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Uncle John

Some Facebook banter on the Bengali election:

BP wants to celebrate the defeat of the Communist Party of India ( Marxist) in Bengal, but feels that it has been replaced by a Government which could be much worse.

Uncle John: I guess the voters figured the Communist Party did not care about issues that concerned them.

BP: They were in power for a marathon 35 years without a break. Solid patron clientelism fostered through a ruthless and even violent grassroots mobilization at the village level. They did redistribute land in rural areas, but the government had outlived its utility. It was the world's longest surviving elected Communist Government.

RR: What did them in was the hardline approach to neoliberal policies, or trying to move in China's market socialism direction in India.

Uncle John: So the Communist Party was neoliberal? Figures.

BP: Yes, it was. Pushed a lot of industrial projects on poor farmers who lost land in the process of forcible acquistions.

Uncle John: Talk about campaigning from the left and governing from the right. The communist party. LOL!