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US Forced to Pull Out of Afghan Base

"The US is withdrawing troops from one of its strategic combat outposts in the Pech Valley in eastern Afghanistan under the burden of heavy military operations by the Taliban.."


US and NATO Escalate World's Deadliest War on Both Sides of Afghan-Pakistani Border  -  by Rick Rozoff  STOP NATO

"The United States and its military alliance the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have entered the third month of war in Afghanistan  this year, which President Barack Obama in December of 2009 announced as the year in which America and other foreign occupation forces would be reduced preparatory to their full withdrawal.

Within months of the US head of state's claim, the commander-in-chief had over 90,000 troops in the conquered country and currently there are 60,000 more from some fifty other nations serving in NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The total number exceeds that of any foreign military force ever before stationed in Afghanistan.

Last year marked the largest amount of US and ISAF deaths in the war that is now in its eleventh calendar year, as well as the most Afghan government troops and police fatalities, the highest number of reported insurgent deaths and the most civilians slain in the nearly decade-long war. 712 foreign soldiers and almost 10,000 Afghans were killed in 2010.

Not only has the US killed over 2,000 people with drone missile strikes in North and South Waziristan, but over the last five months NATO has slain several Pakistan military personnel, extending the war into a nation with a population of 170 million and nuclear weapons. According to a local tribesman, 'The Americans don't care for others and they will continue killing us.'

While most of the world's attention is concentrated on events in North Africa, the West is steadily and inexorably intensifying the longest, largest and most lethal war on the planet."


Military Changes Tune on Post 2011 Mission Again

"The details of this new mission need to be spelled out clearly to the public by the government, not leaked out at a conference of defence lobbyists, said Stephen Staples. With the addition of Canadian trainers, the international training mission will comprise roughly 5,000 troops. Canada will become the second-largest contributor after the United States.

Defence critics have chastised the government for going back on its word to deploy no military forces in Afghanistan past 2011.."


RT: Foreign Forces Are Fighting Each Other in Afghanistan And Don't Want to Stop (and vid)

"The west realized that the Taliban no longer did its bidding, they began ruling the country without asking for a go-ahead from those who had brought them into being. This is why, taking advantage of September 11, Washington decided to bomb Kandahar and topple the Taliban regime.

If we look closely at Afghanistan's history, we'll see that all armed movements here in some way or other are created solely by the Afghan people. They call the Taliban any people that pursue an armed struggle with the local Afghan authorities and with the international forces. This confrontation isn't confined to the Taliban alone. It may involve Al-Qaeda and Hekmatyar's people, and some regular forces. But since in this matter they have identical interests, namely, they fight against the coalition and the local government, everybody calls them the Taliban.."


The 'Fake Taliban Negotiator': Was It a Double-Hoax?  - by Frank Brodhead

"Does this Official Story make sense to you?...The fact that this colossal hoax vanished into the memory hole just raises more questions and prompts the following thoughts and speculations..."

Fidel, 2010 wrote:
The Afghan government has been in face-to-face peace talks with Taliban leaders, with NATO securing their passage to the capital. This is leaving many Afghans to wonder what kind of peace they can expect.

A group of around 350 clerics, who met in August this year to discuss reconciliation, called for Hamid Karzai to establish strict Islamic law with punishments similar to those implemented under the Taliban. In a 10-point resolution they said: “The lack of implementation of sharia hudud (punishment) has cast a negative impact on the peace process.”

Afghan clerics urging Karzai to implement sharia hudud in paving the way to sharing power with the USA's "former" proxies, the Taliban. Afghans afraid that the Taliban will be welcomed into Kabul with open arms by their brothers in creed in Kabul, the pro mujahideen government with a few "ex-Taliban" led by current US stooge Hamid Karzai.


Mullah Omar: Victory Over The Invading Infidels Is Now Imminent

"You should know that your rulers have continuously told you lies since the beginning of the aggression on Afghanistan until this very day. Put all of your strenght and planning behind the task of driving away the invaders and regaining the independence of the country, he told Afghan fighters..."

Afghans Call On US-Led Troops to Leave

"A day after a NATO airstrike killed 9 Afghan children in Kunar province, hundreds of angry Afghan protesters rally against US-led military operation in the war-torn country. 'We do not need the US help in reconstructing the country or fight the Taliban. No matter if we die of hunger, we just want the US to leave Afghanistan,' one protester told Press TV."


