The Bending End of Conspicuous Damnation.

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The Bending End of Conspicuous Damnation.

Mukesh Ambani has built (is building) a skyscraper home in Mumbai that is estimated to cost around 2 billion dollars. He's got the bread to do it so, why shouldn't he? Steven Schwartzman said Obama was like Hitler invading Poland because of the intention to levy ordinary taxes on private equity funds. Steven Schwartzman also has big houses. You'll have to do your own surfing for pictures of the palaces. One of them is a 30 million dollar apartment in NYC. Ira Rennert is another conspicuous consumer. Steve may have a billion or two more than Ira but Mukesh has more than four times the wealth of the two of them put together. It goes without saying that either of these men would do anything, literally anything, to have what Mukesh has and they've got a lot of company.
Most people don't understand the mindset of a psychopath. It's a foreign state to them. They can't get their heads around being able to operate with a complete lack of conscience and to not actually feel any human emotions, so that it is necessary to mimic them. This is why they are compared to reptiles. One could say that the reptile brain has taken over and/or, they were built that way.
Yesterday I watched Winnebago Man. It was an entertaining film but what stood out for me was what happened when Jack Rebny mentioned Dick Cheney. The director told him that he shouldn't talk about that. People didn't want to hear that. Then again, in San Francisco, at a public venue, a woman who was at the event took exception to his mention of Dick Cheney. He only mentioned him once there and not often elsewhere. He was spot on about what he had to say. You don't hear about it in any of the reviews that I have seen. The message I got is that you don't talk about politics or politicians in public settings because it's divisive. Anonymously on the internet is another thing but probably, even there, it's divisive. It's divisive to talk about the conspicuous consumption of the rich. That's class warfare. You've all been nicely hosed and now you're lining up for seconds.
You bent over for Reagan and then you bent over for Bush. They threw Clinton in for the appearance of alternative choices and you bent over for him too. You bent over for the Son of Dracula and then you bent over for 9/11, various wars in the Middle East, Katrina, The poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico and a host of other things I don't need to mention because they're not that important apparently, because nothing is happening about them. Now you're bending over for Obama who is bending over for a shitty little country on the other side of the world and who is supported in his posture by an impressive number of politicians, whose first loyalty is not to the country they serve. This comes about when an artificial country is manufactured to give sovereign protections to international bank thievery. It even comes with its own religion, The First Church of Usury.
The reasons for things are often not the reasons that appear at first glance. The loss of jobs in the United States, the rising unemployment and the specter of inflation are not necessarily because of the financial domination of international corporations and the swine that run them. It could well be about making the military an attractive option for everyone who can't find a job because of the immense profits to be had from warfare. It's also about cherry-picking certain personality types for police and airport security jobs. This may be simplistic but I'm less concerned with detailing what I have seen than I am that you think in a certain direction.
Culture morphing is a big deal these days because the more confused the public is and the more focused on entertainment and the press to embrace everything and anything as acceptable, the easier it is to control the public. All of this is calculated for effect. Cultures that embrace everything and anything as being acceptable soon cease to exist as a culture. Cultures exist by the maintenance of traditions. It's one of the reasons people travel to other countries, when they used to be able to do that.
The public, barraged by corporate advertising, those who have already been meticulously dumbed down by the public school system, find it desirable and convenient to follow the corporation's lead as to what they eat and drink and pretend to make merry about. The only defense for the public is to cease to purchase the goods and services provided by the corporations but that's just too much for them to think about and they could get into trouble and even be labeled a terrorist, which is just how their overlords want it.
The public can refuse to serve in the military. The public can mass in the streets. The public can storm the public buildings and occasionally do that in other places but not in the United States. The people who have been born into the United States, at this time, came to the party with certain things in mind and the party was planned out for certain results and lessons and... it's going to be a shitstorm of revelation, whose purpose is to educate them concerning what they believe to be true, in respect of what is actually true. The degree of the severity of the suffering that attends the appearance of the real and the resolution of the unreal, is dependent on the wideness of the gulf between them. When the public cannot motivate itself to become the instrument of change then change is thrust upon them, to the extent that it is necessary for them to become aware of it. Every bit of the suffering in your life comes about because of being, to some degree, out of touch with what is real.
We get deceived by people because we want something. We believe tales that are obvious constructions, due to the fantastic details, because we want to believe that what we want will appear. We go right back to the well again, even years later, when we are told some new tale because we want to believe it. None of us are immune to this. It's part of life to catch on to the fact that you are being lied to. A lot of the time these things are done for the purpose of amusement. People take pleasure in the ability to mess with other people's minds. This is what psychopaths do. The critical thing is to catch on quickly and let the lesson remain with you. Lying is the name of the game and they use it because the truth compromises their intentions. We don't always need to know why people do certain things. We just need to see that they do them.
If you can't let things go then they will be ripped away from you. If you become enthralled in the passion for one appetite or another it will burn you out. Letting go is not the easiest thing to accomplish because even though you suspect you know how to accomplish it, you can't seem to go about it effectively. Why is that?
I suspect that good and bad are meaningless except for one important feature; do you learn from the experience? If you have learned something then you have become free of the ignorance that leads people into the experience. Everything in life is about one lesson or another. Some catch on much more quickly than others. For those who do not catch on, it repeats and intensifies until they do. That's all life is about. Life is about lessons and allowing the lessons to act as a guide. It's also about finding a guide. This happens when you are observed in your behavior, by certain forces that are on the lookout for that kind of behavior, no matter what kind of behavior it may be.
We get easily confused here. We see bad behavior being rewarded and the contempt that the practitioners hold us in and it shames us that we aren't more like them. What's wrong with us? Somehow we got stuck with a moral code that hinders our ability to mutate into full blown assholes that care about no one but themselves. The fact is that we are only seeing one side of the Mobius strip of existence. It's set up this way and that's what faith and certitude are all about. You're not supposed to be absolutely dead certain, though some of us are. You're supposed to be plagued by doubt to the degree that you are engaged in doubtful enterprise. That is, unless you are a psychopath and then it's a piece of cake, for awhile.
You see the homes, the many homes, of those with enormous amounts of wealth. They are feted and wined and dined. If they are celebrities they often don't pay for anything and many of them count on this and look for that advantage, even though they already have more than most of us will. You see the unmitigated greed that screams at the injury of taxation and really believes they are a breed apart. You see that they are getting away with it and something has to be wrong with this picture. You are not seeing the complete picture and there's a profound addendum to this, which is the peculiar times in which we find ourselves. That is one of the primary reasons for the conspicuous damnation of those who see everything as something to ignore unless they can profit from it.
It's about the lessons. The better and more quickly you learn your lessons, the quicker your eyes open, in order to see what's really going on. Eyes can close too and they do, to a terrible end. It is always the moment for personal transformation. We are in that moment, every moment of every day. Seeing this is the key.