And you thought Bush was bad?!? part 2

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You should love it, because you deserve it. You are a racist apologist and you're on a left wing forum flogging some nasty far right state rights/property rights bullshit.You should be removed.



howeird beale

Let's see. let's take the comments of a woman who has just had her husbands head blown all over her in front of a 100,000 people. She's probably heavily medicated and on suicide watch. And she gives an interview. And she's so mortified by what comes out of her own mouth, she has the interview sealed for almost ten years after her own death, almost 50 years after the interview.

Good citation for running down a hero for human liberty.

And you actually linked to an article which said this:

"She was no feminist. She said in the recordings that women were fundamentally unsuited to being politicians, and she described her relationship with her husband as "Victorian" or "Asiatic". Asked by her interviewer, the late historian Arthur Schlesinger, if by this she meant "a Japanese wife", she replied: "Yeah, which I think's the best." And she said she had had no opinions of her own, only those of the president. "How could I have any political opinions, you know?" she said. "His were going to be the best. And I could never conceive of not voting for whoever my husband was for."

Way to go, racist sexist asshole


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knownothing wrote:
I stand by that I think it is unacceptable hardly hateful.

knownothing, allow me to disabuse you of this fallacious notion. All racial stereotyping is hateful as well as unacceptable. Please digest this stern and final warning: if you cannot defend Ron Paul without defending racist statements and actions, do not defend Ron Paul on this board, or you will be asked to leave. It is absolutely not acceptable.

And with that, I am closing this thread for length. Please feel free to start a new one with a more positive bent than ended this one.


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