Oh the Yanks have invested in too much real estate to leave now. Over 700 bases spread across Afghanistan. The Taliban are going to cause armies from 29 or 30 countries to suddenly run for the hills? A repeat of the emergency evacuation from Ho Chi Minh City? The Vietnamse were able to supply hundreds of thousands of fighters and were replaced as fast as they were mowed down by the invaders. The Afghan Taliban themselves number in the tens of thousands. Neither side in this phony war on terror will force surrender of the other. Not soon.

Here is another indication that the Brits and their American friends may be closing in on a power sharing deal with their old friends and business partners in murdering and oppressing Afghans, the Taliban.  [url= troops on front line in Afghanistan told they face the sack[/url] Almost the entire contingent of Britain’s 10,000 troops in Afghanistan have been told they could be sacked within months after ministers disclosed plans to get rid of one in 10 members of the Armed Forces.


THe Cost of US [and Canadian] Terrorism in Afghanistan is Incalculable

"the issue of the economy weighed heavily on voters, but the war and its cost, though clear to them and clearly related to the economy in their thinking, was a far less pressing concern...if they do read or hear of it, them may be shocked at the apparent unconcern of the crews of two US helicopter gunships which attacked and killed 9 children on a mountainside in Afghanistan's Kumar province,

shooting them 'one after another'..."



Justice Remains Elusive for Many at US Prison in Afghanistan

"In the summer of 2008, the United States military captured a 16 year old Pakistani boy and imprisoned him at the Bagram air base in Afghanistan. According to his lawyers, for over a year his family had no idea where he was. The US military judges had admitted lacking any evidence against him and recommended he be returned home to his family in Pakistan. Months later he remains imprisoned at the US detention facility in Afghanistan. Hamidullah Khan is not alone.."

why we fight


Brigade 888 And Other Atrocities  -  by Musa Khan Jalaizai

"Canada supported Brigade 888 and its torture of civilians and considered the gang to be a trusted ally protecting Canadian outposts in Kandahar. This military and financial support by the Canadian government encouraged the outlaw Brigade 888 in torturing, raping and murdering civilians in Kandahar.."

how we fight


AFP: The War is Killing Afghanistan's Children. Enough!

"Careful examination of numerous reports and images/video footage, along with eye-witness and victim testimonies, clarify that Afghan civilians are the main targets of deadly attacks by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Although the Coalition forces claim that previous civilian massacres were accidental, Afghan-led peace movements believe that the killings are at best negligent to at worst intentional...

Foreign military presence and intevention in the past 10 years has worsened the Afghanistan situation while civilian casualties have increasingly created tension between the Coalition forces, the Afghan government, and the people of Afghanistan.

Mohammed Bismal, the brother of two boys killed, did not care for General Petraeus's apology but said, 'The only option I have is to pick up Kalashnikov, RPG or a suicide vest to fight. The father of two of the boys killed cried, 'They don't value humanity and don't care about our children!'

A global protest against the war in Afghanistan will be held this April 9, 10, 2011. "

Tell all political candidates you will not vote for them unless they resolve to end the war and bring ALL troops home. Their shameful acquiescence to this war's 10 year span is unforgiveable. Out of Afghanistan! Out of NATO! Now! - for more info on the internnational Afghan solidarity demo near you



Failing in Afghanistan Successfully - by Marwan Bishara

"The Afghan government's incapability to take on the tasks of governing or securing the country beyond the capital and the incapacity of the Obama administration to break the Taliban's momentum does not bode well for an early conclusion of the war. The mere fact that the world's mightiest superpower cannot win over the poorly armed Taliban after a long decade of fighting, means it has already failed strategically, regardless of the final outcome.

All of which explains the rather blunt remarks made in a speech at the end of February, by US Defence Secretary Robert Coates when he said 'any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should 'have his head examined,'..."


[url=][co...Afghan docs committee producing no documents[/color][/url] Liberals and Bloc failing to hold Harper to account – no documents yet released

The Effective Opposition NDP wrote:
OTTAWA – It has been one year to the day since Parliament reconvened after being prorogued to prevent the release of documents on Afghan detainee torture. Unfortunately, as predicted by New Democrats, the Committee has been silent and Canadians are no closer to finding the truth about these troubling allegations.

