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Here's an excellent piece by Chris Hedges on BDS. Have a read.

Chris Hedges: Why I Support the BDS Movement Against Israel


I have a couple of critiques or additions.

Firstly. "Sanctions brought down the apartheid regime of South Africa." Other elements were critical. The armed struggle of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) and the fight against Apartheid in Southern Africa generally, the fact that the indigenous peoples of South Africa constituted the overwhelming majority, were significant and important factors. South Africa became ungovernable under Apartheid. Please note that when international bodies criticize the use of "enhanced fireworks" by Hamas they also point out, as Hedges does, that they have the right to defend themselves against the disgusting Israeli bombardment and atrocities. The indigenous struggle is still key; hence the efforts to divide the Palestinians by supporting puppets like Abbas in the West Bank.

Secondly, and I give a longer quote from Hedges,

Israel is not an anomaly. It is a window into the dystopian, militarized world that is being prepared for all of us, a world with vast disparities of income and draconian systems of internal security. There will be no freedom for Palestine, or for those locked in our own internal colonies and terrorized by indiscriminate police violence, until we destroy corporate capitalism and the neoliberal ideology that sustains it.

Israel is practice for imperialism. Israel is the world's most developed regime on urban warfare against a civilian population, and they make buckets of shekels for doing so, selling their experience around the world, and yes, even in Canada.

I don't think Hedges says how bad it really is. And that's horrifying too.



Israel’s Financial Sector Prepares for the BDS Tsunami Recommendations to the EU would “shut down” the Israeli Economy. By Connie Hackbarth Global Research, August 13, 2015 Alternative News 11 August 2015 pains me to think how ineffectual we can be as activists.....why are we not thinking about the obvious, the Israeli financial system bankrolling the settler developments on stolen land....

so I wonder what are our major banks doing in support of the Israeli banking system...does anyone have time to check into this?

Would a visit to a Canadian bank head office help?

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The disgusting conduct of the NDP, while vomit-inducing to any civilized human being, passes by the MSM with nary a murmur. However, the limb-snapping pressure put on them by the Israeli apologists shows, I think, how tenuous the hold of the latter really is. 

The dam will undoubtedly burst. And suddenly the MSM, obediently silent, will "discover" all sorts of overlooked cruelties, war crimes, atrocities, etc. that they had, hitherto, happily ignored.

Maybe more than any other issue, the dutiful NDP obedience to the masters will open the eyes of many more progressives, who, while holding their noses and voting for these disgusting assholes, will note to themselves on which side of freedom the NDP really is. The wrong side.

And if more people come to see the almost worthlessness of ordinary politics, and the necessity for a more powerful extra-parliamentary opposition, then even the treason to freedom by the NDP will, as well, help real freedom.


And if more people come to see the almost worthlessness of ordinary politics, and the necessity for a more powerful extra-parliamentary opposition, then even the treason to freedom by the NDP will, as well, help real freedom.

Thanks for this!


Harper Must Clarify 'Zero Tolerance' For Israel Boycotters: Church

"The United Church is gravely concerned about Stephen Harper's efforts to criminalize Canadians critical of Israel...(The United Church's letter was copied to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair)"


United Church of Canada Cryptic Proposal For End to State of Israel; Promotes Illegal Economic Sanctions Against Israel

"According to Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) President and CEO Avi Benolo, 'The UCC could be penalized in Ontario and Manitoba under the Discriminatory Business Practices Act whereby it is illegal to contractually agree not to engage in business with the State of Israel, with the Israeli people, or with corporations who continue to do business with Israel and its citizens, or call for divestment and sanctions against them."

BDS is clearly NOT 'still working' in Ontario or Manitoba...but Zionist power and control certainly is.

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‘Most-read’ article at Washington Post calls Israel ‘savage, unrepairable society’

The leftwing movement of criticism of Israel is getting more and more mainstream by the second. Everyone is walking the path; they’re just getting there a little later. The Washington Post, a hotbed of neoconservative ideas for the last 15 years, has another article harshly critical of Israel today, written by an Israeli. And guess what: that article along with yesterday’s article by the two prestige Jewish academics calling for boycott of Israel are the two “most-read” articles on the Post list this morning!

