Believe it or not: West Bank worse than Gaza

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Believe it or not: West Bank worse than Gaza

Under Israeli occupation, and entirely by design, Gaza is a living crime against humanity. For anyone interested in just how hellish Gaza has become under the boot heels of the Middle East's only apartheid state, I highly recommend this video.  

Yet as bad as it is, as filled with brutality, suffering, and death as it is, the Israeli inhumanity machine, has actually made conditions worse for children in the West Bank, Area C:


A new report, "Life on the Edge", released today, states that an estimated 40,000 Palestinians living in Area C - the 60% of the West Bank under Israeli control - are unable to make urgent repairs to their sewage systems, schools, homes or hospitals under Israel's strict permit system.

Israel's restrictions on Palestinian access to and development of agricultural land – in an area where almost all families are herders - mean that thousands of children are going hungry and are vulnerable to killer illnesses like diarrhoea and pneumonia.

Conditions for children in Area C have reached a crisis point:

79% of communities surveyed recently in Area C don't have enough nutritious food - this is higher than in blockaded Gaza where the rate is 61%.

84% of families rely on some form of humanitarian assistance to survive.

Rates of stunting in Area C are more than double than in Gaza. More than 15% of children under-5 surveyed were underweight.

An alarming 44% of children in the surveyed area have diarrhoea – the biggest killer of children under-5 in the world.

This report is an indictment of our cowardly and complicit politicians imcluding the NDP.