“The Conservatives prorogued Parliament to prevent MPs from gaining access to these documents. Exactly one year after Parliament reconvened, we are still in the dark,” said NDP Defence Critic Jack Harris, MP for St. John’s East. “The Committee hasn’t made a single document public, just like the Conservatives wanted. The Bloc and Liberals are taking part in a charade and making a mockery of the Speaker’s ruling – and Gilles Duceppe coming out with a toothless ultimatum now is laughable...

The four parties reached an agreement in principle in favour of a plan that would strike a fair balance between national security and the public’s right to know. However, the NDP refused to sign a deal after the Liberals and the Bloc agreed with the Conservatives to keep certain escape clauses in place. New Democrats warned these measures would allow the government to hijack the process and prevent necessary legal documents and Cabinet records from being made available to Parliament and the public.

Since then a cone of silence has descended on the process. “Our predictions are coming true,” said NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, Paul Dewar, MP for Ottawa Centre. “It is time for the Liberals and the Bloc to acknowledge that this committee has failed. A full public inquiry is the only way that we will ever know the truth.”

Liberals-Bloc-Harper coalition standing between Canadians and the truth about Afghan detainee torture.



Afghan Detainee Documents Coming Soon: MP

"A committee of MPs looking at secret documents about Canadian prisoners in Afghanistan will release the documents within a few weeks a Liberal MP said Thursday. 'Our understanding is that the April 15 deadline will certainly be met or exceeded. Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe is threatening to pull the party out of the process, arguing it's taking too long.."


Duceppe says if the Bloc pulls out, the committee will lose credibility. He says the delay doesn't make sense because they were told it would be over by January. The committee's been meeting since last July.

NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar says Duceppe is suffering buyer's remorse.

"They managed to play both the Liberals and the Bloc," he said.

Dewar says he doubts Canadians will see the documents any time soon.

"The Liberals huff and puff often and then they sit down, and I think that's what we're going to see again," Dewar said.

And it's no wonder the Liberals have hard time opposing the Harpers [url= they don't show up for work![/url]


The puppet gnaws at his strings --NATO to requisition a new puppet?


End operations in Afghanistan, Karzai tells NATO
by Yasar Hameed –

ASADABAD, Afghanistan (AFP) – An emotional Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Saturday told international troops to "stop their operations in our land", his strongest remarks yet over mistaken killings of civilians.

Karzai's comments came after a week in which a relative of his was killed in a raid by foreign forces and he rejected an apology by the US commander of troops General David Petraeus for the deaths of nine children in a NATO strike....


New puppet for sure. Karzai is starting to get too independent


Petraeus Outlines Indefinite Afghan Occupation

"Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, General David Petraeus, demanded increased funds and an indefinite US military occupation in order to secure what he described as 'fragile and reversible' gains..."



US Army 'Kill Team' in Afghanistan Posed with Pictures of Murdered Civilians

"Commanders in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for possible riots and public fury triggered by the publication of 'trophy' photographs of defenceless Afghan civilians they killed. The case has already created shock around the world, particularly with the revelations that the men cut 'trophies' from the bodies of the people they killed. An investigation by Der Spiegel has unearthed approximately 4,000 photos and videos taken by the men.."

do the terms 'Sandtrap', 'JTF2' and 'improper killing' mean anything to you Canada? Maybe that's why it's being kept secret?



Afghanistan: NATO - Stryker 'Kill Team' Images [Graphic - 'Trophy' pics],518,752310,00.html

Gul Madin, innocent farmer's son: 'they made it look like the guy threw a grenade and then mowed him down'

"The twelve men are also facing further charges of desecration of corpses, illegal possession of photos of corpses, drug abuse and acts of bodily injury against comrades...

NATO under the leadership of the US Army, has been preparing for possible publication of the photos for close to 100 days. In dozens of high-level talks with their Afghan partners, military leaders have sought to pursue the same strategy used by the US diplomatic corps in the case of the sensitive diplomatic cables released last year by WikiLeaks. They warned those directly affected and made preparations for the photos' appearance in the public sphere.

This 'strategic communication' was aimed at preventing a major public backlash"

Et Tu Canada?