This one tops the list: novelist Assaf Gavron’s article titled, “Confessions of an Israeli Traitor.” It turns out that Max Blumenthal’s portrait of a rightwing Israel was an accurate one:

The internal discussion in Israel is more militant, threatening and intolerant than it has ever been. Talk has trended toward fundamentalism ever since the Israeli operation in Gaza in late 2008, but it has recently gone from bad to worse. There seems to be only one acceptable voice, orchestrated by the government and its spokespeople, and beamed to all corners of the country by a clan of loyal media outlets drowning out all the others. Those few dissenters who attempt to contradict it — to ask questions, to protest, to represent a different color from this artificial consensus — are ridiculed and patronized at best, threatened, vilified and physically attacked at worst. Israelis not “supporting our troops” are seen as traitors, and newspapers asking questions about the government’s policies and actions are seen as demoralizing…

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Interesting observation re: mainstream criticism.

Not for nothing, but there was an interesting reference to Israel in last night's episode of "The Good Wife". The daughter of political operative Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) had returned to Chicago after spending some time in Israel and had lined up a campaign job for her dad in the upcoming Israeli election. To paraphrase her plea, "I know how much you despise Netanyahu. It's your chance to bring a better government in." I thought that somewhat bold for a show aired on a primetime national network.  


laine lowe wrote:

Interesting observation re: mainstream criticism.

Not for nothing, but there was an interesting reference to Israel in last night's episode of "The Good Wife". The daughter of political operative Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) had returned to Chicago after spending some time in Israel and had lined up a campaign job for her dad in the upcoming Israeli election. To paraphrase her plea, "I know how much you despise Netanyahu. It's your chance to bring a better government in." I thought that somewhat bold for a show aired on a primetime national network.  


A comment like that would get any Liberal or NDP candidate turfed for life, with hard labour.


Here is where I wouldn't single out Israel as an 'unrepairable society.'  We in North America and Canada are also living the nightmare of broken, sick societies.


The agents of Israel never stop...

"Act Now - Take A Stand Against BDS!"

"Can you spare five minutes to fight BDS at the University of Waterloo!"


BDS Calling For Wider Boycott To Support Palestinian Resistance

"The BDS Movement has announced that it will expand its activities and support the ongoing Palestinian resistance in the occupied territories..."

Free Palestine!


[url= Move to Label Israeli Settlement Goods Strains Ties[/url]

In a stinging rebuke to Israel, the European Union insisted on Wednesday that some goods produced on land seized in the 1967 war must be labeled “made in settlements,” a mandate that added to Israel’s deep unease over a growing international boycott.

Well done, Europe! Baby steps are essential to future running!


Great news. But the article isn't so great. Typical of the Times.


josh wrote:

Great news. But the article isn't so great. Typical of the Times.

Exactly what I thought! But the news was so great, I couldn't wait to find a decent link.

And now, the hysterical maniacs are overplaying their hand - hope it falls off:

[url= minister says EU labelling 'disguised anti-Semitism'[/url]


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Connecticut labor federation backs Israel boycott

The Connecticut branch of the AFL-CIO has voted to back key elements of the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel.

AFL-CIO is the largest US labor federation, counting dozens of unions with a combined membership of almost 13 million workers as its affiliates – 200,000 of them in Connecticut.

At the Connecticut branch’s convention in October, delegates passed a resolution calling on the national AFL-CIO to adopt BDS “in connection with companies and investments profiting from or complicit in human rights violations arising from the occupation of the Palestinian territories by the State of Israel, and to urge its affiliates and related pension and annuity funds to adopt similar strategies.”

It also calls on the US to “diligently apply all diplomatic and economic tools to bring an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and to support a fair and just peace in which the people of Israel and Palestine can live in peace and security in accordance with international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

The resolution notes that Unite, the largest union in United Kingdom and Ireland, has backed BDS.

