All Hail the Israeli resistance part 10

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An international human rights group yesterday accused the Israel Defense Forces of failing on six occasions to verify the targets of drone aircraft during the Gaza conflict in January, killing at least 29 Palestinian civilians.

Rights group: IDF failed to verify drone targets in Gaza


Lean Cuisine: Counting Calories on the Checkpoint Diet


Spain: Court Closes Gaza Probe

"A Spanish court on Tuesday closed a probe targeting Israeli officials for alleged crimes against humanity...Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman welcomes Spain's high court decision - Israel claimed from the onset that the process was a political attempt to abuse the Spanish justice system.."

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NOT EVERY day, and not even every decade, does the Supreme Court rebuke the Military Advocate General. The last time this happened was 20 years ago, when the Advocate General refused to issue a proper indictment against an officer who ordered his men to break the arms and legs of a bound Palestinian. The officer argued that he considered this to be his duty, after the Minister of Defense, Yitzhak Rabin, had called for "breaking their bones".


French JDL Attacks Arab bookstore Twice:

"this is a fascist organization that does not hesitate to attack people and places. They have no fear because, until today, no steps have been taken against them. Three years ago they attacked our bookstore in the middle of the night and broke windows. This time they did it in the middle of the day, fearlessly.."


"Give US Our Money Back!" Irish 4 Palestine

"Egypt is to burn all the accumulated aid for Gaza that has sat at the border to rot because Israel won't allow it to be delivered to the people need it."

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Covering a 300-square-meter plot of land southeast of Jerusalem is an eco-friendly building made solely of used tires and mud. The Jahalin tribe is planning to use the make-shift structures as a grade school and kindergarten. That is, if the Civil Administration, which is subordinate to the Defense Ministry, does not raze the four-and-a-half room educational facility.

Old tires and mud used to build school for West Bank Bedouin

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Matter of the Heart


EVERY GERMAN child knows the story of the Captain of Koepenick.

The scene is 1908 Germany, with the Second Reich at the peak of its power, ruled by a Kaiser who is almost always decked out in a splendid military uniform.


The Battle of Bil'in

"Palestinian activists from Bil'in village say the Israeli military has raided their village almost daily this week. They claim the early morning raids are linked to a recent lawsuit filed by the village in the Quebec Superior Court.


These large-scale battles have been going on for days now:

[url=][color=blue]Orthodox strife grips Jerusalem[/color][/url]


Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem have clashed with police in protest at what they see as interference by the Israeli authorities in their community.

Police said at least 28 people were arrested after protesters threw stones at officers and burned rubbish bins.

Hundreds of police have been deployed - 10 were reported to have been injured.

The incidents followed the arrest of an ultra-orthodox woman for allegedly starving her three-year-old son deliberately. The child is in hospital. [...]

"Thousands of ultra-orthodox from the Mea Shearim district tried to close a main road to traffic, obliging law enforcement to intervene with water cannons," said police spokesman Shmuel Rubi.

"Some police officers were hurt when stones were thrown" and police questioned dozens of people, he told the AFP news agency.

The state of the Zionists - not of the Jews.


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The Jahalin tribe sends happy tidings from the West Bank to their brethren in Gaza: The effects of the Israeli siege can be overcome by building homes from used tires filled and covered with mud. This way refuse can be recycled, construction costs minimized and structures insulated from the cold and heat, something concrete buildings cannot do.
Amira Hass / Israeli Jewish worldview sanctifies West Bank inequality

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The Johnny Procedure


LIKE THE ghost of Hamlet's father, the evil spirit of the Gaza War refuses to leave us in peace.

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Dark times ahead!

[url= anti-racism?[/url]

See also [url= [via [em][url=//]Jews sans frontières[/url][/em]]

[b][url=]It may indeed be already too late![/url][/b]

martin dufresne

Radio-Canada reports that Israeli settlers on horseback wielding torches burned down 3,000 olive trees belonging to Palestinians around Nablus yesterday. They allegedly did this in reprisal for Tsahal destroying a settler's motor home left on Palestinian land. Background about Israeli violence in that area. All with the help of your government, folks!

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Something in the soldiers' testimonies published by the organization Breaking the Silence last week must be scaring the Israel Defense Forces. Otherwise, its battery of spokespeople - official and unofficial - would not be taking part in such a violent campaign to silence it.

Our media is independent. It isn't the delegitimization campaign that has caused it to be dismissive of these testimonies. Unlike the Second Lebanon War, Operation Cast Lead has been relegated to the archaeology department as far as public interest goes, because the number of Israelis killed was low. Even without the lobbying of the IDF Spokesman's Office, the media did not intend to waste much energy on these testimonies.

