in nuclear power plants. 









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Why is it that Canada rarely deploys its urban search and rescue team?  It seems like everyone is helping Japan but us!! 


WTF is wrong with this country?


Business reporter Larry Kudlow: 

“The human toll here, looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that"



Hail Mary Pass?


In Japan plant, frantic efforts to avoid meltdown

According to experts interviewed by The Associated Press, any melted fuel would eat through the bottom of the reactor vessel. Next, it would eat through the floor of the already-damaged containment building. At that point, the uranium and dangerous byproducts would start escaping into the environment.

At some point in the process, the walls of the reactor vessel - 6 inches (15 centimeters) of stainless steel - would melt into a lava-like pile, slump into any remaining water on the floor, and potentially cause an explosion much bigger than the one caused by the hydrogen. Such an explosion would enhance the spread of radioactive contaminants.

If the reactor core became exposed to the external environment, officials would likely began pouring cement and sand over the entire facility, as was done at the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident in the Ukraine, Peter Bradford, a former commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said in a briefing for reporters.

At that point, Bradford added, "many first responders would die."



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crap. What is Japan's problem can spread, via the jet stream, and become a global problem. Radiation, like global warming, does not respect national boundaries. I hope they can get things under control.


Stratfor Watch Report: Japanese Government Confirm Meltdown


"Japan's Nuclear Industry and Safety Agency (NISA) said March 12 that the explosion at the Fukishima Daiichi No.1 nuclear plant could only have been caused by a meltdown of the reactor core, Japanese daily Nikkei reported..."


The nuclear power industry is big business and it would not surprise me that they are lobbying to downplay or surpress news about the situation. As a result, that may be contributing to why it is difficult to know what is taking place.



Fears of nuclear meltdown in Japan puts Canada's industry under scrutiny




Japan Nuclear Explosion:


doesn't look good


Michael Nenonen wrote:

Well, this is reassuring:....

I would really, really like someone with some scientific pedigree to debunk this ASAP.

Note that their is no actual translation of the supposed Institute of Physics of the Earth article available AFAIK.
Also note the source and author of the news story from the "source" listed by eutimes net ---and the autho'rs other work, here:


Kaspar Hauser

Thanks, Contrarianna. Now I'm less worried.

I'm going to stock up on some bottled water, etc. in any case...that is, I think I'm going to do some of the stuff that everyone familiar with earthquakes on the coast tells me I should have anyway.


Japan Earthquake Alters Coast Line, Changes Earth's Axis



Kaspar Hauser



I think that all those who lobby for nuclear energy, and those executives who run the plants, should be volunteering to help contain the reactor. They should be given shovels and bags of sand and sent it to prove just how safe and secure, and don't forget environmentally friendly, is nuclear energy.

Just remember what the doctors told the Chernobyl containment workers; drink lots of vodka. It stops the radiation poisoning.


The thread title needs correction - the earthquake has been upgraded to 9.0.


Sean in Ottawa

Can you link to that Sineed?  -- I understood the number that was being used was 8.4


USGS still has it at 8.9 but I have seen 9 being used on the BBC

Papal Bull

People are going to be arguing about the exact magnitude of the quake for a while.


Peg it to 8 + and you're fine. The decimals are super important, but again, they're going to be a lil' fluid for a bit.


The USGS (the go to place for all your seismological needs) has listed it as 9.0 as of March 12.

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I live right beside the Gulf of St. Lawrence - haven't noticed the water moving more than normal tides, thank goodness.


Question: could an earthquake open a fissure deep enough to the molten core of earth? could seawater rush in?


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