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Fidel wrote:

I don't bet on wars. It's immoral. Yes I think it's time for me to "pull out" of this sordid discussion now reduced to hockey pool mentality.

Good for you...


Russia's Afghan Foray a Subtle Stroke  - by Brian Downing

"The US and Russia are cooperating more closely in Central Asia and elsewhere on security matters. The cooperation indicates that renewed tensions between the two powers of a few years back - Cold War Two, it was being called - are being eased. Further, the cooperation in stabilizing Afghanistan or at least in limiting the Taliban's expansion will be welcomed in many parts of the world, though not Pakistan or China..."


Yes,  good for me. It's too bad I can't say the same for you.

Look for your personal gods in Warshington and their puppets in Kabul to strike up a partnership with Taliban mullahs and Afghan drug barons in the next few years. Phony bastards that they are.



we should never forget: 'graveyard of empire' or was it 'empires'...? 'Come on in gangsters - USA,  Russia, NATO, India, Pakistan, Iran - there's room to bury all.' Fidelio, you forget, there are still those that can't be bought, love their lands, and will fight like lions, as should be obvious to all and sometimes win too.

And speaking of fighting lions...

call it 'brainwashing' or what they will, but just consider the last stand, or so he thought,of Omar Khadr in/for Afghanistan. The media loves to play the clip of him crying in Guantanamo, but consider instead that 15 year old's decision to fight alone US Delta Force to the death, if necessary. His valour and resistance is to be honoured not condemned, as far as I'm concerned. Consider what they've done to him, after all.

Or Malalai Joya's fearless perseverence if you prefer. Or the Palestinians.  A formidable combination of courage and belief is in this resistance. Not just 'medievalist mullahs' or 'misogynist 'terrorists'  'drug smugglers' etc.  Have faith. Remember Mao's American 'paper tiger' (now worthless paper - tiger!) and have faith. The Pashtun do not go down any easier than the Vietnamese, the Cubans, the Mohawks or any other truly resisting people. And the enemy grows weaker  -  here too if only we would exploit their deteriorations and stop wasting time with terminally compromised political dead-ends.

. I think the Afghan people know they are at war, who is with them and who their enemies are.  I think they await the rest of us to join them in this awareness. One thing is for certain: the surest way to lose a war is not to know you're in one. Keep passing on the word.


Mounting Evidence of British War Crimes  -  by Chris Marsden

"Britain's armed forces stand accused of torture and murder, perpetrated in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The scale of the abuses involved cannot be attributed to a few 'rogue' individuals or covered up by the routine excuse that Britain simply got 'too close' to the United States and is guilty only by association. They present prima facie evidence for warcrimes charges.

Revelations regarding Afghanistan focus on the documents released by WikiLeaks, listing 21 British attacks on civilians, including children. But a separate document seen by the Daily Telegraph suggests coalition forces are responsible for up to 1,000 civilian deaths since 2006. This number has doubled in the past 4 years..

In a number of cases, British forces transferred detainees to US custody...

Once again, the response to these revelations is an attempted cover-up - this time by the Conservative-Liberal-Democrat coalition, which is determined to continue the war in Afghanistan.."

only here in Canada the coverup appears to have far.



NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:
Fidelio, you forget, there are still those that can't be bought, love their lands, and will fight like lions, as should be obvious to all and sometimes win too.

They murdered him, too. The Lion of Panjshir's mistake was declaring war on the CIA-ISI's creation, the Taliban. That the major Asian countries and surrounding Stani nations supported Massoud was one more nail in his coffin. Massoud was the nearest thing Afghans had to a Patrice Lumumba or Che Guevera. Not perfect by any means but the last real hope for Afghans down the drain.

Whimpers from the so-called anti-war movement in Canada to remove troops are growing colder as millions of desperately poor Afghans enter another decade of war and chaos.

NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:
The Pashtun do not go down any easier than the Vietnamese, the Cubans, the Mohawks or any other truly resisting people.

