The Afghan people will win - part 6

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Unionist wrote:

Fidel wrote:
[size=20] ... the bullshit insurgency ... [/size]

I thought I would preserve that frank confession of where you stand so that someday you can snack on those words. It's really unfortunate that a progressive individual can't tell the difference between imperialist invaders and the resistance. Of course, the entire imperialist propaganda from day one has been to demonize the insurgency in order to justify occupation, puppet regimes, and war crimes. But we're supposed to look past that propaganda. Sad.

That's fine. And when the women of RAWA and Malalai Joya and Canadian and American investigative news journalists, academics on the left etc prove to you that your white man's advice to carry on with the blood and guts phony war orchestrated by CIA and their friends in Pakistan was rotten advice all along, then we can bet burdensome white men like you will be singing a different tune at that point. We seem to be surrounded by idiots on all sides here. 

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Wow. that is some really stunningly preposterous posturing on your part. You don't "stand" with anyone. You are "blogging"with them at best. And that is being kind. "Raving" in their name would be more accurate, but I wont say that, since it would be unmannerly.


Stay tuned for our resident body counter and grim reaper to post the latest bloodbath statistics for the Stan. They must murder our boys to prove that murdering people in another country is wrong.

Every war is about an aggressive military force looking for a resource grab in some other sovereign country. Unionist and the Cueball seem to want to believe in the US hawk version of war that they are there to put a stop to "al-Qa'eda" or the USsA's former proxies propped-up in Kabul from 1995-2001. But even US hawks like Newt Gingrich said Bush's war, at least as far as Iraq is concerned, is a phony war for a resource grab. Meatheads like Cheney and Rumsfeld continue lying to rich American audiences that Saddam and "al-Qa'eda" were serruptitiously linked. Still no proof even when they arent the government in Warshington though.

I've had enough of the senseless body count thread for now. Ta! 


NorthReport wrote:

Webgear wrote:

In my view and my own actions, I am trying to prevent war crimes.

You're doing one hell of a job webgear.

I've had a complaint about this post, that NorthReport is accusing Webgear of committing war crimes.

I can see where it could read like that, but I think it's possible that NorthReport was simply saying that Webgear is not succeeding at stopping the war crimes that are being committed.  So, I'm letting it go, but let's try not to provoke each other this way - the post was easily misunderstood and likely felt like an attack and an accusation.


P.S. Long thread - feel free to start part 7.


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