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Well, I wouldn't mind that outcome, unlikely as it is.   


Stephanie Grisham, told reporters: “The president barely knows Dana Rohrabacher other than he’s an ex-congressman. He’s never spoken to him on this subject or almost any subject.”

“It is a complete fabrication and a total lie,” Grisham said. “This is probably another never ending hoax and total lie from the DNC.”

Trump, however, invited Rohrabacher to the White House in April 2017 after seeing the then congressman on Fox TV defending the president.

In September 2017, the White House confirmed that Rohrabacher had called the then chief of staff, John Kelly, to talk about a possible deal with Assange.

What the DNC has to do with the goings on in a British Court I have no idea.  But it's nice to see Grisham doing her very best NDPP impression 


Pilger: Julian Assange Must Be Freed Not Betrayed

"When Julian Assange steps into Woolwich Crown Court on February 24, true journalism will be the only crime on trial, writes John Pilger.

'WikiLeaks has informed us how illegal wars are fabricated, how governments are overthrown and violence is used in our name, how we are spied upon through our phones and screens. The true lies of presidents, ambassadors, political candidates, generals, proxies, political fraudsters have been exposed. One by one these would be emperors have realised they have no clothes. It has been an unprecedented public service; above all, it is authentic journalism, whose value can be judged by the degree of apoplexy of the corrupt and their apologists.

And if there is any sense of justice left in the land of Magna Carta, the travesty that is the case against this heroic Australian must be thrown out. Or beware, all of us."

Free Julian Assange!


NDPP hasn't found a government or a politician that he likes, apart from the Russians, and Trump, of course. 


Assange Defence Team: 'The Empire Calls it Espionage. We Call it Journalism'

"...The Democratic Party and its pseudo-left and liberal supporters internationally launched a reactionary campaign against WikiLeaks, claiming it was part of a 'Russian intervention' that put Donald Trump in the White House. Kristinn Hrafnssan explained that a court ruling last year had torn this lie to shreds. A New York judge had dismissed the DNC's case 'with prejudice' in what he described as 'the most underreported media story of the year..."



Former Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) confirmed to Yahoo News that “during a three-hour meeting at the Ecuadorian Embassy in August 2017, he told Julian Assange he would get President Trump to give him a pardon if he turned over information proving the Russians had not been the source of internal Democratic National Committee emails published by WikiLeaks.”


The Jimmy Dore Show

"Press misrepresenting Assange pardon offer from Trump."

Sean in Ottawa

The problem for Assange is that nobody can give him immunity since nobody with that kind of power is immune from what he could say.


Another problem for Assange is that the Canadian liberal-left is too gutless and subservient to power and establishment propaganda narratives to come to his aid. Instead it comes to the aid of that power and its narratives.


Council of Europe: Commissioner of Human Rights

"Julian Assange should not be extradited due to potential impact on press freedom and concerns about ill-treatment. Read my statement."


Free Julian Assange - Sign to Stop the US Extradition: Global Protest Info

"The next 7 days will be massive. I will try to detail the schedule of upcoming events which will occur around the world over the next 7 days in this Update. See list of Global Protests around the world and join in if you can. Monday, 24th Feb is the first day of Julian Assange's extradition hearing.


Sunday, 23 February, 360 University Ave, 12 Noon Rally (US Consulate, St Patrick TTC Stn)


Victoria, BC

Friday, 28th February, Victoria BC, Jam4Julian, 761 Station Ave, Langford, 7:30 PM

see also: Events on FB:


All Out For Julian Assange, Sunday, Toronto!


"We're asking One Question in Assange's Case: Should Journalists Be Punished For Exposing War Crimes? And, ancillary to that question: should we allow them to be punished by the very people who committed these war crimes?"


Assange US Extradition Hearing Begins: What's It All About and How Did We Get Here? (and vid)

"A London court is set to determine whether or not jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be extradited to the US on charges of conspiracy, where he faces life in prison. Now, Assange' fate hangs in the balance in the Woolrich Crown Court with Judge Vanessa Baraister hearing arguments for and against his extradition. The hearing is expected to last until Friday.

Assange's critics say that his activities do not amount to journalism and pose a threat to the national security of the US. Doctors who have visited Assange at Belmarsh have given stark public warnings about the deterioration of his health. After this week, the hearings will be postponed again until May 18..."

Free Assange and Manning!