Asia big win for china and big loss for USA

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Asia big win for china and big loss for USA



This came to my attention last month, western media stories coming out philippines about new strange leader(use that term becasue i felt some articles bordered on contempt for this gentlemen).  Now we articles that border on alarm because this guy is not playing ball with the West.  I kinda cycnical about how US media treats individuals that dont play with the us.  I wonder if he will be the new Saddam of Asia in 3 months time?



I am sure the following comment will not be looked with positive light in the usa.

“I’ve realigned myself in your ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to [president Vladimir] Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world – China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way,”


This was which the whole pivot asia stragety was based on.  Propping up the philippines and using it as a proxy agiasnt china.


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I predict that Duterte will be overthrown by a coup or assassinated in the near future. (If he's still in power 6 months from now, I'll admit I was wrong.)

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He has some very powerful friends that he's gone to visit recently. They might be able to help him with that possibility.

Duterte Visit To China: Obama's Pivot Has Failed

Pepe Escobar has undoubtedly also written a great deal about this. I will find a link or two.


This is already being discussed in the Philippines thread. Maybe this one needs to be closed since its title doesn't even name the country the story is about. Its like all Asians are the same so we can just lump them together.


I missed it the old thread. How does one close off a thread

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Thank you K. Point taken.


Okay, thread closed upon request.

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