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With Harper gone the pro-Bibi forces will be hopefully somewhat restrained. This is an area where I believe Canada can make a difference.

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Portland Human Rights Commission Upholds Divestment Recommendation

On Wednesday November 4, at the end of a tense three and one half hour hearing, attended by some 300 people, the Portland Human Rights Commission (HRC), reaffirmed their endorsement of Occupation-Free Portland’s (OFP) letter to the City’s Socially Responsible Investments Committee requesting that Caterpillar, G4S, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Solutions be placed on the City’s Do-Not-Buy list for these companies’ human rights violations in supporting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. 

The audience included many supporters of OFP: Palestinians, members of Jewish Voice for Peace, local clergy, and others of diverse backgrounds.

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South Arica Follows Suit with Spain, Issues Arrest Warrant for Israeli Officials

South Africa issued, on Tuesday, an arrest warrant against four Israeli officials over their role in deadly attacks on pro-Palestinian international activists.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against the Israeli occupation in Africa said, in a statement: “South Africa’s Directorate of the Priority Crimes Investigation Unit has issued warrants of arrest against four Israeli commanders from the Israeli Navy and Israeli Defense Forces.”

According to Days of Palestine, the statement announced arrest warrants issued against former Israeli chief of staff Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, former Navy commander Major General Eliezer Marom, former head of Military Intelligence Major General Amos Yadlin and former head of Air Force intelligence Brigadier General Avishay Levy.

“This decision,” African BDS said, “follows a four-year-long case involving a South African journalist, Gadija Davids, who was on board the Mavi Marmara when it was attacked by Israeli commandoes while in international waters in 2010.


Jeb Bush Says He'd Order Crackdown On BDS as President

"Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has promised that if he is elected president next November he will deploy the full might of the US Department of Justice to crack down on the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel..."


Over 200 South African Scholars Join Academic Boycott of Israel

"Over 200 South African scholars have released a statement announcing their support of an academic boycott of Israel."

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Largest academic feminist organization in North America backs Israel boycott

“What is significant about this particular resolution is the rationale; the fact that the resolution makes it explicit that BDS is a feminist issue, that it is an expression of transnational feminist solidarity and that one cannot call themselves a feminist and address inequalities and injustices without taking a stand on what is happening in Palestine.” —Simona Sharoni, Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at SUNY Plattsburgh

The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) became the latest scholarly group to join the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel last week. Almost 90 percent of its voting members – 653 scholars – backed a resolution boycotting “economic, military and cultural entities and projects sponsored by the state of Israel.” In doing so, the NWSA joined a growing number of organizations supporting Palestinian liberation, that includes the African Literature Association, American Studies Association, Association for Asian American Studies, and over 1000 members of the American Anthropological Association....


Interesting that Dr Simoni, who seems to be Israeli, is a professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. That, of course is not far at all from Montréal.


lagatta wrote:

Interesting that Dr Simoni, who seems to be Israeli, is a professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. That, of course is not far at all from Montréal.

Dr. Sharoni was born in Romania in 1961, moved to Israel with her family in 1963, moved to the U.S. in 1989, and is now a U.S. citizen.

Plattsburgh is indeed close by, but there's a border in between. We'd let her in I think (though Amy Goodman's experience gives me pause). Don't know if they'd let her back.


Yes, she could well hold all three citizenships. I was just thinking that she might be an interesting speaker, and it certainly wouldn't be a long trip for her.


BDS In The Crosshairs

"...So why is it that a project that seeks to pressure Israel to be more cognizant in foreign affairs of regional stability and more democratic and egalitarian in domestic affairs, is now under fire by almost every presidential candidate in the 2016 election?

The project in dispute is BDS, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement promoted by civil society throughout the Western world. BDS is directed at Israel due to its illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories and its general apartheid-style discrimination against non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular.

