Al Qaeda Cut-Throats 'White Helmets' to Resettle in Canada

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G&M: 'Canada ends funding support to Syria's famed White Helmets rescue group'

"Moderate head-chopper PR outfit seeks new opportunities."


Globe also reports that Canada funded White Helmets at $4m a year. This Should Be A Huge Scandal

"The White Helmets partner with jihadists; staged hospital scene in Douma; and take part in executions."


Lest we forget: 'NDP call on Liberal government to support WHs for Nobel Peace Prize'

Canadian politicians are finally becoming known as the grotesque international embarrassment they have long been. As are those who continue to elect them despite their heinous criminal foreign policies. All the while proudly asserting their disinterest in 'foreign affairs' - unless of course it's 'Russiagate', 'Uyghur genocide' or praising American Democrat warcriminal presidents.