Alabama GOP gubernatorial candidates, even loonier than Roy Moore

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Alabama GOP gubernatorial candidates, even loonier than Roy Moore

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Roy Moore made national headlines six years ago by refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building. But some of Moore's fellow GOP candidates in the 2010 gubernatorial race have even more conservative views regarding religious displays on government property.

"We welcome people of all faiths, but at the same time, the standard for America is under the Judeo-Christian principles," said state Treasurer Kay Ivey.

Only Jewish and Christian religious displays should be allowed on government property, she said.

Such a limitation would go too far, according to Moore, who said the key question is not what religion the display represents but whether the display breaks First Amendment rules: "I think you should allow any display that's not an establishment of religion."

In response to questions from the Press-Register about such displays and other religious issues, most Republican gubernatorial candidates expressed conservative views similar to Moore's.

All said they favor prayer in public school. More said they believe in creationism than evolution. Most said the Bible is literally true.


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