Arab Activists Watch Iran And Wonder: 'Why Not Us?'

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Arab Activists Watch Iran And Wonder: 'Why Not Us?'
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This isn't much help if you don't read Arabic, but Azmi Bisharah gives an Arab's view of the Iranian situation here.


I tried to find an English version of this article, but couldn't. 


Here's another analysis of the relationship between Iran and the Arabs, with the US thrown in.


Reevaluation Time - Iran, the US, and the Arabs


Thus when leaderships in the Arab region observe the events taking place in Iran - whether these are loud or inhabit the silence of the unknown - they must think of their options at this transitional phase, which is of the utmost importance for the future of the region, whatever happens. Within such a framework, Arab and US policies certainly overlap, such as in policies regarding Syria or Iraq. Overlapping in the minds of the leaderships of organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas are realistic ideas, related to the wager on national identity instead of burning in the flames of what is taking place in Iran. Such wisdom may not be the final option, but it is an option worth encouraging, especially as Benjamin Netanyahu's Israel is skilled at attracting the enmity even of friends, and seems headed towards a very important confrontation for the future of US relations with the Middle East.

Ken Burch

The fact that the previous U.S. administration managed to discredit the words "democracy" and "elections" by turning them into euphemisms for American imperial dominance(as predicted by Phil Ochs in his line "we own half the world, O say can you see/and the name for our profits is 'democracy'") probably has something to do with the slow growth of pro-democracy feeling in the Arab/Muslim world.


L.A. Times reported that a planned solidarity demo and march in Egypt was shut down by the authorities.

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