The battle for the new world order

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The battle for the new world order

The Unspoken battle for the new world order


If we really want to deal with ISIS, the war on terror and the chaos we now witness we have to refer back to 9/11 and accept that it was a false flag event carried out to facilitate exactly what we are seeing now, endless warfare, the stripping away of civil liberties and creation of police states. 9/11 was a monstrous coup d’état intended to destroy democracy and create passive fearful populations.

Politicians transnationally have been more than willing to play the game of inflating and shaping the war on terror to this end. While fomenting terrorism on the one hand they use terrorism to promote militarism, totalitarianism and yes, neoliberal free market economics which demand the suppression of democracy, the destruction of nation states and national economies.

There are no doubt politicians out there who oppose what is going on but the forces driving this agenda are so powerful and pervasive opposition has been forced to the margins of political debate.

Vladimir Putin President of Russia is one politician who refuses to play the game and has brought the full wrath of Western civilization upon himself. The Western MSM( mainstream media) has mounted a furious propaganda war against Putin, demonizing him  and painting  him as the new Stalin, the new Hitler, when in fact he is really just making a determined effort to avoid war( the Ukraine is the bait  he has not taken it) and save his home land from American  aggression as Russia along with China are  the last two obstacles  to America achieving “full spectrum dominance”- rulers of the world in every aspect, economically, militarily and culturally.

The MSM instead of being a somewhat objective mediator of events has opted for being a naked propagandist. In doing so it has seen its credibility collapse with the freefall speed of the twin towers on that fateful day in NYC.   It seems to exist in a bygone era where the veracity of its reportage cannot be challenged; but in this year 2015 AD reportage can easily be scrutinized by referring to innumerable alternate news sources.

For anyone willing to take the trouble to read and follow the independent media a very different and factual version of Putin and events emerges. Reading his speeches reveal Putin as being the leading statesman of this era as he advocates a multilateral world where nations respect others sovereignty and deal with each other openly and transparently according to international law, which, as he points out has seriously eroded .

Putin and his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, tower above a multitude of sycophantic and purblind politicians who populate Western governments.  Both are emissaries for a new and more democratic world order.

Putin’s Russia is not being vilified because it is a warmongering imperialist upstart- this has always been America’s role. It is being vilified because it is presenting an alternate world order, one that is multipolar, rather than unipolar as it is now, and dominated by a singular super power whose qualifications for that role have been squandered long ago. Putin’s world vision is a direct challenge to American global supremacy and this is the very essence of the propaganda war now being fought and this is why he is being demonized. In Putin’s New World Order the US would have to work with other nations rather that dominate them within a framework of revitalized international law and respect for each country’s sovereignty. War would be the last option, not the first.

The above claims will no doubt incur the wrath of the multitudes of brainwashed Putin/Russia bashers but I invite all to watch the following Putin speech from 2007. It goes a very long way to putting present events (and the looming threat of another major war) in context:

9/11, the war on terror, and the demonization of Russia are fabrications  to advance America’s version of the New World Order and one based on tyranny. Tyranny cannot be allowed to prevail as process determines outcome.  A legitimate New World Order can only be established through statecraft, co-operation among nations, openly and democratically sought.  The present course of events can turn the entire world into a failed state-the global village is at risk.

Has WWIII started? It has most definitely. It is though a war like none other. It is ongoing, multifaceted, fought on many fronts in many ways.  Where warfare is usually defined by military aggression alone this war is heavily economic and propagandist. It is also a covert and unspoken war as so many people are not aware of the geopolitical dynamics at play and the MSM has been instrumental in distorting the picture and perpetrating the big lies of our times.

 We are in an unspoken world war, an unconventional and complex war that could become very conventional as the Ukraine crisis is the tipping point. If it is allowed to explode into a larger and direct confrontation between the US and Russia the consequences could be catastrophic.

The New World Order is the prize and can only be determined openly and democratically.