American Society in Decline

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American Society in Decline

a sociological review of a modern crisis




Or, a complete waste of time.

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WTF is babble becoming?  Is this experiment over soon?  I'd prefer more posters too but not like this.


Or a huge pile of stinking crap? 

So, men are undervalued and women are overvalued and that is why there are problems.  Where is the emoticon for gagging?

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From the link:

 Executive Summary : The Western World has quietly become a civilization that undervalues men and overvalues women, where the state forcibly transfers resources from men to women creating various perverse incentives for otherwise good women to conduct great evil against men and children, and where male nature is vilified but female nature is celebrated.  This is unfair to both genders, and is a recipe for a rapid civilizational decline and displacement, the costs of which will ultimately be borne by a subsequent generation of innocent women, rather than men, as soon as 2020.  

Mmm. Yes. Insightful. NOT

I considered deleting the link, but will leave it up so everyone can see what's gone on here today.

Closing the thread, and highryder, your links generally skirt the line, but this goes over it. Multiple times. You're banned.

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