Badil Statement: The Nakba Is Ongoing and the TIme Has Come For It To End

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Badil Statement: The Nakba Is Ongoing and the TIme Has Come For It To End

Badil Statement: The Nakba Is Ongoing..

"What is needed on the 62nd Anniversary of the 1948 Nakba:

Achieve National Unity,

Strengthen the BDS Campaign;

Activate Popular Resistance In All Its Forms;

Organize Efforts Internationally;

End Public Relations Negotiations

To the public in Palestine and abroad to: Build and expand the civil society-led movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law, and exert stronger pressure on states to implement sanctions and adopt decisions and resolutions which support the global BDS campaign.

Redouble efforts for investigation of Israeli warcrimes and crimes against humanity and prosecution and punishment of those responsible, as well as efforts to prevent Israel's accession and integration into international and regional organizations.."


I think the time is ripe for a filmmaker to provide the West with a Palestinian version of Exodus.

Think of the impact that Paul Newman had on world opinion 50 years ago.


Solidarity Ship Sets Sail For Gaza

"The Rachel Corrie, a solidarity ship sets sail from Ireland to deliver humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip which is struggling with a three year Israeli imposed blockade [which Canada was first to 'honour']. Israel says it will not allow Solidarity ships to reach the Gaza coast. Media reports indicate that the Israeli Navy was ordered to prevent the humanitarian ships from reaching Gaza, even if this means using military force against the civilian ships and activists.."

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Palestinians turn to boycott in West Bank: Why US diplomats think non-violent resistance is a bad idea for Palestinians

A Western diplomat who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the nonviolent-resistance campaign could backfire, hurting prospects for a breakthrough in negotiations. "All of these efforts are seen by the Israelis as an effort by the Palestinians to isolate Israel," the diplomat said. "One has to question whether this will be effective or whether it will push the Israeli government into a more reluctant mood."

Apparently, any resistance or opposition to Israel is a bad thing: Shut up, don't say anything, and be quite!


About Anti-Semitism

"Furthermore the occupying entity called 'Israel' (a word that I myself detest to even pronounce and generally avoid) is not theoretical nor does it operate in a vacuum, it's neither an abstract concept nor a conjectural void.. [ many of these may also apply to another settler-state Canada which has 'succeeded' in ways Israel can only dream of]

It's an entity run by PEOPLE

PEOPLE who make decisions,

PEOPLE who elect politicians

PEOPLE who ALL serve in a barbaric army

PEOPLE who foster racist beliefs, attitudes and actions

PEOPLE who invaded others' land, dispossessed them and forcibly occupied it.

PEOPLE who imprison children and shoot babies' hearts

PEOPLE who destroy world heritage

PEOPLE who steal water, land, sea and sky

PEOPLE who kill hope, life, beauty and smiles

PEOPLE who build their colonies on the blood and ruins of another people

It is an entity of PEOPLE 94% of whom voted for the attack on Gaza

It is an entity of PEOPLE 71% of whom want US to strike Iran...."


The Fate of Palestine: Caught Between Two Delusions

"Unfortunately, a truthful reading of where Palestine is today points to the very real possibility that a 'no-state' option is real. What is needed is a practical program of action, and an end to quibbling about abstraction; this program could at least begin with an immediate end to the siege of Gaza, steps towards the re-integration of the West Bank and Gaza, and free movement for Palestinians, including entry into Jerusalem - not tomorrow, or the day after, but today.."

George Victor

The BBC reports this morning:


"Renowned US scholar Noam Chomsky has been denied entry to the West Bank by Israeli immigration officials.

Prof Chomsky, renowned for his work on linguistics and philosophy, was planning to deliver a lecture at Birzeit University.

Prof Chomsky, 82, had been trying to enter from Jordan.

An Israeli interior ministry spokeswoman said it was to trying to clear the matter up and allow Prof Chomsky to enter.

Prof Chomsky said the officials were very polite but he was denied entry because "the government did not like the kinds of things I say and they did not like that I was only talking at Birzeit and not at an Israeli university too."

He added: "I asked them if they could find any government in the world that likes the things I say."



The Israeli interior ministry promised to consult with the military to see if this difficulty could be overcome. :)


Jerusalem: Museum Of Tolerance Unearths Thousands of Skeletons

"The so-called Museum of Tolerance slated for construction on the oldest Muslim cemetary in Jerusalem has resulted in the exhumation of more than 1000 people laid to rest there...there was nothing careful about the exhumation"

even the dead are not safe from Zionist outrages and desecration


Challenging Canada's Myths About Its Role in Palestine

"Recent Canadian policy vis-a-vis Israel and the Palestinians has been uncritically supportive of the former. Early last year, as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Canada was the only state to vote against a motion condemning Israel's January 2009 massacre in the Gaza Strip.

Then Canada tried to block the UN nuclear assembly from passing a resolution calling 'for Israel to open its nuclear facilities to UN inspections and sign up to the non-proliferation treaty' and dismissed the findings of the UN-commissioned Goldstone report. Canada has long purported to be balanced, objective and neutral in its foreign policy to the Middle East. This claim is baseless and exclusively Canadian; no one other than resolutely partisan towards Israel. Worse yet it is deleterious to the causes of peace and justice in the region.

Canadians desirous to serve these causes must stop reproducing this made in Canada myth."


Zionism Recruits Indian 'Jews' as Settlers"jews"-as-settlers/

"The Bnei Menashe claim to be a lost Jewish tribe currently living in a remote corner of India. They identify as Jews and are to be sent to Nepal for fast track conversion to orthodoxy and thereby qualify for immigration to Israel under the 'Law of Return'."


VTJP Palestine-Israel Newslinks

May is About Memories: Nakba

"This is the month for Palestinians to remember their Nakba or 'catastrophe' in which more than 700,000 women, men and children were pushed off their land and rendered homeless refugees by the Zionists attacking before, during and after the founding of Israel in 1948


Nakba 62: We Will Not Forget - We Will not Forgive

"This is the evil side of Zionism that much of the West doesn't want to recognize or even know about..'


Onboard the Freedom Flotilla

"this is not a just conflict bwtween Israel and Gaza, it is annihilation of one group of ill-equipped people by one of the armies in the world. Our motives go beyond drawing attention to the crisis in Gaza. It is now about ensuring that ordinary paoeple ask themselves why we are allowing the persecution of the Gazans to continue. An open air prison camp where people die from treatable illnesses and suffer malnutrition while living beside opening running sewage.."

What is Gaza's Legal Status

"Israel 'confuses' occupation with colonisation"


Amnesty: US, Europe Shielding Israel Over Gaza

"In its report, Israel claimed its forces abided by international Justice"

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when I was looking at new posting on TAT I coulda swore the title read:

Badil Statement: The Nakba Is Ongoing and it is Coming for you, could believe it when I looked for it again, and saw what the real title was....


too early for my eyes I guess.


Israel's Forces Gun Down Palestinians

"Four Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli gunboats off the Gaza coast..The bodies delivered to Deir al-Balah hospital morgue, reportedly belonged to Palestinian fishermen who were targeted by Israeli naval patrols.."

bloody business as usual for Zionist entity in Gaza