AI reports on the horrific state of health care in North Korea

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AI reports on the horrific state of health care in North Korea

Among other things, it seems that people have to pay for virtually any medicxal treatment. Health care in North Korea is LESS socialist than it is in the United States!!

"While North Korea tells its citizens that they live in a socialist paradise and says it provides free public-health care, Amnesty International says the people it interviewed told them all services had been pay-per-use since the 1990s. Doctors received cigarettes, alcohol or food for basic consultations, according to the report, and cash payments for surgeries.

The report found that many North Koreans avoid the medical system altogether, opting instead to self-medicate using remedies available in local markets.

“People in North Korea don’t bother going to the hospital if they don’t have money because everyone knows that you have to pay for service and treatment. If you don’t have money, you die,” said a 20-year-old woman who lived in the city of Chongjin, in the northeast of the country, before fleeing North Korea two years ago. Like all those quoted in the report, the woman’s name was not given."

...meanwhile North Korea has the fifth largest army in the world and spends trillions of nuclear weapons.