Belarus: Imperialists Run the Same Tired Old Script...

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Belarus: Imperialists Run the Same Tired Old Script...

Belarus: Imperialists Run the Same Tired Old Script Day After Day

"The Western establishment narrative managers always follow the same patterns. Just like they fixated on Hong Kong protests, while ignoring those in US-aligned France or Israel, now they're cheering on protests in Belarus. It's gotten to the point where it's the exact same international political news story every single day, and that news story reads as follows:

'US-centralized empire tries to grow larger by absorbing a nation which is fighting to maintain its military, financial, economic and/or resource sovereignty..."


"Ukrainian World Congress calls on the International Community to Stand with the People of Belarus who have clearly expressed their desire for change, just as the people of Ukraine did during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014..."


Francois-Phillippe Champagne

"I just spoke with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, opposition leader of Belarus. I reaffirmed Canada's commitment to the people of Belarus and that we are closely monitoring the situation on the ground as we consider next steps..."


Steve Kaufmann: Reply to FP Champagne

"The people of Belarus are unhappy with their president. This doesn't mean that they want unfriendly relations with Russia nor that they want to join the EU. Western countries have to tread a careful line."

They won't. The colour-revolution 'steering' has already begun...





"To the Trump administration, Congress and the World at large: Beware of 'little green men' from Russia going into Belarus to stop protests against a rigged election. The people of Belarus deserve better."


WATCH: "The US government and western corporate media outlets that echo it are currently trying to launch coups in Belarus, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc, claiming that they are 'authoritarian'...while authoritarian US police beat the hell out of peaceful protesters..."


Lukashenko Promises Fresh Elections in Belarus after New Constitution is Adopted via Nationwide Referendum

"...In a seeming about-face, Lukashenko told striking workers in Minsk that he would agree to a new vote - both parliamentary and presidential - but only after the nation adopts a new constitution via a referendum..."


Dimitry Yarosh, founder of fascist Right Secktor in Ukraine, admits training nationalist militants for Belarus since 2000


"The flag of Belarus' WWII era Nazi collaborator regime was pretty sparse up to a few days ago. I'm sure this too is 'spontaneous' like everything else, but whatever the explanation - only have to look at neofascist resurgence in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania to see where this leads."



Craig Murray: Updated Belarus

"There is a misperception in western media that Lukashenko is Putin's man. That is not true; Putin views him as  an exasperating and rather dim legacy. There is also a misperception in the west that Lukashenko really lost the recent election. That is not true. The West is trying to engineer a popular opposition in Belarus toward a 'color revolution', fairly obviously. But they are on a sticky wicket. Western Ukraine was genuinely enthusiastic to move toward the West and the EU in the hope of attaining a consumer lifestyle. Outside of central Minsk, there is little such sentiment in Belarus..."

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

Jacobin has an interview with 2 left activists in Belarus. If they are telling the truth, the situation is considerably more complicated than the above posts would indicate. A small sampling of the discussion:

Jacobin wrote:
I don’t see similarities between these protests in Belarus and previous protests in Eastern Europe. Some try to find similarities with Euromaidan in Kiev in 2014, but this is a purely ideological tool to justify Lukashenko and show that no alternative is possible. In contrast to Euromaidan, Belarusian protests have no big far-right groups that lead and use violence. We have a couple of ultras gangs, but after Euromaidan, most of them were repressed by the police. In Belarus, there’s no language and ideological conflict, as in Ukraine. Finally, in contrast to Euromaidan, the Belarusian protests have no leader: traditional opposition figures are in jail, and the presidential candidate Sviatlana Tikhanovskaya is in Lithuania. I am absolutely sure it can’t lead to war like in Donbass: there’s no ideological conflict between West and East, as in Ukraine in 2014.


The party of the Left “A Just World” split from the Communist Party in 1996 after Lukashenko’s first referendum shifted the balance of power toward the president. Today, it stands against both Lukashenko and against Western-oriented opposition. The Belarusian Green Party, founded in 1994 and oriented against nuclear energy, developed a left and anti-authoritarian agenda. It is quite strong and, in contrast to A Just World, is less oriented on Marxist-Leninist classics. Also, we’ve got three social-democratic parties, some of whose members do have strong social orientations, but most are part of the Western-oriented oppositional establishment.

Belarus used to have a big and strong anarchist movement, maybe the strongest in post-Soviet space, connected to a punk-hardcore scene. Some of them infiltrated the Green Party; some ended up in jail. It is hard to say anything about anarchists’ activity now, because they are still the main target of repression. Some anarchist groups don’t call themselves “left-wing,” for they wrongly associate it with pro-Soviet “tankies”; some find their support from the Western-oriented nationalist opposition.

Finally, a Russian fashion of “Left YouTube” and Marxist kruzhki (small self-education organizations) reached Belarus in recent years. Unfortunately, much of their content is not so much about their own agenda but a fierce criticism of the Western-oriented opposition. They charm their viewers with Soviet nostalgia or Soviet ressentiment more than propose a positive agenda for building a wide democratic social movement. This Left YouTube and kruzhki are not bad in themselves, but they can’t be seen as the only strategy for the Left, such as they often propose.



What is the attitude of these various groups to this political conjuncture and the protests?