 All of those people are far freer and better off than the humble Pashtun in Central Asia whose tribal codes are often at odds with Taliban diktats. The Pashtuns of Pakistan number more than twice the Afghan Pashtuns, and they are a mostly downtrodden people. They have been subjugated by a colonial system that has kept them mostly illiterate and uneducated and lucky if they can scratch together one decent meal a day. The US and Saudis have  funneled serious money into Central Asia to finance a madrassa system since the 1980s and ensuring that the collective minds of each successive generation of Afghan and Pakistani children are enslaved by religious fundamentalism. Sibel Edmonds says this western funding of the madrassa system is still occurring today on a massive scale. I'm afraid that the war on democracy continues. What's needed are legitimate peace talks not illegal wheeling dealing behind closed doors by war criminals on either side of the equation.

And they are even worse off in Afghanistan...

[url=“is-this-normal”/]Is this Normal?[/url]

 According to the United Nations, during the period 2005-2010 in Afghanistan, life expectancy at birth was less than forty-four years. Child mortality (before the age of five) is the highest in the world, and mortality for women in childbirth is among the highest. 850 children die daily in Afghanistan. According to UNICEF, in the 2003-2008 period, an astounding 59% of Afghan children under the age of five are considered “stunted,” and for 9% of Afghan children under five, malnutrition is so severe it is considered wasting. “Is this normal?” Hakim asks.

To suggest that more war and violence will solve anything is folly. We need a real anti-war movement and political pressure for legitimate peace talks.


<a href=" wrote:
">]It is precisely because the NDP is concerned for the future of Afghan women that the Party is calling for the withdrawal of Canadian troops, a refocus on aid and development, and a negotiated resolution to the war in Afghanistan. [u]The NDP advocates peace negotiations that ensure women are at the table in significant numbers[/u] and that their rights are foremost in the efforts that Canada deploys to defend human rights and development in the region.

It is the position of none of: the US-led military occupiers, the puppet regime of pro-Mooj North Alliance warlords nor "former" Taliban commanders within their clique, nor  the Saudi and Pakistani "mediators", and apparently not the Taliban they have created in Afghanistan that women and children and ordinary Afghans should be represented at the table in these illegit "negotiations" conducted in secret over the last several years. These are phony negotiations, and no, they are most certainly not discussing peace as certain babblers have noted above and without any speculation whatsoever as to what exactly the CIA, MI6. ISI, Saudis and their other dope dealing and guns running  friends have been discussing with their "former" proxies, the Taliban.

IOWs, I refuse to chime-in with any of those guys and their promises for more war on democracy in Afghanistan. NO MORE dirty war in Afghanistan!

It is long overdue that a legitimate anti-war movement develop an actual anti-war strategy that doesn't appear to be very similar to US Military and Taliban policies for a continuation of the 30 years-long war without end in Afghanistan. The NDP is a legitimate anti-war party and effective opposition in Ottawa and why I will be voting for them in the next election.

[url= poster Fidel for the babble historical record. November 4, 2010 on this 10th "official" anniversary of the 31 year-long covert war on democracy in Afghanistan[/url]


Republicans To Target Afghan Withdrawal Timetable

"Fresh from their historic elections romp, US Republicans served notice Wednesday that they would target President Barack Obama's July 2011 deadline to start withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan.."

Bob Rae, Jack Harris et al now have powerful allies southward to also postpone Harper's planned Afghan exit. Stay tuned for the big announcement of this, probably after the upcoming Nato summit in Lisbon.


US Targets Civilians in Kandahar

"US-led forces in Afghanistan are currently contiuing with their massive military operation in the volatile region. Witnesses have recently told Press TV that NATO forces have dropped more bombs on villages they assume Taliban militants are hiding in, inflicting extensive damage to civilian properties. The Western military alliance says it is experimenting with a new powerful bomb during the operation.

More than one hundred thousand Afghans have been killed since the US-led invasion of the country in 2001. The loss of civilian lives at the hand of foreign forces has led to a dramatic increase in anti-American sentiment in Afghanistan. There are currently more than 150,000 US-led foreign forces in Afghanistan.

US-led forces have stepped up attacks under Washington's new war strategy that aims to reduce its military presence next year."