In many ways our greatest enemy is our own indifference to the quiet erosion of important aspects of the democratic process. Allowing the attack on BDS only contributes to this disintegration of rights.

A combination of localness and ignorance sets us up for this feeling of indifference. However, in the end there can be no excuse for not paying attention. One morning you willl wake up to find that valued rights and traditions are no longer there for you."


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Huge BDS victory as CRH pulls out of toxic Israeli assets, ends complicity with Israeli crimes

A report released today by Ireland’s largest multinational CRH confirmed the global cement giant has divested from its 25% stake in the Israeli cement market. The company has been a focus of a sustained campaign calling for such a divestment from the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) and other groups for over a decade, due to role its Israeli subsidiary Nesher Cement plays in supplying materials for the building of Israel’s illegal separation wall, checkpoints and settlements.

In the report CRH stated that it had “completed 13 divestments in 2015, the largest of which was the disposal of CRH’s 25% equity stake in its Israeli operation.”


Background: The growing impact of the BDS movement

The BDS movement, Palestinian civil society’s movement for freedom, justice and equality is beginning to seriously bite for Israel. According to the World Bank there was a drop of almost 25% in Palestinian imports from Israel in 2015. A UN report showed that Foreign Direct Investment plummeted by almost half in 2014, partly, the report concluded, due to the growing strength of the BDS movement, while an Israeli government report said that exports of weapons systems and Israeli-developed arms technologies were down by 13% in the same period. The latest available figures for 2015 show that Israeli diamond exports fell 25%, exports of goods were down 7.5%, and exports of services slumped by 3%.  A leaked Israeli government report estimates that BDS could cost Israel’s economy $1.4bn a year, while a study by the Rand Corporation states that BDS could cost Israel between 1 and 2 per cent annually over 10 years. Israeli officials view the growing BDS movement as a major “strategic threat” to its apartheid settler colonial regime – so much so that it has created a ministry to fight the campaign, and poured millions of dollars into its propaganda and sabotage efforts.

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lagatta wrote:

Yes, she could well hold all three citizenships. I was just thinking that she might be an interesting speaker, and it certainly wouldn't be a long trip for her.

Her upcomign talks are at - I see McGill is included on Jan. 28. 


Almost - it says "McGll Universitu" lol.

Oh well, I'll send her a note to correct it.



Yes, do so! I'll try to make it there. Though it says "Global Leadership Forum", so it isn't clear whether there is an event open to the general public. If not, perhaps one or more of the solidarity groups here could arrange for a talk elsewhere. Alternatives is on Parc, not far from McGil Universitu.


lagatta wrote:

Yes, do so! I'll try to make it there. Though it says "Global Leadership Forum", so it isn't clear whether there is an event open to the general public. If not, perhaps one or more of the solidarity groups here could arrange for a talk elsewhere. Alternatives is on Parc, not far from McGil Universitu.

It's part of the 4-day long McGill Model UN Assembly. They're having a Global Leadership Forum at 8:30 to 10:00 am on Jan. 28, as they did in the past two years. I can't make head or tail of their website. No indication of who the invited speakers are. No clue as to who can attend just this event (though it says GAs only, whatever that means). And lots of info about registering for the conference - it looks as if you have to be a delegate from a "club", etc.

So who knows.


Perhaps somebody here could invite her to speak later in the day? Plattsburgh is what, an hour's drive from here? I've actually never been there, though I might have been through there on my way to somewhere that is less platte.

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United Methodist Kairos Response welcomes pension fund exclusion and divestment of Israeli banks

UM Kairos Response is pleased to announce that the $20-billion Pension and Health Benefits Fund of the United Methodist Church has declared the five largest Israeli banks off limits for investment and has divested from the two that it held in its portfolios. This is the first time a major church pension fund has acted to preclude investment in Israeli banks that sustain Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land.

The information has been posted on the Pension Fund’s website under Evaluating companies in our investment funds that pose excessive human rights risks. The banks are Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, First International Bank of Israel, Israel Discount Bank, and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank. These banks are deeply involved in financing illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories....

