An Allied Coverup - 69 years later

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al-Qa'bong wrote:

I read in one of the numerous books I have on Dieppe that General Bernard Montgomery was involved in the initial planning of the raid.  He thought the plan was terrible, but was shipped off to Africa to defeat the Afrika Korps before he could make any changes.

Why chalk up to conspiracy what is easier explained by traditional blockheaded British Staff planning?

If anyone has learned anything from the playing of the one-note fiddle by the 'lards a hushtory' ie the upper class twits, who run the world UNTIL the survival instinct kicks in and the 'hard men' retake control until mankind is distracted again by something/anything; then it has to be that the scheming bastards are at it 24 seven 365 and soon! Harper is a cog in a fraud machine, as was mulroney, harris, reagan, bush, blair, thatcher, nixon and even hitler. Blockhead staff does explain the problem, but ferchrissake, Hitler WON THE SECOND WORLD WAR!  Look around you. Anyone can be arrested anytime, executed and -well better obey the law, no? After everything that took place , the fricking fascists control entire news media, biz world, military//police and even the laws of common sense (Lee Oswalds tax returns are still classified- he woulda retired in 2004, and his estate, if he was still getting paid as secret service agent, would be pensioned off, but try find anything about it! It's national security!) Bully boy craig bromel is a hero on the new tv showgram, mike stafford say ann coulter deserved her $10 grand for her no show in ottawa  (blame the csis police officers/protestors, giggety,  stiffard says)  now hero don cherry, who really should run for the pmo and kick harper arse out, is also a  tv show hero, though he don't give a crap about who caused war in afghanistan, or its goofball history, though it killed 140 our guys! Big deal. Look around you and say hitler never won WW2! The USSR is long gone, and Stalin is the most evil dictator in history (hitler not even mentioned anymore) next to Idi Amin and Hugo Chavez, Saddam, Castro's brother Kim JongIll etc!  The cbc propaganda series comforting the comfortable get treated like it's 'truth to power' when it's actually harper's favorite documentary!  Harper is not an angel of the lord. He's just an ordinary politician with racist opinions he's entitled to, in his privacy, and who wants Canadausamexica (or MexiCanadAmerica, or get the idea!) to be a fact on the ground, asap, with common police state apparatus controlling anyone with dreams etc, before the year 2012 (when the Natsecstapo plans a really big shew involving -you read it here first- an alien invasion fleet from Alpha Centuri galaxy approaching at 1/2 light speed from thataway and, well humanity is gonna unite under the Round Table leadership or else!

hahaha. The jackboot on the human face was here on- take your pick-  Dec22/63 (kennedy overthrown) June/74 (watergate)  or Nov7/80 (regan put in WHouse by reactionary right) or  Dec12,2000 (reactright court elects junyer bush despite his loss of election) or 911 (america attacked by god knows whom..) or even '08 with Obama chosen for the WHouse over mister magoo and silly sara, tv star (she's the next oprah!) ... 

 everything is kkklear now, to me hushtory- wise. It all makes sense!


I agree, Clandestiny. Politicians and economists are paid to tell the big lies today. They are paid to lie about the "new" economy, the information economy that never was and is now going away. If we don't work on Bay Street or Wall Street, we aren't part of the actual new economy of finance that shovels money to those who offshore what were once good paying jobs. The whole economy is based on a lie, and their hirelings in government are just bad liars all around. And we have bullshit leaders in Ottawa who are putty in the hands of the US national security-police state apparatus and proceeding to finish the betrayal of Canadians started by Mulroney through Paul Martin and now Steve Harper. If Al-CIA'duh and Taliban ever did invade Bananada, and that's a bullshit scenario anyway, I wouldnt lift a finger to fight them off.


Chechen Curse That Must Be Lifted

"The outside world totally ignored the deaths of another 100,000 Chechens after Moscow successfully branded them 'Islamic terrorists'. A quarter of the Chechen people, Muslims and Russians died from 1991 until now - not counting Stalin's mass murder. But Chechens keep fighting...

