Bernie Sander vs. Hilary Clinton

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Bernie Sander vs. Hilary Clinton

 Anyone else hope Bernie Sanders wins the Democractic Nomination for President? 

 It kind of reminds me of Mulcair vs. Trudeau.

One a hard worker with a vision for the future, the other a famous name with little substance, no vision, and far too rightwing, especially economically. Clinton does have alot more experience, but that has not been a good experience for the most part. Bernie Sanders is the President America needs.

 And people aren't saying its impossible for Bernie to win anymore, they still say its along shot, but its still an upgrade from before, there is still hope.

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Sadly,Sanders will not win the nomination.Clinton will win it.

The only good thing coming out of Sanders' campaign is that he's forcing Hillary to the centre-left (campaign wise that is)

Americans are WAY too stupid and incompetent to vote for someone standing up for their interests.

2016 will see nothing different.

2 corporate parties. Mind you,the Republicans are MUCH more dangerous and lunatic than the Democrats.

Bernie Sanders would prosper in Canada. The US is a hopeless case.



Sanders is to the left of Mulcair.

I think he could do well in the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire. But overall the long haul, Clinton's popularity with AA's and Latinos in the south, west and big cities will carry her through. Not to mention her money advantage. But it's great that Sanders is running, calling attention to issues no one else will.


 On what specific policies is Bernie Sanders to the left of Tom Mulcair?


Brachina wrote:

 On what specific policies is Bernie Sanders to the left of Tom Mulcair?


Opposes these so-called trade agreements.  Mulcair is wobbly.  Calls for increased income taxes on the wealthy.  A strong supporter of the inheritance tax.  Is not obsessed with balancing the budget.  Just a couple that come to mind.


For the disenfranchised Democrat, Sanders is being offered up as Hope and Change v.2 in order to get them interested in voting for the party once again.


The party is not "offering him up."  They'd just as soon not see him run.  He's not even a registered Democrat.  But he has injected some life into what looked like to be a snoozer.  More importantly, the issues he is raising are getting attention from the MSM. 

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Sanders is well to the left of Mulcair I'd say.

As far as experience goes, I'd say Mulcair has more of it.  They are two very, very different politicians.

While I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton, I don't think it is at all accurate to say she has no substance, or that her abundant experience is somehow unfavourable.  I think in terms of substance and experience she blows Justin out of the water.  Unfortunately, she is too right-wing and militaristic and would only ever be an establishment president.

I think Sanders has a chance to win.



Dear Democrats: Bernie Sanders Is The Future Of Your Party, Whether You Like It Or Not