M. Spector M. Spector's picture

[url= teams in Afghanistan: the truth[/url]

by Malalai Joya

The Guardian, Wednesday 30 March 2011

The disgusting and heartbreaking photos published last week in the German media, and more recently in Rolling Stone magazine, are finally bringing the grisly truth about the war in Afghanistan to a wider public. All the PR about this war being about democracy and human rights melts into thin air with the pictures of US soldiers posing with the dead and mutilated bodies of innocent Afghan civilians.

I must report that Afghans do not believe this to be a story of a few rogue soldiers. We believe that the brutal actions of these "kill teams" reveal the aggression and racism which is part and parcel of the entire military occupation. While these photos are new, the murder of innocents is not. Such crimes have sparked many protests in Afghanistan and have sharply raised anti-American sentiment among ordinary Afghans.

I am not surprised that the mainstream media in the US has been reluctant to publish these images of the soldiers who made sport out of murdering Afghans. General Petraeus, now in charge of the American-led occupation, is said to place great importance on the "information war" for public opinion - and there is a concerted effort to keep the reality of Afghanistan out of sight in the US....

The "kill team" images will come as a shock to many outside Afghanistan but not to us. We have seen countless incidents of American and Nato forces killing innocent people like birds. For instance, they recently killed nine children in Kunar Province who were collecting firewood. In February this year they killed 65 innocent villagers, most of them women and children. In this case, as in many others, Nato claimed that they had only killed insurgents, even though local authorities acknowledged that the victims were civilians. To prevent the facts coming out they even arrested two journalists from al-Jazeera who attempted to visit and report from the site of the massacre....

Once you know all this, and once you have seen the "kill team" photos, you will understand more clearly why Afghans have turned against this occupation. The Karzai regime is more hated than ever: it only rules through intimidation, corruption, and with the help of the occupying armies. Afghans deserve much better than this.

However, this does not mean more Afghans are supporting the reactionary so-called resistance of the Taliban. Instead we are seeing the growth, under very difficult conditions, of another resistance led by students, women and the ordinary poor people of Afghanistan. They are taking to the streets to protest against the massacre of civilians and to demand an end to the war. Demonstrations like this were recently held in Kabul, Marzar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad and Farah.

This resistance is inspired by the movements in other countries like Egypt and Tunisia - we want to see "people power" in Afghanistan as well. And we need the support and solidarity of people in the Nato countries.


Yup, American einsatzgruppen are on the job in Afghanistan, too.


At least 12 people - including eight foreigners - are dead after demonstrators protesting the burning of the Muslim holy book by a U.S. pastor stormed a UN office in northern Afghanistan, opening fire on guards and setting fires inside the compound.

The topic of Qur'an burning stirred outrage among millions of Muslims and others worldwide after a small American church in Florida threatened to destroy the holy book last year. The Florida pastor had backed down but purportedly went through with the burning last month, prompting protests in three Afghan cities.

Munir Ahmad Farhad, a spokesman in Balkh province, said that the protest in Mazar-i-Sharif began peacefully Friday when several hundred demonstrators gathered outside the UN mission's compound to denounce the Qur'an's destruction.


I'll never understand protesting.

Northern Shoveler Northern Shoveler's picture

M. Spector wrote:

[url= teams in Afghanistan: the truth[/url]

by Malalai Joya

The Guardian, Wednesday 30 March 2011

The "kill team" images will come as a shock to many outside Afghanistan but not to us. We have seen countless incidents of American and Nato forces killing innocent people like birds. For instance, they recently killed nine children in Kunar Province who were collecting firewood. In February this year they killed 65 innocent villagers, most of them women and children. In this case, as in many others, Nato claimed that they had only killed insurgents, even though local authorities acknowledged that the victims were civilians. To prevent the facts coming out they even arrested two journalists from al-Jazeera who attempted to visit and report from the site of the massacre....

This brutal behaviour is very, very old.  The Governor of Massachusetts paid for the scalps of not only men but women and children when he proclaimed war against Acadia.  That kind of violence is deeply imbedded in the American psyche.  After all many young boys still growing up being taught Custer was a hero and the rapists in the Alamo didn't deserve what was coming to them.  Every era of American history has a "hero"with the blood of their "enemies" on their hands.  These guys probably thought they were just doing what they were supposed to do. 


War has a way of doing that to people.