US to Spend $500 Million Dollars on Embassy

"The United States is bolstering its presence in Afghanistan with a $500 million dollar expansion of its Kabul embassy and the construction of two consulates, it announced Wednesday. Washington's Kabul embassy is already its biggest in the world, with about 1,100 employees, projected to rise to 1,200 by the end of the year, officials said.

Speaking to a gathering of Afghan officials, US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry said the expansion would enable the United States to carry out its pledge to maintain into the future its very significant security, government, economic and civil society programs.''

Another two contracts, worth $20 million dollars each, have been awarded for the construction of consulates in Harat, the main city in western Afghanistan and Mazar - I - Sharif in the north, he said."

Afghan Deployment Past 20100 Possible: MPs

MacKay 'encouraged'

"A group of MPs visiting Afghanistan have left the door open for an agreement in Parliament to keep some Canadian troops in the country after the current mission ends next summer. At the end of their five-day visit, members of the parliamentary committee on the Afghan mission said they were surprised at the level of success the Canadians have had militarily, as well as in terms of development.

Liberal member Bob Rae said it's time for an 'intense discussion' on what Canada's role will be in Afghanistan after next year, and appeared to suggest a deal could be reached among the parties to see some troops stay. 'We have an obligation to see this thing through,' Rae said.

NDP defence critic Jack Harris said a post-2011 roel for Canada is in the works. 'All Canadians do not want to see the sacrifice that has been made be for nought..'"

Afghan Deaths Focus of Special Forces Probe

"Two criminal investigations launched by military police into the actions of Canadian Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan probed the alleged improper killing of Afghans, CBC News has learned...The second investigation, called Sand Trap 2, seems to suggest that another nation may have been involved.

A briefing note written for Defence Minister MacKay and obtained by CBC News also appears to point in this direction. It talks about military police talking with military lawyers to discuss 'jurisdiction' and 'liason'. Throughout the Afghan engagement, Canadian Special Forces operated jointly with those of other nations, including Afghanistan and the US.

On Monday, CBC News revealed that Canada's Defence Department quietly began a major inquiry into the military's highly secretive force known as Joint Task Force 2 or JTF2. In addition, a military board of inquiry which investigates major problems with the Armed Forces, is hearing 100 witnesses as it conducts its probe."

looks to me they have already decided our warcrimes will continue there. Your tax dollars at work Canada. Hope everyone's up for those $16 Billion US F-35 jet planes too.



[url= deal would need to meet strict conditions, PM says[/size][/color][/url]

Globe&amp;Mail wrote:
Stephen Harper is laying down strict conditions to be met before Canada could bless a deal arising from peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan – negotiations that Canadian soldiers are standing by to assist.

Afghan President Hamid confirmed earlier this month that talks aimed at a power-sharing agreement with the Taliban have been going on [color=red][i]“for quite some time.”[/i][/color] [...]

In mid-2009, the Harper Conservatives publicly voiced support for talks after years of attacking political opponents such as NDP Leader Jack Layton for suggesting such a tack.

So,  when did the Harpers know about these illegitimate peace talks held between the CIA, the mayor of Kabul, and Uncle Sam's renegade puppets of the previous decade, the Taliban?


and which 'renegade puppets/Taliban'? The IEA states they are not in any such negotiations. Other commentators characterize these alleged 'negotations' as simply fabricated mischief making designed to create divisions among the resistance groups.


Tories Secret Afghan Casualty List Reveals Intensity of Combat

"the fact that injuries are kept out of the public eye, illustrates how unaware Canadians are of the price paid by soldiers in Afghanistan. Defence officials defend that secrecy, saying it's vital to safeguard operational security and keep insurgents in the dark about the toll their attacks are taking on Canadian troops.."

keeping Canadians 'in the dark', not insurgents


[url= disctrict sees record voter turnout in September elections[/url]

626 percent voter turnout


Fidel wrote:

  when did the Harpers know about these illegitimate peace talks held between the CIA, the mayor of Kabul, and Uncle Sam's renegade puppets of the previous decade, the Taliban?


see #72 - talks are 'tripe' and a US 'information Operation' - Harper is obviously playing along - what else?

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