The IDF price tag


Gaza Blockade: "Captive and Slowly Suffocating"

"It is killing us slowly. People can't get out. People can't get in. We can't get what we need. Families are separated. We are captive and slowly suffocating."


US Transfers $200 Million in Aid to PA


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FIRST, AN honest disclosure: I loved the Shepherd hotel very much.
In the first years after the Six-Day War, I was a frequent guest there. My work in the Knesset demanded that I stay in Jerusalem at least two nights every week, and after the war I switched from the hotels of West Jerusalem to those in the Eastern part of the city. My favorite was the Shepherd. I felt at home there.

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Norway is reexamining its investments in several Israeli companies, in particular Elbit Systems. Two representatives of the Council on Ethics of the Norwegian finance ministry visited Israel at the beginning of June, in the wake of growing criticism of Israel in Norway in the months following last winter's Israeli offensive in Gaza. The representatives met with, among others, groups of Palestinians and Israelis who claim that Norway invests in businesses directly involved in the Israeli occupation, which, they say, contradicts its commitment to abide by international law and to a just solution for the area.

Norway examines the ethics of its Israel investments


UK Peace Activists Face Prison for 'Disarming' Arms Factory to Stop War Crimes

"they will argue that they were acting to help prevent the crime of killing the people of Gaza"

petition, etc. please support


[url=][color=blue]Palestinian children go for world kite-flying record[/color][/url]


Palestinian children turned out in big numbers on a beach in the northern Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the world record for kite flying.

More than 6,000 children gathered to fly more than 3,000 kites, according to the United Nations, which organised it. [...]

The UN agency UNRWA says the Gaza children smashed the existing record, and a final tally of the number of kites flown will be released on Saturday.

A UN spokesman said: "The symbolism of thousands of children, in one of the world's most locked-up communities, creating beautiful kites, letting them soar upward, is truly beautiful."

John Ging of UNRWA said the challenge was "an expression of the demand for liberty from these children."

[url= this photo.[/color][/url]



truly beautiful indeed..

Viva Viva Palestina!


George Victor


Thanks for the photo, u.



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In the past three weeks about 30,000 tons of broken concrete have piled up in the area of the dismantled settlement of Gan Or, between Khan Yunis and Rafah in the Gaza Strip. On July 9, some six months after the conclusion of the Israel Defense Forces' assault on Gaza, the United Nations Development Program began clearing the rubble from Gaza. The task of pulverizing the pieces of broken concrete will begin in eight days.

Rubble rousing

Erik Redburn

Yes thank you Cmot, I appreciate all the time youve put into this over the years.  It's exactly the kind of thing we need more of, compiling the stories and data within together so they can be referenced again easily.  Most stories nowadays are so fragmented and abstracted from their sources that the sequence of events is obscured and any broader context or direction is lost.   Too bad the ones before the transition here aren't still accessible


[url=][color=blue]Palestinian families evicted in Jerusalem[/color][/url]

Israeli police have evicted nine Palestinian families living in two houses in occupied East Jerusalem. Jewish settlers moved into the houses almost immediately. [...]

The operation to evict the 53 Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah district of the city was carried out before dawn on Sunday by police clad in black riot gear.

It followed a ruling by Israel's Supreme Court that the land originally belonged to Jewish families. Israel wants to build a block of 20 apartments in the area.

The evictions were quickly condemned by the United Nations.

"I deplore today's totally unacceptable actions by Israel," the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert H Serry said. "These actions are contrary to the provisions of the Geneva Conventions related to occupied territory.

But Obama told them to stop, so we can expect justice to break out any day now...

ETA: I just notice that [url=][color=red... already posted a story on this incident[/color][/url]. Too many threads around on similar topics...


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I have received the distressing letter that you recently sent to a limited number of friends. You paint the Israeli reality in dark - but true - colors, and end by cutting your ties with it.
A Jeremiad


Life in the Bubble: At Home in the Israeli Settler State

"The US, South Africa, Israel [and Canada]: all 3 are/were expansionist "settler-states". All 3 have been populated by land-hungry Judeo-Christian Europeans.."

Canada has achieved what Israel can only dream of

Gaza: What Future?

"Despite NATO and IDF forces telling us Depleted Uranium (DU) has not been used, we keep finding evidence in all theaters of war to prove otherwise.."

On Exploiting Oil and Natural Gas

"There is a paradox at the heart of recent news stories from Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Authority concerning various natural gas and land "business deals"..