That is why war is evil.


Murdering In Afghanistan: Spiegel TV's 'Kill Team' Documentary,1518,754554,00.html

"For months, the US Army kept the images compiled by the so-called 'kill team' under lock and key out of fear it could result in a scandal even greater than Abu Ghraib. Spiegel TV spent weeks researching the story behind the men of 5th Styker Brigade and how things could go so terribly wrong. Warning: this documentary contains extremely graphic content.."

your tax dollars at work Canada - your soldiers, who regularly operate with these soldiers, especially Special Ops, are likely into the same dark stuff. Please note the ongoing 'Sandbox' investigations, conducted in secrecy by DND, concern 'improper killing' by Canadian JTF2 personnel...


Feds Accused Of Trying To Muzzle Commission Report Into Afghan Torture  -  by Murray Brewster

"The Conservative government quietly went to Federal Court last week hoping to impose limits on what a military watchdog can say in its yet-to-be-written final report into torture allegations involving Afghan prisoners. 'They're asking the Federal Court to put a muzzle on the commission,' said Paul Champ, the lawyer for two human rights groups.."


The Kill Team  -  by Mark Boal

 Der Spiegel was the first to release a few of the 'kill team  photos last week. Now Rolling Stone has released more of the photos, uncensored, as well as clips from videos shared by members of the 'kill team'.

How US soldiers in Afghanistan murdered innocent civilians and mutilated their corpses - and how their officers failed to stop them.

Plus an exclusive look at the war crimes photos censored by the Pentagon"


Two or Three Things You Need To Know About Afghanistan  -  by Shaukat Qadir

"It is essential to well briefly on some background, to understand the present. A few aspects of the traditional Pashtun tribal system merit understanding..."


The 'Deep State' Behind US Democracy - Interview with Peter Dale Scott

"After almost 2 years of the Obama presidency, I have to conclude, regretfully that the influence of the deep state, or what in my new book I call the American war machine, has continued to increase, just as it has under every US president since Kennedy.."


For those of you who think there is no such thing as 'poetic justice:'


much much more poetry please...

Afghan Training Mission Headed for Volatile Area

"Canada's troops going to city where UN workers killed

Canadian soldiers have already been on the ground in the area conducting reconnaissance for their mission. The Harper government had announced the training mission, to begin in the summer, not involve combat and would be centered in the capital city of Kabul. Defense Minister Peter MacKay approved the Mazar-i-Sharif deployment before the federal election was called..."



No Compromise On NATO Troops Withdrawal: Taliban

"Taliban are not ready for any kind of negotiations in the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan.."


Judges' Panel Says Detainee Transfer Documents Won't Be Released In Campaign [therefore] Tories Open To Release

"...The two judges at the centre of the documents screening process sent a letter to the three party leaders involved to inform them the records cannot be released when Parliament is not sitting...The documents are at teh centre of accusations that prisoners were tortured by Afghan authorities after being handed over by Canadian troops..."

how predictable, how convenient - and what about 'Sandtrap', JTF2 Special Forces and 'improper killings'? Back to sleep canucklheads..zzzz...


UN: Hunger Threatens 7 Million Afghans

"The UN has warned of looming food aid shortages in Afghanistan, which could leave more than 7 million people hungry in the conflict-ridden country. More than half of Afghan children under the age of five are malnourished and without proper nutrition in the first years of life and more Afghan children suffer lasting physical and mental damage, the report says.."

RT: Corporations Make Big Money Out Of Wars US Is Losing: War Lobby Won $700 Billion Budget Boost (and vid)

"It was lobbying by big corporations that resulted in the US $700 Billion military budget in the United States, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges told RT. 'There are corporations, even though we are losing the war, that continue to make a lot of money out of this war,' he said. The stock price of these defense contractors has quadrupled since the war began and they do not give a damn how many Afghans are killed or even how many Americans are killed. [Or Canadians]


So far this weekend:

[url= bombing on Afghan military base kills 10[/url]

[url= kills three NATO soldiers in southern Afghanistan[/url]

[url= bomber hugs, then kills, Kandahar police chief[/url]



The Afghan Drug Trade And The Elephant In The Room  -  by Jeremy R Hammond

"The truth is the Taliban take 2 to 12 percent of a $4 Billion industry. This means that the lion's share of the Afghan drug trade is under the control of elements friendly to the Afghan government and/or the foreign occupying forces. Indications are that drug use and addiction among soldiers is a serious problem..."