Part of the Left is ready to directly support the liberal protest, mostly at the level of grassroots activist involvement and statements. Another part believes that the people have the right to protest, that the police violence is unacceptable and outrageous, and that the elections were rigged, but cannot take the side of the liberal opposition. For its goals are to continue the privatization of enterprises, to curtail free medicine, and introduce even more labor flexibility than we have now.

Recently, a small grassroots initiative has emerged with a purpose of bringing economic and social demands to the workers’ protest agenda, since at the moment, all workers’ protests are centered around broad political demands: Lukashenko’s resignation, the release of political prisoners, lawsuits against the security forces, fair elections.


Oh good. So liberals can support a NATO-backed colour revolution on Russia's borders and feel good about it.

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

NDPP wrote:

Oh good. So liberals can support a NATO-backed colour revolution on Russia's borders and feel good about it.

There wasn't even time for you to read the whole interview before you posted this. What a narrow-minded person you are. If a situation doesn't fit into 3 or 4 templates you use to understand the world, you ignore the facts, and force it to fit into one. Intellectual dishonesty personified.


2018: USAID Belarus Traitor-Training

"USAID civil society development activities foster informed civic participation in community-based initiatives and public advocacy across the social and economic spectrum in Belarus..."


Interview with 'Dimitry' a worker in Minsk. "...

"I voted for Lukashenka. Many people at our plant also voted for Lukashenka. Against Lukashenka? These are mainly entrepreneurs, youth, IT specialists, people who were expelled from the EU due to quarantines where they were working, and are now [here], out of work in Belarus. And there are a lot of them, I agree. But this is not all of Belarus.

I know why I voted for Lukashenka. Because our factory works stably. And the current oppositionists will come to power carrying out privatizations and our plant will be closed. All the more so if the ties with Russia are also cut off. We mainly supply products there. But why people so against Lukashenka? They themselves often cannot explain. They just don't like him. And when you ask what programs, how they want to change the country, you don't hear anything concrete. Such protests are a road to nowhere. We have already seen what happened to Ukraine. I do not want so that it would be the same with my country.*


Canada's Feminist Foreign Policy Must Support Belarusian Feminist Pro-Democracy Revolution

"...Canada's experience and connections supporting Ukrainian reform since 2014 would serve Belarusians and our regional allies well..."

Who could possibly say no?


Belarus is Being Used As 'Trampoline' to Attack Russia, Lukashenko Tells RT...

"Belarusia president Alexander Lukashenko says he and Vladimir Putin 'agree' that the forces allegedly directing the ongoing political crisis in Belarus are aiming to attack Russia next. Lukashenko calls Belarus protests 'color revolution', accuses foreign countries of meddling..."


LIVE UPDATES: Situation in Belarus Politicized But Not Disastrous...

"Lavrov tells Swedish FM imposition of decisions on Minsk unacceptable. 'The partners agreed that any attempts to dictate to the Belarusian society which forces should personify the opposition of Belarus within the framework of the proposed inclusive dialogue with the authorities were unacceptable...."


Tkhanovskaya Says Will Not Run For Belarus' President in Case of Return Elections

"Former candidate for Belarus president Svetlana Tikhanovovskaya said on Friday she doesn't plan to run for president again in case of return elections. 'I don't have such plans,' she said in an interview with the Belsat television channel..."


Biegun, Lavrov Discuss Belarus

"Senior diplomats from the United States and Russia have discussed the turmoil in Belarus following the country's disputed presidential election. US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegan met Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow on Tuesday. Lavrov told Russian state-run TV that he believes the wise people of Belarus will create a forum for dialogue. Both the US and Russia apparently support opposition calls for political dialogue in Belarus - an idea rejected by President Alexandre Lukashenko..."


WATCH 'Russia Needs to be Included' - EP

"Today, opposition leader Tsikhanouskaya spoke to the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee on the situation in Belarus. We asked David Mcallister what the EU should do to support the Belarusian people and whether Putin can be trusted as a partner."


The Tribulations of Triangulation: Few Options for Belarus Amid a Color Revolution

"Belarus shows that any small state with a mildly socialist system and independent foreign policy invites subversion by the Yankee hegemon and its collaborators..."


Belarus: NATO Lobby Acknowledges That Its Color Revolution Failed

"On August 15 we explained why the color revolution in Belarus would fail. Belarus' President Alexandre Lukashenko had offered President Vladimir Putin of Russia to formally implement the long delayed Union State that will unite Belarus with Russia. In exchange he wanted full Russian backing for shutting down the US led color revolution against him. Putin accepted the deal. With Russia's backing the military, political and economic stability of Belarus is for now guaranteed. Lukashenko will at some point be ousted but that will be at a time and place and in a way convenient for Russia..."


Covert Action Props Up US-Polish Axis Against Belarus: A Deep Dive into Far-Right Regime-Change Activists and their Backers'

"...Anti-communist Belarusians began running a 'government-in-exile' whose 'capital-in-exile is currently, Ottawa, Canada. With the 2020 color uprisings, one need not look far to find foreign powers behind the protests..."


CrossTalk Bullhorns: Failed Regime Change (and vid)

"The  forced regime-change playbook - why it's not working and will not work in Belarus..."