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RAMALLAH - Indeed, Ramallah has kicked it up a notch. A new coffee shop opened recently. It offers a cappuccino very much like that available at Cafe Hillel. The prime minister and a few television and print-media stories offered praise last weekend for the improvements in the Palestinians' lives in the West Bank. In his speech at the National Defense College, Benjamin Netanyahu said: "The defense minister removed a significant number of roadblocks, and we are working together in the government to remove obstacles to economic projects that could advance the Palestinian economy .... The Palestinian economy here in Judea and Samaria is now growing at a rate of more than 7 percent, and it can grow even higher. I want you to imagine what will happen when the skylines of Ramallah, Jenin and Hebron start to fill up with skyscrapers, when malls, cinemas and restaurants open, and Palestinian youths know they have a future."

Cappuccino in Ramallah

CMOT Dibbler

What if Obama's ME Strategy Failed?

"There will be sharp polarization between two camps: The camp of resistance, defiance and steadfastness on the one hand, and the camp of subservience to American hegemony, on the other

Fateh Delegates Demand Arafat Death Probe

"the issue of Arafat's death resurfaced last week after one of the senior Fateh leaders in exile, Farouq Qaddam, accused the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and senior Fateh leader Mohammed Dahlen of involvment in an Israeli plot to poison Arafat"

IDF "Child Killing Unit"

"Today another member of the IDF Child Killing Unit speaks out"

Israeli Occupation Western Taxpayer

"Anyway, the bottom line here. There are many very significant ways in which monies and tax breaks from western governments do things that support not only the continuation of Israel's occupation of the OPTs but also its illegal implantation of Jewish settlers into the West Bank...We who are citizens of these western countries are directly morally implicated in all these activities of our governments. We should take responsibility for them and find ways to end the occupation now.."

The Israeli Occupation is Profitable. It should be less so:

"The rendering of economic investments tied to the Israeli occupation as unattractive because they are accompanied by losses to companies, will slowly crumble the ability of the occupation to become a generator of economic development and profits"


The Secret Burial Of President Arafat

"Nasser Al-Kidwa, the former PLO ambassador to the UN, demanded that the Sixth Fatah Congress, taking place in Bethlehem, declare that Israel is behind the assassination of the late President Yaser Arafat. Everybody applauded and voted for Al-Kidwa's suggestion, including the killers of Arafat, who were among the participants in the conference.

Nobody asked Al-Kidwa to disclose the results of his investigation as head of the committee to investigate Arafat's death. Nobody asked.."

Fatah Ignoring the Real Issues

"Many Palestinians had thought that the Fatah convention in Bethlehem would revitalize the movement by delivering it from its current dishonorable subservience to Israel..."

Green Grouch

Thanks for all the info rooted into the spotlight on this thread. I dunno the rationale behind the thread title but if it's meant to include some reflection on Israeli and Jewish resistance to the State of Israel and Allies' actions, this here is interesting reading: (From A Zionist Upbringing to Weekly anti-Wall Protests)

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CMOT Dibbler wrote:

I have received the distressing letter that you recently sent to a limited number of friends. You paint the Israeli reality in dark - but true - colors, and end by cutting your ties with it.

A Jeremiad

The reply to an invitation from Ehud Barak to attend a ceremony to honor all veterans of Israel's 1948 "War of Independence":

As a veteran of the 1948 war, who was already wounded in face to face combat two weeks before the Declaration of the State, I feel obliged herewith to return the invitation to you, as Minister of Defence. I do so regretfully but see this as my duty.

I consider you, Ehud Barak, as one of the top military commanders and prominent political leaders who were responsible for converting the army from "the Israeli Defence Force" to an army of occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people and defender of the criminal settlements in their country.

40 years of occupation have utterly corrupted the Israeli army and all strata of Israeli society.They are both characterized by the nationalist ‘east wind' [the east wind brings the chamsin and locusts - C.A.] which blows and kindles conflagrations of endless wars, which threaten our people and land with the third and final destruction. Your share in the responsibility for all this is enormous, and therefore I return your invitation to you, without thanks...

[Dov Yermiya]

June 2008



Love Letter to Palestine

"I write this in a country which is not too far from you...and carry a party of you around with me..One thing which made me fall in love with you was teh seemingly bottomless kindness adn selflessness of your people. Of all the countries I visited, I have never met people as warm or as generous..


Obama Bows to Israel over Settlements, Iran

"The deal came as a result of President Obama's caving to virtually every demand made by Israel..."