The assassination of Marielle Franco in Rio, Brazil

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The assassination of Marielle Franco in Rio, Brazil

As many of you know, Marielle Franco, a city councillor in Rio who was born and raised in one of that city's largest favelas, was assassinated in a targeted killing. She was a left-wing councillor from PSOL, who was committed to fighting the police murders targeting above all young people of colour, as well as to fighting violence against women and femicide. She was a Black, lesbian woman who knew of the needs and desires of the downtrodden from the inside.

A question: where should be put this topic? Here, in feminism, in antiracism, or in activism?

There have been demonstrations and rallies in cities on different continents.


Just as US Media Does With MLK, Brazil's Media is Trying To Whitewash and Exploit Marielle Franco's Political Radicalism  -  by Glenn Greenwald

"...What makes her story such big news is her politics, which in turn produced the political motives that caused powerful people to want her dead."

Ken Burch

Here's an introduction to her for those who hadn't known of her: