attack in Tunis at Bardo Museum, just before World Social Forum 2015

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attack in Tunis at Bardo Museum, just before World Social Forum 2015

I have friends from here, from France and of course from neighbouring Italy who are probably there by now, as well as others from the Maghreb and Middle East who I expect will be on hand. (Obviously the people I know in Tunis are already there, setting things up).

The Bardo National Museum is right next to the Parliament buildings.


Issues Pages: 

After the terrorist attack at the Bardo in Tunis, the 2015 World Social Forum declares that the Forum and all its activities are maintained.

Statement from the World Social Forum, by coordinator Abderrahmane Hedhili

Mr. Magoo

ISIS claims responsibility

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in an audio and written statement on jihadi forums and described the museum housing Roman artifacts as a "den of infidels and vice" and celebrated the two attackers as "knights" armed with assault rifles and grenades.

"Infidels and vice".  At least they're being upfront about it. 


Yes, they hate pre-Islamic antiquities (way back when, it was Christian zealots that acted like that - I guess it is Muslim zealots' turn, but I'd rather not to see any ancient artifacts destroyed by zealots of any stripe)... I'd been thinking before but wait, that was cultural tourism, not insensitive foreigners screwing and getting shitfaced on beaches, but...

Here is a statement from the World Social Forum. My mailer is screwed up; the accents on the French version make strange codes, and the original Arabic version at the top is nothing but strange codes. Stupid thing can't read Arabic script. One can probably find it in those languages, and also in Spanish, at the fsm site (at end of statement).


The preparatory Committee of the World Social Forum (WSF) held an urgent meeting this morning to consider the latest repercussions of the terrorist operation that targeted the Bardo Museum yesterday.After that the Preparatory Committee recorded the size of the reassuring messages and solidary statements with Tunisia from different social actors and civilians across the world who renewed their full engagement to participate in the Forum and their eagerness for it to be the meeting of popular mobilization against terrorism in Tunisia, in the region and in the world;International public opinion announced that:  

All international delegations confirmed their programmed participation without any change, which stresses the actual size of the solidarity of the alternative globalization movement activists with Tunisia, its people, and the families of the victims of various nationalities, and their extent of commitment to peace and solidarity principles among peoples for freedom and democracy.

The opening march is programmed to be on Tuesday, March 24th, starting at 4 p.m. from Bab Saadoun Square toward the Bardo Museum under the slogan:''Peoples of the world united against terrorism ' A special committee within the WSF International Council is established so as to formulate the Bardo International Charter of the alternative globalization movement in order to combat terrorism and call for a general gathering on March 26th, in the Campus University Farhat Hached around 12 p.m. for the announcement of the Charter. Believing in the role of social, civil, and democratic and peaceful alternatives movements, in response to terrorism, the preparatory committee renews its call to mobilize all energies so that the WSF held in Tunisia will be a decisive turning point in changing the scales in favour of peace, democracy and social justice strengths in the region and in the world.

Preparatory Committee of the World Social Forum:

Abderrahman Hethili -- 

Forum Social Mondial Tunis 2015 [email protected]

Mr. Magoo

Yes, they hate pre-Islamic antiquities

Also, non-Islamic tourists.


Debate: Tunisia Terror Attacks (and vid)

"In this edition of the debate, Mouheb Garoui, the executive director of IWATCH Organization from Tunis and Saeb Shaath, an author and political commentator from Belfast, share their viewpoints on the latest developments in Tunisia in the face of recent terrorist attacks by the ISIL Takfiris."