The Afghan People Will Win Part 23

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<a href="">Malalai Joya</a> wrote:
"It is an open secret today that the US is the god-father of Islamic fundamentalism in the region. All terrorist fundamentalist groups from Al-Qaeda to the Taliban and our warlords of the Northern Alliance were created, funded, and nourished by the CIA during the cold war. The green belt of extremism and Jihad concept, which was funded and implemented by the CIA through ISI of Pakistan, has caused all of the current problems, and the US still needs these groups to advance its long-term war agenda in the region." - anti-war rally in San Francisco, April

Long term war agenda? Is she serious? US and British warfiteers don't want a long and protracted phony war? Surely the gun runners and dope dealing CIA, Afghan drug barons et al want victory followed by peace, law and order at some point? What is this Afghan teacher, democratically elected Parliamentarian and female type woman threatened with her life on a constant basis talking about? 

<a href="">NY Times</a> wrote:
"These peace efforts by the High Peace Council are just a cover," said Mohammed Mohakik, a council member and a prominent leader of the Hazaras, a minority group long oppressed in Afghanistan. "The real efforts are going on behind the curtain and are not transparent."

Curtain? Real talks with the Taliban "not transparent"? Why would Taliban fundamentalists and western fundamentalists not want to be transparent about these things? Are they not democrats? What about representation for all of the religious minorities in Afghanistan? Surely the Taliban and CIA/ISI are concerned about their interests and basic rights? Afghan women, too?

Behind the scenes? Not very transparent? Why would violent misogynists in the very right wing Taliban not want to be transparent and accountable to ordinary Afghans whose interests they claim to represent? Have they never heard of the Paris Peace talks, which were a fabulous PR opportunity for the NVA at the time?  Why are the CIA and Pakistan's army intelligence agency still not very transparent?  WHY? It makes no sense. lol!


Another story about the "Taliban" jailbreak:

[url= of Taliban use tunnel to bolt Kandahar jail in security 'disaster'[/url]

My favourite line is from Ghulam Dastagir Mayar, prison supervisor, explaining how the U.S.-NATO-puppet regime was outwitted yet again by superior insurgent technology:

"They dig earth and made a big hole underground and escaped from there," he said.




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