Austrian election results, Anschluss anyone?

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Austrian election results, Anschluss anyone?


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Extreme right wing parties win the Austrian election. I wonder if they are intending on annexing Germany?


They didn't actually "win" - they just increased their vote a lot. The Social Democrats are still the largest party and has first crack at forming a gov't.

Wilf Day


Originally posted by bagkitty:
[b]Extreme right wing parties win the Austrian election.[/b]

Not quite. [url=]Television projections of seats:[/url]
Socialists SPЦ 58, down from 68
Moderate Conservatives ЦVP 50, down from 66
Heinz-Christian Strache FPЦ 35, up from 21
Joerg Haider BZЦ 21, up from 7
Greens 19, down from 21
Total 183

[url=]Preliminary official results from Sunday's poll show Social Democrats with 29.7% of the vote.[/url]


The conservative People's Party, which had been in a faltering coalition with the Social Democrats that collapsed after 18 months, won 25.6%.

The far-right Freedom Party had won 18.01% of the vote and the Alliance for the Future of Austria had 10.98%.

The far-right showing was its strongest since 2000, when the Freedom Party won 28% and gained a place in the coalition government with the conservatives.

Final results will not be released until 6 October after absentee and postal ballots, making up about 10% of the votes, are counted.

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Whoops, my bad... here is the link I wanted to post [url=]in which bagkitty jumps the gun[/url].

Is there an appropriate punishment for jumping the gun? In my defence, the headline on the lead in page was [i]Far Right Now Austria's Main Force[/i], and I have been dying to use the word Anschluss.

Adam T

So, one again the only 'viable' coalition is the 'grand coalition'.


I believe the city of Vienna, Austria is the world's longest running experiment in socialism, with a brief fascist interlude during the war.

[url=]... politics: "Red Vienna" - a success story[/url]


I remember the 1999 election when Jorg Haider first won and his party became a junior coalition partner to the Catholic/Conservative Party the next year. It was the first time since WWII that a far right party held some government posts anywhere in democratic Europe. There were demonstrations throughout Europe and especially within Austria. For anyone who remembers their history of Germany 1933-1939, it was very eerie.


So, one again the only 'viable' coalition is the 'grand coalition'.

According to [url= Independent[/url], the previous "Grand Coalition" was not at all popular (are they ever?) and even though a new grand coalition may form, either the Socialists or the Conservatives may also end up forming a coalition with both far right parties. I think if the Socialists enter into an agreement with them, there will be turmoil, and if they allow Strache to become chancellor, it will be something worse than turmoil.

Hopefully new infighting will start up between the two xenophobe parties and the whole thing will blow over very soon. Here's to wishful thinking.


So Wilf, how many seats would the far-right parties have won under First-Past-The-Post?

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Wilf Day


Originally posted by Krago:
[b]So Wilf, how many seats would the far-right parties have won under First-Past-The-Post?[/b]

As you can see above, Austria has five parties. How many would they have under First-Past-The-Post? Two, with internal factions? So I have no way to answer your question.