We'd Be Smart To Start Listening To The Turks  -  by Scott Taylor

"...For those familiar with the deadly reality of Afghan insurgent tactics, it is already obvious that there is no such thing as a safe zone behind the wire. As for the proposed location of the new Canadian mission, word has leaked out that most of our personnel will be in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif, not Kabul..."


Canadian Trainers Expected to Land In Three Afghan Cities: Envoy

"Canada will not be solely operating out of Kabul after this year. And in fact, an Afghan diplomat in Ottawa says he has been told Canadian soldiers will be based in 3 cities spread across teh country: Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif and now Herat, located in the west along the border with Iran.

The revelations come as violence across the country is reportedly increasing, leading experts to warn that if Canadians believe the 950 soldiers who will be training Afghan soldiers between now and 2014 will be safe, they could be sorely mistaken..."


Hedging, Delusion and Dishonesty in Afghanistan - by John Grant

"The Americans have not been honest about this, even among themnselves. Not being in Afghanistan has become unimaginable.."

Northern Shoveler Northern Shoveler's picture

Of course these troops will be targeted.  The people fighting NATO believe they are an occupying army so of course they will attack any centre set up to train collaborators. I don't believe the military planners are stupid enough to think otherwise. They only think that most Canadian citizens are that naive.

Turkey is the only NATO country thqt is not acting as an occupying force.  They work with everyone in the region, including the insurgent's supporters, to build infrastructure.  Their buildings and projects are seldom attacked.  They don't provide security for the region.


'You Have To Show Up At Their Door...And Start Killing People' US/NATO Officer

"You can't just convince them through projects and goodwill,' another Marine officer said. 'You have to show up at their door with two companies of Marines and start killing people. That's how you start convincing them..'

a little advice from our nato-nazi allies on winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan. Note to mujihideen - more IEDs for these ones please..


NDPP wrote:

"You can't just convince them through projects and goodwill,' another Marine officer said. 'You have to show up at their door with two companies of Marines and start killing people. That's how you start convincing them..'

Convince them of what?

What a good idea it is to fight U.S./NATO/ISAF forces with every ounce of effort that can be mustered and not let up until every one of these foreign murderers and destroyers is thrown, ejected or blasted out of the country?

Northern Shoveler Northern Shoveler's picture

NATO is us.  We are collectively responsible.  Not even the NDP will raise this as a serious issue.  Will no one say that a role in training collaborators is a role in occupying a country?    


He’s the universal soldier 
And he really is the blame
But his orders comes from 
far away no more.

They come from him. 
And you and me.
Oh, brothers can’t you see. 
This is not the way we put an end to war 


You did. I will too. And 2 + 2 = 4 after all...

As for 'Not even the NDP will raise this as as serious issue' they acknowledged how serious and where they stood, a few years back. see #27 - like I said 2+2=4. And I should vote? For sellouts like these? Lesser evil? I hardly think so.



Hundreds of Taliban in Jail Tunnel Escape

"Military commanders were among more than 500 Taliban fighters broken out of jail via a 320 metre long tunnel. A Taliban official on Monday also confirmed the overnight escape. 'They all made it safe to our centres and there was no fighting,' Yousuf Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman said. Kandahar prison was also the scene of a mass hunger strike by hundreds of inmates in May 2008 during which 47 inmates sewed their lips shut after complaining they had been tortured and denied fair trials.."

Canada itself committed war crimes by knowingly handing over some of these Afghan POWs for torture. A coverup is ongoing and the issue is invisible in the campaigns of all parties this election.


NDPP wrote:

Hundreds of Taliban in Jail Tunnel Escape

"Military commanders were among more than 500 Taliban fighters broken out of jail via a 320 metre long tunnel. A Taliban official on Monday also confirmed the overnight escape. 'They all made it safe to our centres and there was no fighting,' Yousuf Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman said.

Cool!Cool Did you ever see the movie or read the book "The Great Escape" (the book was better, of course)?

Never underestimate the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Afghans.


saw the movie - but jailbreak stories are some of my favourites... I agree - those 500 can get back to digging that big hole to bury this empire in...


omit dp


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