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How Canada Politics May View Zimbabwe's Indigenization Act

"Having recently clinched a huge trade agreement with the European Union through (CEUTA); he has now positioned himself to be a big thorn in Zimbabwe's back, if the Government messes around with the Canadian Mining companies within the nation and is seen as being against capitalism..."



US Expands Military Net Over Africa, Checking China's Influence  -  by Eric Draitser

"Recent years have seen an unprecedented military expansion which has gone almost entirely unnoticed by the US public.

 All over Africa, the United States has tried to check the growing influence of China..."


 Violence Displaces 400,000 in DRC (and vid)

"The UN says fighting between government troops and militia groups has displaced 400,000 people in recent months..."


Rwanda 1994: The Lies Continue  -  by David Peterson

"To the Editors of

In 'Inflammatory falsehood poor homage to twentieth anniversary of Rwanda genocide' (, February 24, 2014), the head of the Paul Kagame Fan Club of Canada, Gerald Caplan, writes..."


The Corporate Scramble for Africa

Judging simply by its name, the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition sounds like a worthy initiative. Just the kind of thing we should be spending international aid money on, you might think. But look just a little closer, and it becomes clear that the scheme, launched by the G8 governments along with the biggest global food and agriculture companies, has little to do with feeding undernourished people.


Real Rwandan Genocide & Brainwashing of the Western Mind   -  by Keith Harmon Snow

"Every year in the first week of April, western media venues are flooded with stories that begin with statements about the anniversary of the Rwanda 'genocide, where at least 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus died at the hands of Hutu extremists.'

Such stories recount the official narrative about the 'Genocide in Rwanda', a narrative that has five or six key elements that have been almost canonized and are repeated robotically by Western and English-speaking news consumers..."

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Public Utilities Exporting Privatization

Manitoba Hydro involved in controversial power sector privatization in Nigeria and beyond

Manitoba Hydro International (MHI), a wholly-owned international subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro, is taking part in a controversial deal to ultimately privatize Nigeria’s publicly-owned power utility.

MHI will manage the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) for a period of three years under a management contract with the government of Nigeria and the Bureau of Public Enterprises. MHI was offered the contract in September 2012.

Under the contract MHI will restructure the transmission company and prepare it for eventual privatization. Manitoba Hydro International expects to make $23.7 million from the deal....

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How Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Became Propaganda for Imperial Policy


Glen Ford: Western intervention aims to make region malleable to neoliberal economic policies and further militarize the continent.


The Legacy of Frantz Fanon

More than five decades after his death, the question seems to be: why Fanon is relevant now? Rather than, is he relevant at all? It would be instructive to explore how this revolutionary would think and act in the face of contemporary issues in Africa and the world.


The Media's Rwandan Fairy Tales  -  by Yves Engler

"While two decades old, the distortion of the Rwandan tragedy continues to have political impacts today..."

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture important video that reminds us of the congo's brutal history and how this continues today. it also shows how we are connected to it in canada via cobalt.  

The Empire Files: Empires Feed on Congo's Treasure

For five centuries, the continent of Africa has been ravaged by the world's Empires for its vast untapped treasure. Today, the U.S. Empire is increasing it's military role through their massive command network, AFRICOM, carrying out several missions a day.