Amazing Meeting at the [union name removed] Union

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Amazing Meeting at the [union name removed] Union

I went to the most amazing meeting on Tuesday at the [union name removed] Union.  There were about 10 speakers speaking about the virulent spread of Islam in the world and the fact that it's not a religion, it's an ideology.  A man named [name removed] spoke about the hate preaching going on in all the mosques and how its the only "religion" that preaches hatred toward others.


A women named [name removed] from the [union name removed] Union mentioned that in the Koran it calls Christians pigs and donkeys.  She also discussed the plight of women who live under Islam and how poorly they are treated.  In addition another speaker named [name removed] from [union name removed] taught about the indoctrination of hatred Islam instills in its children.


I also never knew that Islam translated means "submit".  It's very scary indeed.  We must stop this threat immediately.




Piss off.

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