american soldiers show the world

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american soldiers show the world

this ain't pretty. please be forewarned and take all good sense in watching this graphic and hateful video. normally we wouldn't offer an outlet for such a disgusting and horrid piece. but this goes (which can be seen elsewhere) beyond anything near normal. except that watching it you get the idea that this is normal behaviour for these brave soldiers bringing democratic values to the heathens in afghanistan. one piss at time.

looks like a circle of jerks who have gotten away with this kind of defiling of a corpse for so long, they think it's funny and making a video would be a neat thing to watch at a reunion back in the states.

we canadians should think about this. beyond the disgust engendered by these idiots - some of america's finest - america lost it's moral compass somewhere in the 1970s and really doesn't care. they do what they like, when they like and how they like.

this is the country and values (i'm still searching for some) that our prime minister is getting more cozy with, signing agreements that allow commerce easier access to the border than people and is more than willing to back the american policy on mostly anything.

does anyone but me think that canada so abruptly pulling out of the kyoto protocol was done so america wouldn't be first in line, take the national and international condemnation for so doing.

well apparently, america has many other ways they prefer to use than merely trying to dismantle an international agreement.

no, they prefer to imprison suspected terrorists and nudge them into telling the truth with 'humane' torture methods that are supervised by doctors. in the states the hippocratic oath means as much as democratic values - omni-hypocricy.

as if imprisonment without trial wasn't good enough, these fine young men laughingly relieved themselves on dead afghanis.

let's reverse the situation. you'd see nothing else, hear about nothing else and be reminded that this is why america has to show the world about the compassion and equality of democracy. and how many people actually vote in the states.

in a country of nearly 350 million people about 90 million actually voted, about 37 percent. that's high in the country of weird electoral procedures that skew actual voting to the wealthier, whiter, land-owning citizens.

occupy as you listening? i can't begin to figure out exactly how many voted and elected their representatives and the bastion of hope (lessness) o (my god) bama.

as for me, i don't think i'll go anywhere near that country for awhile. and anyone travelling abroad, please cut the canadian flag patches off the americans who, when they're not on their own turf, aren't so tough. just a gang of bullies in the schoolyard, making up rules in a game fixed so they win, at least in the eyes of americans.

i wonder how this is going to look to the middle east where it is already the top news story on english al jazeera.

this video says too much about the opinions too many americans have about the world beyond their borders.

this video needs to be at least discussed (or disgust) before youtube pulls it. it really doesn't matter if youtube plays it backwards or blacks out the whole 39 seconds. it's out in the world now and it ain't coming back.

as bruce cockurn sang, "and they call it democracy."


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Ken Burch

Those idiots have also given the Taliban a GREAT recruiting film with this.  Nothing like the American military mind at work.

Ken Burch

Good point.  I suppose the outrage has been greater due to various notions about "respect for the dead"...which, sometimes, take greater precedence in people's minds than respecting the living enough to avoid killing them.


posted this earlier in the Afghan thread - 'circle jerks' indeed.

Only wish people were as pissed about the killing as the pissing...

and the fact that we're on their side in this and more:

and never forget Shidane Arone and the Airborne either...


New US Military Strategy A Fork in the Road

"A new United States military strategy paints a bleak picture of a world threatened by China, Iran and Al Qaeda and kept stable through the use of armed drones, stealth bombers, missile defence systems, cyberwarfare, surveillance - and global policing increasingly shouldered by stalwart allies such as Canada.

The question now is - will Canada embrace that vision?"

 we already have.


Well they can't have decent colder war enemies without inciting some genuine hatred. I don't blame the young Americans so much.


The US is Pissing On The Whole World!

"The rulers of the United States piss on you, and on every other being on Earth not favored by privilege and power.."