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Italian professors demand boycott of Israel's 'pro-occupation' Technion

A group of Italian academics is circulating an online petition on Friday demanding that institutes of higher learning sever all cooperation with the Haifa-based Technion Institute for what they claim is its complicity in Israel’s military rule over the Palestinians.

“Israeli universities collaborate on military research and development of weapons used by the Israeli army against the Palestinian population, providing undeniable support to the military occupation and colonization of Palestine,” the petition reads.

The professors argue that the Technion should be shunned due to its close ties with Israel’s “military-industrial complex.”....


Israel Boycott Ban Shunning Israeli Goods TO Become Criminal Offence For Public Bodies And Student Unions

"Critics says move amounts to a 'gross attack on democratic freedoms.'

Coming here soon..

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Ottawa-area Anglicans overwhelmingly vote to sell $1M in oil, gas stocks

Ottawa-area Anglicans voted almost unanimously Friday to sell their $1 million worth of oil and gas stocks and push the church’s national body to do the same.

Local Anglican congregations have a combined stock portfolio worth $30 million, which is administered centrally, and although the oil and gas stocks are a relatively small portion, Friday’s vote is seen as a major statement on climate change....


to my delight...checking out the latest freight costs at the Guatemala cargo airport, the Israeli security company for the Airport has been dumped.....

of course will never know if our yelling and screaming at the Airport Authority had much to do with it...but they are gone!!



So, the Trudeau government intends to join with the Conservatives next week and condemn the United Church of Canada and the Quakers, along with every other organization and individual participating to any degree in a boycott of Israeli goods and services.

Blanket government condemnation is not a very sunny thing to do, and the Liberals, quivering with outrage, are making it clear they really don't want to do it.

But they are going ahead because, apparently, they're being bullied, the poor daisies.

It's just not fair, the things you can be forced to do when you have a parliamentary majority.


Mulcair was not in the House for the debate, but said in a written statement that, to his party, this is a question of free speech.

"Let's be clear," Mulcair said, "the Conservatives are proposing to limit what topics Canadians are allowed to debate. That's not the role of government. This goes against our fundamental freedoms and the NDP will be voting against it."


It's pretty disgusting and should be clear to everyone that on this issue, our politicians work for Israel, not us...

John Ivison: House United in Violent Agreement on Boycott, Divest, Sanctions Against Israel

"In a debate on Israel Thursday, the parties agreed that the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against the only democracy in the Middle East is a misguided idea that undermines the prospect of peace.

But the Liberals have continued to vote against Arab-sponsored UN resolutions targeting the Jewish State, and Dion was rock-solid in opposition to BDS.

'We must fight anti-Semitism in all forms,' he said. 'We must oppose the boycott, divest, sanctions campaign in our communities and continue to speak out forcefully against them..."

Free Palestine! Down Israel!

[email protected]


Nora Loreto has a good blogpost on BDS, what it is and what it isn't, and the idiotic statements of Jason Kenney. However, Kenney may be too easy a target. Not that he and his ilk should ever be let off the hook, but it is more important to go after the Liberal majority now.

The BDS people (and other Palestine support activists), including many Jews, are pretty much all active supporters of Indigenous struggles here and throughout the Americas, and yes, advocates of boycotting Saudi Arabia. Petroleum addiction is so pervasive that it is hard even to challenge the horrors of that régime, and its very negative impact througout the Arabo-Muslim world and beyond.

By the way, Kenney is lying. Amir Khadir did not start the boycott, nor was he particularly involved in it. He joined in a picket there as he was walking by (his riding starts a couple of short blocks north of there, and he also lives in the Plateau). That's it. Fucking liar.

I have no idea who Khadir's "constituent" was. Le Marcheur is not in his riding, that is like saying I'm a constituent of Trudeau (I live the same short distance south of his riding, but I'm in Alexandre Boulerice's riding). And I don't believe the owner is Jewish, not that it matters. The main organiser of the boycott is "a Jew, a Canadian Jew", a CÉGEP prof named Bruce Katz. Personally I find it odd to refer to people that way. Bruce is no more a religious Jew than Amir is a religious Muslim, they happen to be from those backgrounds.


