Afghan immigrant Najibullah Zazi accused of plotting a hydrogen peroxide bomb attack in New York

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Afghan immigrant Najibullah Zazi accused of plotting a hydrogen peroxide bomb attack in New York



Every time I see one of these articles now I ask myself: Is this for real, or some fabrication of the authorities. It probably is for real, but the security forces have screwed up so often that it just makes me wonder.

Prosecutor: US terror suspect wanted to carry out attack on 9/11 anniversary

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Is this another sting operation by that New York area FBI agent who had one of his "informants" kill himself by lighting himself on fire in front of the whitehouse?

Informant Who Set Himself on Fire at White House Gate Figured in at Least [3] Terror Probes in NYC

Here is a better article:

Terror Informant Ignites Himself Near White House

Here is some of what he wrote to Agent Robert Fuller.

"I must travel to Yemen to see my sick wife (stomac cancer) and my family before I testify at the court or any other places," Alanssi wrote FBI agent Robert Fuller in New York, according to the copy he provided The Post yesterday. "Why you don't care about my life and my family's life? Once I testify my family will be killed in Yemen, me too I will be dead man."

Fuller also managed to jack up a schitzophrenic guy on terrorism charges in the Synagogue bomb plot.

From the Village Voice: The Alarming Record of the F.B.I.'s Informant in the Bronx Bomb Plot

But what the indictment didn't say, and what the initial news reports didn't fill in, was the extent to which the fifth man in the plot, an unnamed FBI informant, had provided the glue to hold the Newburgh 4 together.

That informant was a Pakistani man named Shahed Hussain, code-named "Malik," who agreed to work for the FBI to obtain leniency after he was arrested in 2002 for fraud.


Oh goodie, tthis story even has its Canadian connection, to add to the plot.


U.S. terror suspect visited family in Canada: report


Before we get too judgemental though of our security forces, since 9/11, how many of these plots have been foiled. One thing for sure, we aren't going to be reading about all of them in the media. Sometimes things get a bit distorted.  

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Yes, well I can't see Fuller in this story, but Fuller also was the agent who flew to Bagram Airbase, showed Omar Khadr a picture of Mayer Arar, and this was indeed part of the basis of affair which led to Arar being rendered to Syria. These latter day Elliot Ness types seem have no problem "getting their man" even if that means entrapment, using the testimony of tortured witnesses and organizing the "terror cells" themselves.


Security services never worry whether their stories are true or not they have two goals: maintain the fear factor and justify more funds to their coffers. And in either case, fabrication or truthfulness, the frist goal is met and the second is most likely to be met.


And security rarely reveal to the public what they are up to. They would not be competent security if they did.


Attorney: No evidence of bomb-making by suspect


mahmud wrote:

Security services never worry whether their stories are true or not they have two goals: maintain the fear factor and justify more funds to their coffers. And in either case, fabrication or truthfulness, the frist goal is met and the second is most likely to be met.





New York Terror Suspect Pleads Innocent to Conspiracy

"The conspiracy here is international in scope," Knox said. Prosecutors alleged in Zazi's indictment that he traveled last year to Pakistan, attended an al-Qaeda training camp and returned to the U.S. with bomb-making instructions.

After court, Zazi's lawyer, Michael Dowling, acknowledged that his client went to Pakistan. Dowling said Zazi later purchased beauty supply products containing certain chemicals "that can be used allegedly to make a bomb," but are not "illegal."

Dearie ordered Zazi held in custody until a December 3 hearing. "There is not combination of conditions that will reasonably ensure this person's appearance or the safety of the community," the judge said.

Bomb-Making Instructions

Zazi and three unidentified associates purchased components for improvised explosive devices from July to September, the U.S. said in the conspiracy indictment unsealed Sept. 24.

After Zazi drove from Denver to New York in early September, he attempted to assemble the bomb, prosecutors said last week. Investigators said they found an electronic scale that could be used to help weigh chemicals and batteries that could be installed in a bomb when they searched a residence in Flushing, Queens, where Zazi stayed while in New York.

A search of a computer laptop in Zazi's rental car turned up images of nine pages of bomb-making instructions. They included a recipe for TATP, or triacetone triperoxide, an explosive used in the 2005 London train bombings and intended for use in the 2001 plot to blow up an airplane by "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, prosecutors said.

Cell Phone

Officials said Zazi was videotaped on store cameras buying products such as acetone and hydrogen peroxide that can be used in the making of a TATP bomb.

"I get the impression that he's a nice guy," Dowling said of his client after today's hearing. "To use a hackneyed phrase, I would like to stop this rush to judgment. Mr. Zazi traveled to Pakistan, which is not illegal."

Asked why Zazi traveled from Denver to New York just before the Sept. 11 anniversary, Dowling replied, "Police seized his vehicle and they found nothing in it."

As to the bomb-making instructions investigators said they found on Zazi's laptop, Dowling said, "Traveling to New York with a laptop, is that a crime?"

Dowling said prosecutors won't be able to prove that his client conspired with others.

"The government will have to produce someone else or the conspiracy charge fails," he said. "You cannot commit a conspiracy on hand-written bomb materials, purchasing these products. These acts were not illegal and I have not seen any evidence whatsoever of an agreement between Mr. Zazi and anyone else, which is the essence of a conspiracy charge."

Grand Central Terminal

Zazi was found to have a cell phone video of Grand Central Terminal in New York City, the New York Daily News reported, citing unidentified people. City subways and Metro-North passenger trains to upstate New York and Connecticut go through the terminal, located in midtown Manhattan.

"His actions suggest that the defendant was in the throes of making his bomb," Neff said.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said last week that the investigation was continuing.

'Imminent Threat'

"We believe any imminent threat arising from this case has been disrupted, but as always we remind the American public to be vigilant," Holder said.

Assistant Attorney General David Kris said last week that authorities had no specific information regarding the timing, location or target of any planned attack.

Two other men who were arrested and charged with lying to the government in its terror investigation were granted bail Sept. 24 by federal judges in Denver and New York.

Zazi's father, Mohammed Wali Zazi, 53, who appeared with his son in Denver, was ordered released on bond. He was accused of lying to officials who questioned him about his son's activities.

Ahamad Wais Afzali, 37, of New York City, who prosecutors described as an acquaintance of the Zazis and a funeral home employee, was freed on $1.5 million bond. Afzali allegedly told the younger Zazi that authorities were looking for him. Afzali's lawyer, Ronald Kuby, said he did nothing wrong.

The case is U.S. v. Najibullah Zazi, 09-CR-00663, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn).

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Stephen Lendman wrote:

[T]he FBI admits that: "It is important to note that we have no specific information regarding the timing, location or target of any planned attack," nor can they find a bomb.

In other words, none exists nor evidence of a motive or plan to detonate one, yet the FBI arrested and charged three men on dubious suspicions and got highly-charged media reports to suggest "a big one" was imminent.

It's typical of how the Justice Department operates - shoot, ready, aim. In other words, first arrest, charge, and generate fear through the media, then invent a plot, concoct evidence to prove it, indict suspects, bring them to trial, and intimidate juries to convict because no one wants terrorists in their neighborhood even though the likelihood is virtually nil.



It's the essence of terrorism that counts.

"NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise....

Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency....

Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope....

Our *four* *Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry... are such elements as fear, surprise....

I'll come in again." (Monthy Python, The Spanish Inquisition)