There is an old Caucasus saying: Chechens cannot ever be defeated. They can only be killed..."

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contrarianna wrote:

HeywoodFloyd wrote:


I'm not one for weeping for the past but it is a useful tool to open people's eyes to current events by making them apologize for past wrongs.

I understand your position, but I suggest the reality is the exact opposite.

Rather than a "good start" it creates the illusion that "we" ( "we" actually perceived as a safe, historically distanced, "they") committed crimes in the bad old past which can be repudiated by our morally superior position today.

It taps into the general false melioirist illusion, almost imbibed with mothers milk, that society and human ethics are better now than before (with the exception of designated alien societies).

It also makes it easier by virtue of our time-improved ethics to diminish the reality of current crimes, making them seem insignificant or non-existent because "that is not who we are now".

And thus it also provides cover for cynical politicians to  take personal credit for issuing collective apologies for crimes and mistakes that they will never be held personally responsible for. It is a political win-win game and very popular; if the politician was actually seen as responsible for the crimes that they were apologizing for, no apology would never happen. (eg. Harper's apology for residential schools while furthering the destruction of aboriginal lives with tar sands policy).

That is not to say that the nations or organizations should not have a moral and legal responsibility for past transgressions.

The problem with the above is it precludes additional debate.



It taps into the general false melioirist illusion, almost imbibed with mothers milk, that society and human ethics are better now than before (with the exception of designated alien societies).


I was driving down Highway16 (past Kandahar), and tuned into to Cross Canada Check-up today. The topic was "Should Canada get out of Afghanistan?" or something close. A few of the callers said we were taking our eye off the ball by focusing on the distraction of Canadians' complicity in the torture and murder of Afghan "detainees" (the Geneva Convention would have them named "Prisoners of War," but no biggie). I wanted to call Rex bloody Murphy to interrupt his high-fiving of these vampires to ask if he'd ever heard of l'Abbeye d'Ardenne.


The terrible plane crash today- sure focuses attention on the Katyn massacre, though Stalin/USSR long gone. That's ok (sayeth Mister Pig) it's the image of 22000 defenseless Polish officers being slaughtered by them filthy commies: though at the timeup to 11 million human being were also dying in the fascist death camps (no more 'nazi' please- the reactionaries were reactionaries ie REACTION-ARIES and they're sure going strong today, helped  by using term 'national' socialist!)  'nazi' just confuses the issue and the word should be banned from street usage. In the  'Myth of the good war' and another book recounting of an eye witness look at the Paris Commune/ 1871 by (? i forget) the import of the failure of the Commune on the Bolsheviks and other revolutionaries who, to try not make the same mistake the Paris Communards did and maybe learned that overreaction was better then .... (in one of most hideous examples of reactionary power in history, as many as 40 thousand workers were murdered when the reactionaries under 'adolph Thiers' retook control of Paris- this included mass executions of school children by firing squads, something even the 'nazis' never tried, to my knowlege)...the Katyn massacre was a terrible crime regardless, but to forget the context of the time contributes to the ultimate fascist victory in the Second world war over the people. The war was fought to stop the reactionary rightwing tyrants like mussilini and hitler and the Japanese imperialists from making world a vast prison; but no one ever told any allied troops that the real enemy was in fact communism (at least not while USSR was tearing schicklgruber etc to pieces)...that came later, sorta slipped in while high wages was paid us all over the place due to necessity of keeping workers quiet whilst USSR stood by, and triggered the economic miracle that created largest middle class voting bloc in history. Mr pig schemed to get back to where he was in 1913, and in Canada mr pig's man, brian mulroney, today chairs a debate between Salman Rushdie and (Weisel?) about 'bread? white or black preferred,) or whatever it is... while steve harper plots 24/7 how to crush this fricking country (he really needs a majority to do it)...on CBC brent bambury asks Ian Hanomansing  a) what's best thing about Olympics for Van City (it's again a great party town is the Hanomano reply. and B) banbury then says he hopes Hanomansing is the next 'GovGeneral', and Hanomansing says i'd like that' or something)...

we live in boring times, you can  betcha