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Anyone But England

A company selling "Anyone but England" T-shirts for this year's World Cup has rejected suggestions it is racist after police in Aberdeen visited its store.

Police warned Slanj, which also has stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh, that a window display featuring the shirt could cause offence.


Lol. So the Scots are gonna run into grief now for tweaking the noses of the English? Oh yeah sure -- that'll work.


The name of the store, btw, Slanj, is a phonetic rendering of the Scots Gaelic toasts Slàinte mhath and Slàinte mhor (pronounce: Slange var and Slange vor), to your good health and to your great health, the latter the response to the former.


PC gone mad

.... taking offence at routine slights becomes everyone's civic duty, Frown  bad bad bad for free expression