Europe is following Obama – washing its hands of Palestine and why By Alan Hart on February 19, 2016

So will the BDS movement be next declared a Canadian crime of hate and antisemitism?

That the underlying reason(s) for abandoning rights of the Palestinians is Israeli blackmail to use their nuclear weapons

(threatened to be used by its new Turkish allies in Syria?)


The Electronic Intifada  South African water conference called off amid protest at Israel’s role.....

....thanks that there still are some academics with integrity, somewhere!!


I've love this "singling out" argument. Who"s to make that determination? Do you have to criticize every denial of human rights in the world when you criticize Israel, or else you're anti-Semitic. This is not a new argument to suppress opposition. Same argument was used by apartheid South Africa and the Jim Crow U.S. south.

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BDS Victory: World's Largest Security Firm to Exit Israel 

However the announcement must be followed with concrete actions, warned Palestinian activists.

British company G4S informed in a statement that it will sell its Israeli subsidiary “in the next 12 to 24 months,” a victory for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign that criticizes transnational firms for participating in Israeli violations of human rights in Palestine.

Following an intense BDS campaign against G4S, many of its clients, including U.N. bodies, trade unions, universities and other private firms, ended their contracts with G4S, resulting in multimillion-dollar losses since 2010, according to the Financial Time.

“As at the height of the international boycott of apartheid South Africa, BDS pressure is making some of the world’s largest corporations realize that profiting from Israeli apartheid and colonialism is bad for business,” said Mahmoud Nawajaa, a spokesperson for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, the broadest coalition in Palestinian society that leads the BDS movement....

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Perhaps it's time to begin to imagine and discuss post-Apartheid Israel. What would it look like? I mean, it's a bit of a utopian exercise but it might be helpful.

Carry on.


Thought Crimes in Trudeau's Canada

"The Liberals portrayed the vote as a necessary step in combating anti-Semitism and for the economic relationship with Israel, as well as a reflection of Canadian values. The reality is, however, that when it comes to BDS the Canadian government is out of touch with the people it represents.

Instead, they've prioritized perceived economic and political beliefs over justice, thereby undermining their claim to be more progressive than the Conservatives."

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Noam Chomsky and other academics open a Can 'O Whup Ass on McGill University.

OK, my language is a bit rough. So is apartheid.

See Rabble Blogs for the whole story.


Israel Minister Calls For 'Civil Targeted Killings' of BDS Leaders

"The Yediot Achronot conference attacking BDS has become a veritable carnival of hate. Everyone from delusional Hollywood celebrities (Roseanne Barr) to cabinet ministers, to the leader of the Opposition have pledged fealty to the cause. But the apogee came yesterday when Transportation Minister, Israel Katz called for the 'civil targeted killing' of BDS leaders like Omar Barghouti..."

Yet our Foreign Minister Dion can impugn an esteemed academic and critic of Israel with impunity. Zionized from sea to stinking sea.


Israel Connects BDS With Terrorism While Cracking Down on German Banks

"Israel's Public Security Minister has linked the BDS movement with terrorism and is threatening German banks using tactics previously employed about using tactics previously employed against Al Qaeda.

Here are the countries Erdan is counting on to be Israel's enforcers in its global crackdown on the 'terrorist' boycotters...

Canada..."  Of course, how could it be otherwise?


"Canada has Israel's back." - Trudeau

"...An ardent supporter of Israel in all situations and circumstances" - Tom Mulcair


The Israel Lobby's Growing Assault on Free Speech

Max Blumenthal Interview:

"Israel is being instrumentalized to break down progressive social movements across the West...The government of Liberal Justin Trudeau has joined with the Conservatives to condemn BDS in an official resolution, condemning it as a form of anti-Semitic hate speech. It's absolutely disgusting..."